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7. April 2016 by swissfitchick

Back in my teenage years, I travelled through Southern England with the train, my backpack and my first big Love. We were both students and travelled low budget, which means we (as in: ME) stole milk in the supermarket for our camping breakfast in the morning.

That may or may not have been the start of my baby-criminal career. Not going into any more details here, cause who knows if you are from the police, yes, you. #iwasasmoothcriminalthough

LOL. Who knew I'd be such a Gangsta.

LOL. Who knew I’d be such a Gangsta in a few years. GLASSES!

I hope I fixed the song in your brain. It will always be one of my faves.

Apart from the start into my Anorexia and dealing with the diagnose of my Dad, my teenage years were pretty wild and fun-filled. I lionised heedlessness and felt snazzy like that.


I laughed at myself always and all the time – especially in the dark times. Of course we can laugh at ourselves in happy times, that’s fairly easy, ain’t it. But aren’t the difficult times more absurd and comical, and need a special big pinch of humour? I definitely think so and believe me, my Dad did too – in the last days of his life he made the most horrible jokes you can think of. And made me and him laugh.

Anyways, the ironic here is that I just started my new job (temporary for three month) and called in sick on Wednesday. I know – I was battling the flu only a few weeks back and now it hit again with full force. Writing this blog post will exhaust me so bad that I will have to go back to slumber for at least 3-4 hours. No kidding – the only thing I did since Tuesday evening was sleep and swallowing a pill from time to time. Talking hurts, eating is not even worth a try and every sip of my tea is a pain in the ass. Not in the ass literally, more so in my throat cause that one is swollen like a broken ankle. Speaking of an ass and a throat in the same sentence seems a little awkward, minus the little. But you know what I’m sayin’, don’t cha.

Ha. Next worm in your ear. You are welcome.

I am probably just not made for an office job anymore.

End of rant over the flu, I want to share the good stuff with you today. Certainly not my fancy collection of handbags or my precious SATC chair, cause they are MIIIINE. But hear me out.


I take up the stance that you can do things that make you feel better even in the worst times of the bad times. I know I know, I sound first: like a broken record, and second: like an esoteric bitch with some woollen sweater and armpit hair, who talks to leaves and tells everyone and everything ‘you are ok, I am ok’.

You know me better. Filled to the brim with sarcasm, I do not come even close to a person who wants to hug everyone around her. I am a tad more dangerous, but I certainly believe in the Power of Positivity. So here’s a tiny glimpse into my non-sarcastic positive and healthy ritual world.

Evening Cardio, Waiheke Island, New Zealand, February 2016

Evening Cardio, Waiheke Island, New Zealand, February 2016

1.) I meditate 15 minutes after waking up. I have been doing this since solid five years now and hardly ever skip it. Meditation saved my life and I will not stop doing it.

2.) I have belly laughs daily. And this ain’t no joke. Whatever shit happens, I always find a silly reason or a really lame joke to laugh about. Mostly I am the one who delivers the hysterical reason, but yeah. Laugh as much as you can. You can also snort on your coffee while at it, or snore, wrinkle your nose or let your lungs whistling – it adds the cherry on top.

Lame things that really make me laugh. #notsorry

Lame things that really make me laugh. #notsorry

Girlfriends and Photo Booths are perfect.

Girlfriends and Photo Booths are perfect.

3.) I drink hot lemon water with a dash of Apple Cider Vinegar after cleaning my face and tongue in the morning. It’s a small detoxify ritual which I do since years and it made for years of not being sick. I hate to admit that I now broke my record with two flu’s in one month. But yeah, I usually make it through 4-5 years of not even having a cold.

4.) I eat real Food and I choose all things healthy 100% of the time. I do not do cheat days or cheat meals and I do not count calories or macros. The treats happen by chance and that makes about 90% Clean, 10% Treats in the end, I guess – not planning and not paying so much attention to it, makes this entire food business so unbelievably blissful relaxed. Up until now I managed to listen to my body and only eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full. I make an effort to fill my plate with food that fuel and support my Health and my Training. When I feel like having dessert, I have dessert. When I feel like having wine, I have wine. I do not restrict, but so I do not crave these things either. I make them available for me always and all the time, which makes my body and mind not wanting them really. It’s just Food – nothing else.

My physique stays the same, all year round. I do not know how much I weigh, I am just content with what I see in the mirror, how I feel and my clothes are proof enough. No fluctuations and that is just fine.

Seafood Salad, Catalina Island, CA, January 2016

Seafood Salad, Catalina Island, CA, January 2016 (my focus drifts off to the bloody marry in the background though…..)

5.) Catch the sun. Sunshine is good for your mood, for your complexion and your hormones. Protect your skin when you go out there, and then soak it up.


6.) Don’t over think things. Sometimes, situations are uncertain and dubious, but you will not be able to change this by thinking. Too much thinking can make things worse and especially driving us crazy. Distract yourself and even if it is damn hard – let life take over and happen. There are facts in life we can not take any impact on – accept that and make the best out of it.


7.) Live the moment. I know, this has been said so many times and realistically sometimes it does not work. But it is key. We have no idea what tomorrow brings, next week, next year. Being able to focus on the moment, the present, of what IS makes us feel alive. It brings happiness – I promise. In all these past years of my battle with the ED, of getting over my break up, of moving on and facing my shit and getting over that too, this was a huge task and today, I am so much better at it.

The only thing I plan is one week ahead – my working hours, my trainings and one or two friends catch ups. Even that is not set in stone, cause sometimes I get hit by the flu. Haha. In all seriousness, soaking up the present and being spontaneous is a task, but one that is worth training. Giving control the free ticket to leave, may leave you a lot more relaxed and carefree. This is me and works for me – not everyone flies with that. Still – living the moment is key. Believe me.

Surf&Yoga Retreat, Burgau, Algarve Portugal, Summer 2010

Surf&Yoga Retreat, Burgau, Algarve Portugal, Summer 2010

Believe me - I totally failed. Like really, miserably.

Believe me – I totally failed. Like really, miserably.

Share your healthy and happy tips with me. Go. And head over to my lovely Thinking Out Loud Host, Amanda! 




11 thoughts on “Things I do to stay healthy and happy

  1. The Padre says:

    Powerful And Honest

  2. I don’t think there is anything I could add to that Lucie – you pretty much covered everything that I believe promotes good health, including the hot lemon and ACV and meditation.
    And living in the present moment, oh if only I could teach everyone how to do that everyday! I think there would be a lot more happier, content folks in the world if they did this. 🙂

  3. Hm. Maybe I should give the Lemon + ACV thing a try? I’m currently suffering from a mean tonsillitis, so your description of what it’s like to have the flu really had me nodding my head YES!!! Exactly like that. Throat swollen like a broken ankle = spot on!

    Thank you for making the effort to write this positive post nonetheless and get well soon!

  4. I couldn’t live my life without my morning ACV cocktail. I make Evie find me some ACV when we go on vacation too. I think she’s secretly addicted as well.

    Move here. We don’t have the flu. xoxo

  5. Hope you are feeling better Lucie- nothing like a bout of the flu to make you appreciate good health which we otherwise take for granted!! I’m with you about the meditation bit in the morning- it makes a world of difference to my state of mind the rest of the day…so much that it’s become a non-negotiable no matter how busy my morning might be!

  6. Man I need to get back to meditation.

    Sleep is a huge one on my list. Getting enough makes all the difference, plus lots of water. Being fully hydrated helps with so much too.

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