Currently…..April 2016


17. April 2016 by swissfitchick

Oh, hey! Can you even remember when I wrote my last Currently… post? Me neither. Exactly, and that’s why I decided to write one today. Smart me.

So, today the struggle was real again. This.


I swear, taking off my sports bra OR putting it on when you are all sweaty, is more difficult than wrestling with Hugh Jackman during his Wolverine phase. Not that I would mind of course. Hey, Aussie muscles. But wait, I had a point. Bra’s, that is. I swear, the day will come when I am going to dislocate my shoulder with that sports bra disaster. Dude. This is a daily fuckin’ drama. If it wouldn’t be for my naked boobs, I would totally make a video. SO worth it.

THIS, on the other hand is one of the best moments of the day. And so much easier.


Ok, let’s play.

Current book(s): 


A pile of them is usually how it works for me. Currently it’s a german non-fiction book about non-violent communication, which I highly, highly recommend. It’s in English originally, written by Marshall Rosenberg. The Canterbury Tales had been the book for my English Thesis and I figured I want to reread it. The Dressmaker and ‘Das Orchideenhaus’ are two airport purchases from when I flew back home from New Zealand and I finally get to nose into these two.

Current Music: 

Speaking of favorite beats, I share a favorite wasting time activity with someone special and we call it Juke Box. Hanging around iTunes and Spotify and picking out favorite songs – this makes for great old memories and dance sessions in the kitchen. Tracy is in the top ten, Billy Idol made it there too and we also have Elle King for now.

Current Food: 

This has me salivating like Pavlov’s dog. Pizza. I baked a macro version. I put ground beef, grated carrots and zucchini, Parmigiano, flaxseed and eggs. Please someone come and fight me back so I am not swallowing the whole fuckin’ sheet in one sitting. Alright fine, in an overdose of selfless generosity I would even share some of it with you. So head over and bring wine.


If I don’t drool over my Pizza, I toss together a lazy spring meal with lettuce, feta, wild salmon, asparagus and blueberries. Hmm.


Current drink: 

Wine with the bestie while exchanging about 15’000 words in solid four hours. BEST ever. Plus some fancy snack appetizers on the side, cause we are snazzy like that.


Current obsession: 

This gadget right here. I am not going to give it out of my hands anymore – despite the fact that I have to improve the quality of my pics A LOT, and I will get to pass a lesson by its former owner. I absolutely love to work with it – the look, the handling, the sound and the results are just so different and I like different. It’s artsy and cool and beautiful. And MINE. ❤ ❤


Current Workouts:

Same same. Training 5 times a week intensely with about 2 active rest days and I love the routine. On Saturday, I managed something that looks pretty far from a Bar Muscle Up, but it is the beginning and every beginning is a little embarrassing. It also looks like I am hanging on to dear life and most honestly, I might have done so.

Just so you know how it actually looks like, I add the video of my trainer…..

Hanging out with this guy postworkout just added some more fun:

Dog Dog

Restdays are a some steady Cardio, Mobility and Food.

Running in the Rain asks for my favorite hat.

Running in the Rain asks for my favorite hat.

Current triumph: 

My English lessons. It is one of my favorite investments and the three hours literally fly by. And yes, my teacher totally taught me the word bitch slap. He also taught me ‘I couldn’t be arsed.’ Clearly, it’s a no brainer to safe this in my vocabulary. He knows me pretty well already – not sure if that is a good thing though.

To put this straight, I improved my knowledge about the tenses this weekend too. I truly suck at them. My vocabulary and my orthography might be champlike, but tenses….oh fuckin’ hell.


Current Weather: 

Rain. And if it is not raining, spring is in full force and it feels so damn good. Somewhere in the recess of what is left of my brain, I remember I’d been in summer just about two months ago and I can’t wait for it to be here asap. My sandals, FlipFlops, skirts, jeans shorts, bikinis and tank tops are already squealing out of my closet.


River Promenade Basel, April 2016

River Promenade Basel, April 2016

Lake Promenade Zurich, April 2016

Lake Promenade Zurich, April 2016

Current confession: 

I sometimes spit when I talk. If that is during a meal, food comes out too. If it is really dramatic, I mumble sorry while wiping away the mess of my vis-à-vis’s face or jacket (that’s a little awkward sometimes to be honest). If it is not as disastrous, I pretend like nothing happened. While knowing that I am totally aware of my spitting and every other attendee is too. Oh hello, stupid Poker Face.


So now, your turn. Share a confession, food, a song or the weather on your side of the world.

Peace out.



17 thoughts on “Currently…..April 2016

  1. Ivana says:

    I’m a fellow member of the spitting club 🙊

  2. It makes me sad that the summer is leaving us now… I loved having the sunshine every day! Not that our winter is particularly bad – about the same as the summers I used to have in scotland! So I guess I shouldn’t complain! I will miss all the summer fruit and veg though!
    You’re getting there with those muscle ups! We all know that if we put in the practice it will eventually come! Although no matter how many times I try handstands and being upside down I just can’t stand the feeling!

    • Haha, Jen, Handstands took me forever. I am still workin on the walk too – it really takes so much time if you aren’t coming from Gymnastics.
      I’d love to have Australian winters! 🙂

  3. You’re voluntarily reading The Canterbury Tales?! Ugh. I had to memorize part of it in 11th grade THE worst. Blech. But I heart you.

    Currently… I’m sitting on the beach in Coronado reading your blog. You’re welcome. 😉

  4. Let see… a confession: I get a huge kick out of everybody watching me rock out to my tunes on the spin bike at my gym. I get into my music, sing a little, dance a little, and just let go. I’m hoping to record myself one day, I’m sure I look like a fool, but who cares, lots of people come up to me and high five me it fuels me for the rest of my day. I’ve been devouring liver the past few weeks. I’ve always been a fan of liver but as a pescetarian I haven’t had it in years. Lately, I’ve been broiling it with a little salt and pepper and devouring it and I don’t feel bad about it at all. It’s sunny and raining on my side of the world, I live in San Francisco. This weekend I was in shorts, last weekend I stayed inside and did a puzzle because it was raining.

  5. That camera, though! ❤ I'm smitten. And I'm pretty sure I've almost dislocated my shoulders on a few separate occasions when trying to take off a sports bra. That's one of my least favourite things ever. That and trying to put on jeans when my skin is still kind of damp after a shower. Just NO.

    • I know. I love this baby and I can’t wait to master all the tools!
      Haha, putting on jeans after the shower is the worst. I look like a jumping freak when I do that.

  6. Ooooh – I love Tracy Chapman!!!

    Confession: at the beginning of my Erasmus year in England I kept understanding “I can’t be asked” whenever someone said they can’t be arsed. =D

    • LOL! Oh these are the funniest. I love to teach my English speaking friends Swiss German words. It’s to die for.

      • I can imagine! I once got my English best friend to try and say Chuchichäschtli (no idea if that’s how you spell it – but that’s what it sounds like). It was hilarious! Never mind the fact that I can’t understand Swiss German myself most of the time – it really is an entirely different language! Other favourites include Eichhörnchen and Hühnchen – basically every word with a ‘ch’-sound. x-D

  7. It’s been a long time since I’ve struggled out of my sports bra, but that’s because I don’t work out anymore. 🙂 When I did, I got lodged in the sucker daily.

    I took an entire college course devoted to Chaucer. In fact, I can recite part of The Canterbury Tales in Old English. Impressed? Of course you are, I’ll send you a message.

    I drool all over my pillow when I sleep, and I don’t mean a little. I generally wake up with my face stuck in pond of my own saliva. It’s super sexy. 🙂

  8. Tara says:

    You take English lessons?? But your English is so perfect! (Seriously, before you mentioned this I noted that your English is better than 99% of the blogs I’ve come across…. which are written by native English speakers!)

    Thank you for reminding me that salmon and blueberries go great together!

    • Aw thank you Tara. That means a lot! Yes, I take English lessons and I love it. There definitely is still so much space for improvement!

      PS. I had salmon and blueberries for dinner tonight again 🙂

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