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  1. Contemplation: The pink side of life – friend or foe? Or – could sarcasm be a virtue?


    29. November 2016 by swissfitchick

    While stuck in my late thirties for the moment and having been through absurdities of life in more different shapes …
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  2. Currently…..April 2016


    17. April 2016 by swissfitchick

    Oh, hey! Can you even remember when I wrote my last Currently… post? Me neither. Exactly, and that’s why I …
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  3. Random Ramblings and Senseless Mutterings


    25. March 2016 by swissfitchick

    Ain’t nobody got time for sappy Intros. Certainly not me. Maybe I just insert a naughty joke of choice here, …
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  4. So… and what are you doing now?


    25. February 2016 by swissfitchick

    Two weeks ago: Today: I officially arrived home. We all know meanwhile that I cycle in any seasonal condition. Cause …
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  5. Week in Review – Shenanigans in a part time unemployed life


    21. February 2016 by swissfitchick

    It’s Monday and I feel compelled to share some inappropriate morsels of information here on the blog for you. With …
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  6. Pearls of Wisdom


    29. January 2016 by swissfitchick

    It’s been a small minute or a few months, depending on which calendar you fly with, since I graced this …
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  7. Is Home where your Heart is?


    13. May 2015 by swissfitchick

    When you’re travelling, you start to wonder if you could live all the places you get to explore. I am …
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