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Happy Hour is my happy time. I mean, I am a healthy person, I watch my intake and I do my best to move my butt several times a week, I eat low sugar and drink more water than seems humanly possible, but if I can get two glasses of wine instead of one, then well, count me in. I might be some kind of a mutt, minus the dog part, but let’s be honest, it’s all about moderation. Because balance, bruh.

We’re not talking about canine abilities in today’s post though and before you raise your sketchy eyebrows or two, grab your favorite drink and tune in.

Virtual Happy Hour with a side of ale, Basel, May 2016

Virtual Happy Hour flanked by ale and blonde. Basel, May 2016

Laid. Photowalk Basel, May 2016

Laid. Photowalk Basel, May 2016

If we’d go for happy hour, I’d order some dry Sauvignon blanc or a beer. Oh sure, I changed my flavor taste and really starting to like beer. Different from the time 24 years ago, when it felt like forcing down this unpleasant liquid trying not to throw up a little bit in my mouth and later on the street, I actually enjoy it today. Tastebud training advanced.

Big is good. Night out, Berlin, September 2014

Big is good. Night out, Berlin, September 2014

If we were at Happy Hour, I’d tell you that my schedule the past 2-3 weeks has been so fuckin’ crazy, I don’t even know whether I’m coming or going. I’d ask you to knock me down so I will be forced to sleep for at least a week. As massively extroverted as I am, I feel socially tired and that means a thing. Yet, I am never the one turning down my peeps requests to hang out, because they are my everything. May bombs explode in my house, laundry creating forms of mountains, sleeping hours minimized – I will always be there when they need me. Priorities.

Sunday Vibes. 'Frühling', Basel, May 2016

Sunday Vibes. ‘Frühling’, Basel, May 2016

Catch me if you can. Photowalk, Basel, May 2016

Catch me if you can. Photowalk, Basel, May 2016

Other than that, I would make it clear to you, that I am far from the urge to talk about myself. I have had a catchy few months since being back from the trip and all I want is to be left alone with the things right now. No words of solace, no distraction, no excitation, no analyses. Simply my space and time to live my life. I want to see my friends happy faces and that is all. I want to go out with my cameras, I want to isolate and write, I want to be left in a pool of my own sweat after training and I want to tackle my future which holds a new job and my absolute favorite season – summer – for me.

Edit on Air. My patio, Basel, May 2016

Editing to air. My patio, Basel, May 2016

Give me a break. Palma de Mallorca, Spain, October 2009

Give me a break. Palma de Mallorca, Spain, October 2009


Enough being said, if were at Happy Hour, I would suggest that you listen to that song. One of my former team colleagues and today’s good friend sent me this the other night and I am hooked.

If we were at Happy Hour, I’d call the cute waiter to serve us another two drinks. It would be five minutes after Happy Hour, but since we know how to deal – and especially how to deal with the womanly sass and the coyly smile – hence we’d get a secret extension of the happy hour without a wink. Insert audible squealing.

Upward movement, Brookly Bridge, New York City, June 2013

Upward movement. Brooklyn Bridge, New York City, June 2013

Chain reaction, Photowalk Basel, May 2016

Chain reaction. Photowalk Basel, May 2016

If we were at Happy Hour and sipping on our fourth drink, we would laugh. A lot. Because it is what life is all about and where would we end up without that pinch of humour? My laughing mood is the size of Grand Canyon as well as my mouth when at it and there is room to grow. Aforementioned, big is good.

A laughing matter, Bro+I, BBQ, July 2015

A laughing matter. Bro+I, BBQ, July 2015

Smiling competition. Basel, May 2016

Smiling competition. Basel, May 2016

Cheers, Babes. Seize the new week. What do you drink?


10 thoughts on “Cheers.

  1. Hold up. You LIKE BEER NOW??? Now you realllllly have to come back to San Diego. I’d order beer, red wine, or a Manhattan. Depending on the mood and what we were eating. You know…. be cause I’m Klassy. I’m also going to be in ITALY this fall. Reunion time!

    Miss you! Get some rest!!!

  2. Haha this made me smile because I share your beer sentiments!! Up until recently, I just couldn’t get myself to drink beer but lately, it’s starting to taste better & better! Depending on my mood, I tend to drink either vodka/soda/lime or white wine. Cocktails always sound great but rarely order them- one sip is enough to make me feel like I’ve downed a gallon of sugar, ugh!

  3. Sounds awesome – count me in!

    I’d have a glass of Sauvignon Blanc with you – or a beer, if that’s what you’re in the mood for. Or maybe one of my favourite cocktail concoctions: An Aperol Spritz or a Mojito?

    I guess we wouldn’t even have to go out to a bar for Happy Hour – your patio looks amazing! I SO want my next apartment to have a balcony!!! ❤

  4. I think there’s a time and place for all drinks, even beer, like when I’m doing yard work for example. 🙂

    I can’t wait to be at happy hour with you. 🙂

  5. Amy says:

    This post gets me ready for HH, and oh boy can I relate. I spend much of the week, planning, training, trying my best to grow, but if my girlfriend calls and needs to stay up until 5am with multiple bottles of wine to talk through life everything else gets put on hold 🙂

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