Random Ramblings and Senseless Mutterings


25. March 2016 by swissfitchick

Ain’t nobody got time for sappy Intros. Certainly not me. Maybe I just insert a naughty joke of choice here, like this one.


Intros. It does not get much slicker than that. Some of my male friends send me things like this without any comment. I feel so very well appreciated. They really know me. My age may not be in line with my maturity level, but oh well – let’s accept that I am a bit of an oxymoron. Lame jokes are my jam, not to be confused with actual jam of course, even though I wouldn’t deny some of that either. Preferably Mom’s homemade Cherry Jam. Yeah, that sounds good.

What also sounds good is my other jam, Eggy Oats. It’s a no-brainer and an edible jackpot. Mix your oats with a few eggs or egg whites, add on some almond milk, berries, banana (eat half of it as #publicbanana, cause #publicbanana is a thing, almost a trend, rather a revolution. It has its own Instagram account, no kidding. No, not me. #Publicbanana. ), cinnamon and cook in coconut oil. Ain’t no one ever say no time to cook healthy meals no more.


So. The point here is (you didn’t believe I have one, did you. I swear though, it’s coming. Or maybe it’s just a figment in my rather freakish imagination. No, wait, I try.) that in these holy Easter days I feel the need to spew some more of my ramblings and mutterings – like my Cleveland Bestie would say, I also stole the title from her – out into the blogosphere. There may even be found some Pearls of Wisdom in the recess of what is left of my brain, so watch out and listen up.

Let’s play.

I do not want you to delve into my backside (that sounds awkward), but fear not, it’s all covered in pants. Just talking about it (let’s talk about ass Bab-y, let’s talk about you-and-me). There were times I had a no-ass. In an overdose of pure honesty, I am telling you now that my people gave me the nick name of ‘Boney’ and ‘No-Ass’ during the skinny school years. I like honest people.

No Ass Time

No Ass Time

Ass Time

Ass Time

I would never drink alcohol after a workout and during daytime.

I have totally done this today (not exceptionally). After an Easter Team Workout with the Crew. I felt the deep urge of rehydrating with booze and fuel with Ovomaltine Chocolate Crunch Spread and boatloads of scrambled eggs with salmon and I even opted for veggies too, cause balance, Bro. And it is Friday after all. And as mentioned before, #DayDrinking rules. I may create its own Instagram account.

CrossFit CrossFit Drinks

Having my fair share of bacteria in my system and a good amount of mental struggles, I was on the prowl for things that keep me sane, down to Earth and healthy. Laying flat on my ass-ass for solid three days only gave the option to be comatose while messing up my hair and rocketing my electricity bill (#TValldayBro). Once that was done I went to have my hair done (seriously, Dude), catching the rays, meditating on quotes and going back to Training.


Trailrun Catch

Trailrun Catch


Even though my balls are higher and bigger than this guys ones, I am so there. Fuck the plans.

Just kidding. I have a plan and that is to go Spring Snowboarding again tomorrow (insert audible squealing here) and then flying right into the last Open Workout, 16.5. God help us. I say it’s impulse planning, cause I had no idea what Saturday may look like till this lunchtime. Maybe bubbles made me do it. I might even go on a mission and make #ImpulsePlanning a thing. Tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it. You should join the party. Bring Cheese and Booze.

Snow Snow



11 thoughts on “Random Ramblings and Senseless Mutterings

  1. I’ll join the party; I’ll bring cheese and booze.

    Also, we need to start an IG account for #daydrinking. I’m in.

    Also add CrossFit to my list of things to do if it means I’ll grow an ass.

  2. Thank goodness my ass is finally starting to take shape… It’s only taken almost 3 years of crossfit!!
    Hope you did well with 16.5. I did it 2 years ago and never wanted to repeat it…. Now I remember why! Did it on Friday morning, ate a crap tonne of food, slept for 2 hours and then cracked open a cider… I needed it!

  3. I love seeing you having so much fun. Asses and day drinking are MY jam.

  4. I’m in for the cheese and booze part of this – Crossfit…maybe not. It looks great from a distance, but just thinking about how much I’d suck at it makes me want to stay the hell away from it. (I’m proud I can do push-ups! Not many by any means, but some)
    Also, impulse planning tends to be the best!

    • Yay for impulse planning! 🙂

      We all started with one push up – it’s all about practise! Our beginners are VERY beginners and are scared too. You would be surprised what progress you’d make! 🙂

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