Pump up the Jam and Think Out Loud


16. March 2016 by swissfitchick

I feel the urge to talk in lists today. For some strange reason. We know by now that usually I fly all over the place, cause that is my kind of scene, but seeing that I can barely keep track of my own person these days, much less of the things I say, I better keep things in order here on the blog.

All over the place on last Saturday’s 70’s Birthday party at the gym. My feet still hurt from 4 hours nonstop dancing and I never wanted to leave the Photo Booth. I am not going to question your judgement, so play up. Play on, playette, Play on, playette.




Hang on. I need a close up of this one.


Holy mother of……. Bloody hell, I knew I had giant eyes and mouth, but when did they get humongous? Fuckin’ ell.

Having said that, I confess that when I happen to stumble over an old blogpost of mine (not literally, cause that would be awkward, but still. You know what I’m sayin’ right?) I am torn between snorting (😅) and losing my shit  (😱). I find it kinda elusive that this should have been written by me and sometimes I am convinced that some ass Hacker-MoFo did his business on here. So you better not hold me accountable for the words which come out of my phalanges.


Poured some Gin&Tonics, frolicked around my house and crashed the selfie stick before heading to dance all night long.

If you haven’t noticed yet, but I’m sure you did, I downloaded emoticons on my Mac, cause I am slow like that 🐌. I also have no Snapchat, cause it scares the shit out of me. Maybe this is the age that kicks in 😳. Like Mom, who yells into the phone whenever I call, cause she still thinks she’s using a phone from 1965 📞 . K, Emoticon galore will stop now. This is getting ridiculous otherwise 🔫. Only this: Except you are Hugh Jackman, Lenny Kravitz, Jake Gyllenhall, Liam Neeson, Chris Hemsworth or Jude Law, never send me this: 😗. I don’t want an eyes-wide-open kissface that looks like it’s fucking terrified of my lips. Not that kind of operation, she says.

Didn’t I just say I will talk in lists today? #listfail
Ok, hang on, the blogday is still young.

  • I did 16.3. of the CrossFit Games Open. But I did #NotMyFirstMuscleUp. The rebel in me almost strove for a fail, cause the #MyFirstMuscleUp posts made me wanna slap someone in tha face. Now you may run for shelter or realize that there’s a good chance I am exaggerating, cause I have been known to be a little dramatic when telling stories. But still. At least I tried and fought like a lion, cause that’s what the cool kids do.


  • To make up for it, I swaggered around as a number girl judge and forced my athletes into smiling selfies. Cause that what number girls Blondes do.



  • Also, I totally talked about Body Image and Boobs on Radio X, The Englishshow. Cause that’s what freaks like Gaynor and I do. My 10 year’s English Bestie brought me as her guest into the show and she will also blog about it this week. We had a blast and of course I wished for Eminem Gangsta beats and Co., cause Thug Love Bro, Thug Love. We dedicated Eye of the Tiger to my Mike, played Suicide Blonde to celebrate our own crowns, plus digged out this old gem. Holy Shit.


Here’s the podcast – we start at 0:40:00!



  • Instead of finally getting a Whole paycheck Foods in Basel, they opened up Dunking Doughnuts. Look at this. I can’t even. Are you fucking kidding me.




Ok, so I made it to solid four points in this list. Bear with me – this must do it for today’s Thinking Out Loud – by my lovely Canadian Blend Amanda!




8 thoughts on “Pump up the Jam and Think Out Loud

  1. I made the mistake of listening to that song and now ‘m pretty sure it’s going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the day. Also… I can’t believe that was a legit music video back in the day 😆 I miss the 90’s. Speaking of the 90’s! I went to a 90’s themed party once and it was seriously to.die.for. Miss those days. Except maybe not so much the clothes. And the hair 😆

    • Hahaha. You are welcome. Happened to me too and everytime I see the title, it is back in my brain. Sigh. I need to go to a 90’s party! Omg. The hair. THE HAIR!

  2. Look forward to checking out that podcast!
    You defintiely fought for those muscle ups! I did scaled and totally underestimated how hard those jumping chest to bars would be. Jumping pull ups – fine, chest to bars – I had to pull for my life! My hubby David got 7 muscle ups so I was super proud of him!
    And that Dunkin doughnuts… Sigh… Who would queue for that crap!?

  3. Tara says:

    When they opened the first Krispy Kreme in my hometown (Perth), people started queuing at 2am the night before. People are crazy. I also refuse to get snapchat because it would get me into too much trouble haha

  4. I love that song, and I’m thrilled you dug it up. Also, boobs for the win, especially when you reference mine. My twins feel like celebrities right now.

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