Five reasons why I enjoy traveling alone


20. July 2016 by swissfitchick

Hey Peeps!

Mental note to self: I need to work on those intros. I also need to start making my bed again in the mornings. Coz it looks like wild shenanigans happen there every night. This of course is seldom the case.

Ignore me. I’ve just been through two night shifts (I have a serious job now, I swear) and the night in between the two shifts I went out until the morning hours – unsurprisingly, it’s highly possible that this post turns into a senseless uttering due to sleep deprivation. Nonetheless, I`m going to make an effort to keep you awake while trying to not crash on the keyboard.

One way. Rigi, Swiss Alps, May 2016

One way. Rigi, Swiss Alps, May 2016

Shoot with a view. View from Piz Corvatsch, Swiss Alps, July 2014

Shoot with a view. View from Piz Corvatsch, Swiss Alps, July 2014

We all know by now that I am a passionate traveller and whenever I can sneak on a plane or grab my car for a few days, I`m off. Preferably for several months weeks, but well, I`m “adulting” at its finest right now and have a permanent job. I do think though that you can have your cake and eat it too when it comes to work and travel – it’s all about priorities. My adventurous nature sets priorities on spontaneous trips whenever possible. And if you haven’t traveled alone so far, then let me tell you that you are missing out big time.

Riding, Swiss Alps, April 2016

Winter Look. Swiss Alps, April 2016

Summer Look. My Pation, Basel, July 2016

Summer Look. My Patio, Basel, July 2016

1.) You get to know Sooooo many people.

Right. Maybe that’s just me with my rather exhausting extrovert nature, OR the practised-to-perfection ‘Bambi lost in the forest’ look. Either way, every time I`ve travelled by myself, whether just for a weekend or for a few months, I`ve always had part-time company along the way. Now that sounds way naughtier than I had intended, but for once, I wasn`t doing sexual innuendo, or at least not 100%. Jeesus, time to change the change subject now.

True Colors. Palm Beach, Waiheke Island, New Zealand, February 2016

True Colors. Palm Beach, Waiheke Island, New Zealand, February 2016

The lights are on but nobody's home. Rotoroa Island, New Zealand, February 2016

The lights are on but nobody’s home. Rotoroa Island, New Zealand, February 2016

2.) Independence. 100%. Especially when traveling for a longer period of time, I got completely lost in time, space and freedom. No compromises, no discussions, no creaming backs. The only thing I had to remember was the code of my credit card. Other than that, I drifted from day to day, beach to beach, adventure to adventure. Every single moment I had the option to take the elusive decision to do whatever the fuck I pleased. BLISS. And since we are in the age of selfie sticks, pictures were no issue either (I really think this selfie stick comment sounds perverse. I can’t help it, sorry.) – however, come to think of it, this is another innocent reason to get to know new people. I mean, by asking if they can take a picture of you. …… Sigh. Seriously. Next one.

PIcture of the picture. Prague, April 2014

PIcture of the picture. Prague, April 2014

Lost at the beach. Beach of Benajarafe, Andalusia, May November 2014

Lost at the beach. Beach of Benajarafe, Andalusia, November 2014

Forever is overrated - create something timeless instead. Rotoroa Island, New Zealand, February 2015

Forever is overrated – create something timeless instead. Rotoroa Island, New Zealand, February 2015

3.) A different awareness. It is such a difference how I soak up the views, the vibes, the people and the smells when I travel alone. Of course, sometimes I wish to share the impressions with someone close – I sure do. Still, having some of these moments completely to me, is an infinite feeling of beauty and feel so intense and unforgettable.


Break Italian Style. Milan, July 2016

Lock the loudness. Gabo de Gata, Andalusia, February 2014

Lock the loudness. Gabo de Gata, Andalusia, February 2014

Mission Beach, San Diego, California, January 2016

Arrived. Mission Beach, San Diego, California, January 2016

4.) Growing confidence. Meanwhile, I traveled many places, by plane, by car, by train – I drove cars in distant countries, I lived and worked with people I didn’t know in unknown places, where I didn’t know what to expect. Jumping into the cold water might be uncomfortable, but I am a sucker for it. Curiosity always kills the cat here – I can’t stay away from adventure for too long. I love the excitement, the nervousness that comes with being up for something that scares me a little or that I haven`t not done before. I`m addicted to the butterflies, the adrenaline and the joy and triumph that come with it when it’s done. Today, I`ll go out there to the many places and uncertain adventures of the world with so much desire – because I can`t wait to see what awaits me there. I know I can go anywhere and will make it somehow – a good portion of curiosity, recklessness, sass and carelessness makes it all possible. Some money and language skills help too – maybe also blonde hair and the ‘Bambi-lost-in-the-forest’ look.

So there.

So there.

I want to get away, I want to fly away. Iceland Air, May 2015

I want to get away, I want to fly away. Iceland Air, May 2015

5.) Situations. If you`ve travelled alone as a woman, you probably got into situations like this too. Right, so I`m in my late 30’s (holy shit), I`m Swiss (in many countries, that is very exotic), I`m travelling with no man and kids (even more controversially), I have muscles (we know that effect already, and well, I have blonde long hair and middle-sized to big boobs. It seems that I do draw attention, because clearly people ponder my sanity. It’s almost ridiculous how many times I`ve had to explain that I am not a half-dead and hopeless case just because I am not married and because I travel all by myself. I`ve also gotten my fair share of sermons from Uber drivers or waiters whose faces turned white in shock when I revealed the secret of my age and marital status. They clearly have no regards for personal space – that I learned. It might sometimes be a little tiring to explain myself over and over again, but honestly? These are some of the funniest talks and it’s so interesting how different the outlooks of people are. And sometimes I`m actually married, but the hubby is dead or is going to follow me on my travels real soon. And the kids are grown ups. Seems legit.

It's a mane competition. Challenge accepted. Pony, Iceland, May 2015

It’s a mane competition. Challenge accepted. Pony, Iceland, May 2015

After all is said and done, sit down. Garden in Beach apaprtement, Waiheke Island, New Zealand, February 2015

After all is said and done, sit down. Garden in Beach appartement, Waiheke Island, New Zealand, February 2015

So. Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely LOVE to travel with my squad, a buddy or someone else close. It is exceptionally beautiful to share adventures with your loved ones. But there is something very unique, special and exciting about traveling alone. Whatever happens to my relationship status, I do hope I will always travel a little bit by myself.

She was free in her wildness, she was a wanderess, a drop of free water. She bleonged to man and no city. Basel, July 2016

Not all those who wander, are lost. Basel, July 2016

Here comes the sun. Beach of Benajarafe, Andalusia, October 2015

Here comes the sun. Beach of Benajarafe, Andalusia, October 2015



48 thoughts on “Five reasons why I enjoy traveling alone

  1. Honestly, I feel like you and I would travel together so well, because we agree on ALL of these things and we wouldn’t get in each other’s ways!

  2. “I’ve just been through two night shifts”

    I guess even Switzerland has a red light district. KIDDING. HI.

    You know I love this post x 10000. Traveling, in particular, solo traveling, can be incredibly and is incredibly rewarding. The first time is always difficult and there always will be challenges, but that is the fun part of it too.

    • Hahaha. I knew that would be coming, that’s why I sad my job is serious 😅
      And I agree, the challenges seem scary, but are fun and rewarding – feels so good! Now we just need to travel to each others places, my dearest Latte Macchiato.

  3. Tara says:

    I looooove this post! The question I am most often asked about my travelling is “but don’t you get lonely, being alone all the time?” To which I respond, I am almost never alone! I know where to go and how to make friends really quickly, but sometimes I do just want to be left alone. Apart from when I travelled with my best friend, the rest of the time I’d prefer to be on my own. She is very similar to me in that she is spontaneous and chilled, but a lot of people aren’t – and when I’m travelling, I don’t want to cater to other people’s bullshit.

    • SO.AGREE. I never ever get bored or feel lonely when I travel solo. And yes, IF someone joins me, he/she needs to have the same attitude – spontaneous and relaxed!

  4. Intros are so overrated right now. 🙂

    I love your willingness to travel solo and your adventurous spirit, mainly because it’s led you to me. Yep, I’m selfish like that. Also, I know you’ll make friends wherever you go, bambi look or not, although it certainly can’t hurt. 🙂

  5. Your words and your photography make me excited for life. Thank you.
    Also, I really want to be able to jump into that New Zealand garden photo and hang out in the hammock! =)

  6. I love traveling alone (don’t tell Vegas). You meet fun people, like random Swiss bloggers who let you crash at their place and make you cycle drunk through the streets of Basel. 😉

  7. P.S. DID YOU GET ANOTHER TATTOO??? Your poor mom…

  8. Great post (I’m still awake!) and I love your photos, especially the view from Piz Corvatsch. I’m like you and vary my travels with different company and plenty of time on my own to enjoy being totally free and not having to negotiate with anyone!

  9. Your reason are frinkin’ true. I’d love to travel alone too!

  10. Tamara says:

    I totally agree on each single point,even the bambi-lost-in-the-forest look.😅

  11. I am walking the Camino de Santiago (780 mile pilgrimage across Spain) and can attest: the greatest thing about travelling alone is that it opens you up to meeting others. We all want connection, so it forces you to! Safe travels

  12. You are such an inspiration! 🙂

  13. Your blog looks absolutely awesome! I want to solo travel really badly.. it is just about gaining the courage to do so. You’ve made it sound pretty darn awesome.

    I always go on local adventures, but am very group orientated at the moment. I aim to travel solo by the end of this year though 🙂

  14. talkaholicme says:

    nice blog… i like travelling alone too..but my guy doesn’t like it.. whatever.. i still manage it somehow and planning to watch a movie alone soon.. travelling alone brings me closer to my closed ones..

  15. […] passion and I will travel many more places, that is as sure as the wineglass in my hand. There are enough reasons for me to do so and based on my gutsy, adventurous and hyperactive nature, there is no way for me […]

  16. Love this! Solo travel is incredible! Everyone thinks I’m crazy for traveling solo, but it is actually so much more inspiring.

  17. Gypsy_muse says:

    I love this! Reading this felt like reading my future self- company is overrated sometimes. Traveling alone is where it’s at 😉

    Your pictures are stunning too- glad I found your blog!

  18. I completely agree with your points, I loooove travelling solo. I can be a bit of an introvert at times so it really boosts my confidence :). Also I just love the freedom travelling solo gives you, you can always meet and go out with people in hostels or hotel if and when you want.

  19. elliespov says:

    I love this post!

  20. Great post and nice photos! 🙂

  21. Rechito says:

    I totally agree!
    In the US, it’s even less common and for a single women, people look at you like you have some disorder. Great read.
    Safe travels!

  22. Wander-Full says:

    I couldn’t agree more, about travelling alone! I’m so glad I have done it – I even managed to encourage my sister to do it recently. ps. I’m hanging out to one day visit the Swiss Alps, and now your photos have me dreaming up an escape there…

  23. Great post! If I could do life over again I would have minimized my adulting, made far less money, and just traveled the world even more than I have. Keep up your spirit! Okay it’s not so bad, we live in Napa Valley, California. Check out and follow our wine blog:

  24. Carl Dean says:

    I travelled alone for the first time to the Ukraine recently. I loved it, I met so many great people and loved the adventure. I’m eager to travel more solo in the near future.

  25. mackmarie says:

    Ahhh, this is incredible. I loved every second of this post. You win the mane competition, hands down.

  26. Karlie Vida says:

    I found this encouraging. While I’ve never travelled alone (although I live alone in a different country, so I guess I kind of have), on many trips that I’ve taken with a friend or two, we’ve ended up picking up some solo traveler friends. Something that I’ve realized through that is it’s completely and totally possible to hang out with new people if you’re a solo traveler. Good article, great pictures!

  27. crushgalaxy says:

    Great fun! I’ve never traveled alone, but it seems less intimidating after reading this. Thanks for the great tips!

  28. escapepea says:

    Great post – love your thoughts on this. Hope your ‘adulating’ is going ok and you’re not missing the open road too much!

  29. paulitaefe says:

    What an inspiring post! It’s great to read about a fearless solo traveler 🙂

  30. Tash Tastes says:

    Love this – you go girl!! Travelling solo takes guts so it’s good to have a little push like this 🙂

  31. Sound like Great Fun. Your a Inspiration for all of us

  32. Reblogged this on Journal Edge and commented:
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  33. Please do the world a huge favour and keep writing! You are an inspiration and people need to read what you have to say 🙂

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