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1. May 2016 by swissfitchick


Week in Review usually involves putting up with my shenanigans and the strange place called my mind – thank you for flying with me here. Because you may run the risk of me tainting YOUR mind – but let’s be honest, if you are a long time reader, this happened years ago. Together with me losing mine. The mind, that is.

Nerja, Andalusia Spain, June 2014

Nerja, Andalusia Spain, June 2014

Beach of Benalmadena, Andalusia Spain, June 2014

Beach of Benajarafe, Andalusia Spain, June 2014

This week, I almost lost it for a second time. It was weird one in its purest form. The week, that is.

It called for friends, a moderate amount of booze and DANCING. Peeps, I was in awe.

Shantel in Concert, Basel, May 2016

Shantel in concert, Basel, May 2016

Bouncing to the Beats, Basel, May 2016

Bouncing to the Beats, Basel, May 2016

I can not even put into words how grateful I am to have found the passion of writing which is my supreme way to express myself, to forget about time and space and other shit that is bothering me. Many times in the past year I was torn between cutting off the blog and completely disappear from the internet or keeping up with the letters – which thoughts in most cases attracted someone to send me an email, giving me the clear feedback that I can not stop writing. Oxymoron or accident? Who knows. I am still here.

Filipino Kiddos, Romblon Airport Philippines, November 2011

Filipino Kiddos, Romblon Airport Philippines, November 2011

Shopping at Romblon Airport, Philippines, November 2011

Shopping at Romblon Airport, Philippines, November 2011

As usual, I spent time this week at the gym, which is my other lover to get rid of parts of my hyperactive nature. I had fun flipping tyres and posing. I mean not roll-on-the-floor fun, but it’s a good way to spend a Sunday afternoon for sure.

#StrongPeople at Strongwoman/man Training, CrossFit Basel, April 2016

#StrongPeople at Strongwoman/man Training, CrossFit Basel, April 2016

My free intro course on my new super baby just went down the mud, which means, I have to do some self-education on YouTube. It makes me cry. It feels wrong and I am impatient and helpless and hopeless with self-studying. Plus, this guy in the video advertises a red soft release cap which makes me cringe. Just no.

Foto Camera

I want and will go out next week to use this Beauty and I am a little intimidated and anxious about if I will manage to get the shoots I wish for. Always worth trying, right – no one starts off being excellent, I figure. I will do some more #Insta research on themes beforehand – the best learning method I find. Clearly, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and my preferred strategy to become a better photographer, writer or whatever I am looking for to be when I grow up.

Beach of Benalmadena, Andalusia Spain, November 2014

Beach of Benajarafe, Andalusia Spain, November 2014

Beach of Gabo de Gata, Andalusia Spain, February 2014

Beach near Almeria, Andalusia Spain, February 2014

I spoke to 3-4 of my friends and them some this week, of who each one of them was just about to freak out, melt down, slap everyone in the face, being sick or cry. I myself spent the first week with a super high fever in bed for the fuckin’ THIRD time in two months, plus some other mental struggles. Saying that my inner balance was challenged may or may not be an understatement.

Strolls in Amsterdam, Netherlands, February 2015

Strolls in Amsterdam, Netherlands, February 2015

Strolls on Jerusalems Market, Israel, November 2014

Strolls on Jerusalem’s Market, Israel, November 2014

I am blessed by having an opera singer and musician as a flatmate. Right this second while I am writing this, she is playing my great-grandfathers piano which releases floods of words pouring out of my phalanges. Creative inspiration at its finest.

Besties at work

Besties at work

Streetart, Berlin, January 2013

Streetart, Berlin, January 2013

For reasons unbeknownst to me, I can not recall any exciting meals or foodprep this week. Wait, I had a fever. Yeah, that is an ideal occasion to go on a forced diet which consists of bananas, yogurt, bananas and yogurt and then some yogurts and bananas. With the unfortunate circumstance, that #publicbanana is impossible when home and sick.

I did however stock up on pancakes as soon as my blurry fever mind found clarity again (when did that happen? I think the mental clarity is already gone again) and I cooked a lazy frittata. Lazy in a sense that I mix random leftover junk from the fridge, toss it in a skillet and put it in the oven. Done.

Btw, in my opinion, mental clarity is overrated.

Pancakes Frittata Breakfast

Thank you for your kind compliments on my English language when I mentioned that I take private lessons. I am a perfectionist, even more so when it comes to language. Growing up with a German, History and Philosophy professor and a musician called Dad, it was out of the question that my language was his favorite subject to pick on me, together with the music I made – so his talents and passions definitely took a big impact on how I approach these skills today.

At work, CrossFit Basel, November 2014

At work, CrossFit Basel, November 2014

Hanging in there, CrossFit Basel Downtown, February 2015

Hanging in there, CrossFit Basel Downtown, February 2015

Furry Company, Zurich, Fall 2013

Furry Company, Zurich, Fall 2013

What were the vibes this week? Are the stars being Drama Queens? Did we not empty our plates? Did someone spit a chewing gum into the Universe?

Here’s to a new week. Keep smiling. I will try to do the same.



9 thoughts on “Week in Review – Vibes

  1. Ooh hope you’re feeling 100% better Lucie- being down with the flu is never fun! And I totally feel you about wanting to stop blogging at times! The thought has crossed my mind a lot recently but every time I decide I want out, something seems to draw me back in…be it kind words from a reader or a post idea. I think the beauty of blogging when you aren’t relying on it as a job is that you really call the shots i.e. blog when YOU feel like it, not because it’s a certain day of the week. I know once I wrapped my head around that, it felt incredibly liberating and I really started to enjoy blogging again.

    • I am back on the healthy track again, thank God!
      Yes. That is exactly why I don’t want to blog for money. It gives me space and freedom to write what, when and how much I like – which is exactly what I want.

  2. What would I do without you? In fact, I’m getting ready to send you another message, provided my gremlin child (I say this endearingly) stays asleep for the next couple of hours. She needs a nap even worse than I do. Sigh.

    I love seeing you at the Week in Review, and I would happily take all those meals and the CrossFit workouts, provided of course I could lift anything right now. My muscle mass has completely deteriorated. Carrying the baby and the car seat will help bring it back so that’s good. Also, climbing stairs is great for my non-ass ass or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

    When I’m in a bad head space, I tend to retreat and not blog at all. In fact, it’s like the negativity eats my words before they even have a chance to appear. Maybe I should try writing regardless.

    You’re right. I love the song.

    • Yes. What would I do without you. I would have lost my shit 1000 times already.

      I will cook for you in Cleveland. I will also feed you if necessary.

      Funny enough, sometimes when I feel at my worst, the best blogposts come out. Melancholic creativity, I call it.

  3. Chewing gum into the universe – definitely! One with tons of bacteria on it as it seems, because most people I know – me included – have been ill recently. It sucks!

    Glad to hear you were well enough to enjoy some fun times as well though – get even better soon!

    …and don’t you dare stop blogging! 😉

    • Oh no, you too? I hope you are better now.

      I won’t stop for now, promised 🙂

      • Much better, thank you! I recently developed a theory about this. Have you seen Fight Club? There’s this scene where Tyler Durden forces the narrator to give in to the pain and abandon all hope before he makes the pain stop. I think this is exactly what my immune system was doing to me – I got better as soon as I accepted the idea of living with a constant pain in my throat forever. =D

  4. You had a fever again?! You need to get well and STAY well!

    We moved ALLLLLLLL weekend. You’re room will be organized soon.

    In other happy news, Vegas let the screeching bird fly away today. It fells like Christmas.

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