Don’t grow up – it’s a trap.


10. March 2016 by swissfitchick

I’ve been to a couple of job interviews this week.

Photowalk Basel, March 2016

Photowalk Basel, March 2016

Photowalk Basel, March 2016

‘I said, this looks like a job for me, so everybody just follow me…..’ – my mind is 70% music lyrics. ‘So please don’t stop the music’, ‘sooner or later.’

What can I say, music is my jam.

I didn’t talk in song lyrics during the interview, even though I think that’d be a brilliant show, of course. Somewhere in the recess of what is left of my brain – ‘#insaneinthemembrain’ – I know I should be an adult in these particular moments. I could take the benefit of the doubt and prove them my brilliance, yet, let us face it, my madness – ‘but some kind of madness is swallowing me whole, m-m-m-m-m-mad, mad, mad ‘- is not everyone’s scene and we do not want to drive things too far.

Photowalk Basel, March 2016

Photowalk Basel, March 2016

Photowalk Basel, March 2016

Speaking of driving. I went by car to the interviews and I got lost, but I was still on time. What do you mean, why I got lo…..well hell yes, I GET lost in my own hometown where I have been living for the majority of the past 37.75 years. I am used to it – not getting lost feels like an overwhelming surprise, cause clearly, I own a lack of GPS in my pretty brain. Being filled to the brim with recklessness though, no no-GPS can stop me.

When-someone-says-STOP-I-never-know-if-it-s-In-thI talked about the feedback of some people around me, trying to make my quick and smart comprehension understand, that I need to grow up – FINALLY. Being a little more than two years away from the big 40, that might be a thing.

You know the friends who are perfectly organised with their admin stuff, kids, household, job, LIFE, money? I have many of them. I love them. I look up to them. When I am with them, I feel a little like a teenager.


All that mattered – Zurich Nightlife

My private admin stuff makes its appearance in a huge IKEA bag, piled up there since solid several months (I stopped counting for my own mind’s sake). If I remember correctly, the bag is somewhere in the kitchen. #wheresthepointofdocumentsinakitchen

I use my Mom’s car and I feel very adultive when I do so. Actually, it belongs to both of us. I just only pay the petrol. And I fix her technology gadget problems. #dreamdaughter
Yes, I know adultive is not a word. I simply couldn’t find an adverb that sounded good to my ears. Adultive does.

My finances are unstable. This may or may not be an understatement.

I procrastinate with disposing the wine bottles on my balcony like if it was something that might hurt really badly. There is still space to sit on the balcony, so no need to rush. Also, it’s winter, so relax. No one is interested in the looks of my balcony.

I get into trouble with the police on a regular basis. It is not intended, I swear. Being blonde and having a sassy snazzy smile, they didn’t make me pay so far – ever. (Ha. I really like that.)

I jump from highway bridges in Summer.

Yesterday after the interview, I was bored and I also wanted to reward myself, cause I presented my humble self very professionally (without song lyrics). So I went to shoot three more piercings. Hey, there were times I got a tattoo just to have a souvenir and because I was bored. That was only 2 months ago.

The ‘order’ in my handbag resembles a bomb explosion.

I get the most silly jokes about me from friends and work colleagues on a daily basis. It seems to be a thing, getting on my nerves and I find it hilarious. I myself usually provoke everyone and make fun of myself.

I travel a lot and I have no house, no children and no husband.

I sing and dance in my kitchen and I love to go to parties or even throw one.

So. that’s the teenage version of Luce. I do actually have some grown up material in my system, so listen up.


I am capable to take executive decisions in my life and I take action on them with a stubborn consistency and discipline. If I decide something, I go for it full-ass, otherwise I do not do it.

I can be a wise-ass, based on life experience of the last 37.78 years. Quite a big bunch of my people profit from it by trusting me and talking to me about things on a daily basis. I must assume that my feedback to them is helpful, which makes me happy. If my loved ones are happy, I am.

I do not get angry, anxious, upset or nervous quickly. It takes a lot to throw me off course.

My apartment is fully and very pretty furnished and it is almost all the time neat and clean.

I am reliable, 100%. My word is my promise.

I own a Credit Card. (Wasn’t always the case. Do not ask why.)

I don’t care what people think of me and I like myself. That might not be particularly grown-up, though this was a whole different story when I was a teenager.

I have wrinkles in my face.

LucieI like some grown-up stuff thrown into my life. I would not by any means want to go back to my teenage years, letting alone the thought of dealing with the mental stress from back then. ‘Those were the days my friend…..’ Yet I like to keep up the sarcasm, the sass, the recklessness, the silliness, the love for risks and adventures, the carefreeness and some of the chaos up and alive. If that is adult or not – me no care.

xxx, Luce

11 thoughts on “Don’t grow up – it’s a trap.

  1. I need someone to get me tipsy (more like full blown drunk) so I can go and get my ears pierced… I want them done so bad but am a big chicken.
    Age is totally just a number – there should not be a tick list of life – x years old = should have done this… I totally adore everything you have achieved. if everyone did what the wanted to in life rather than what they ‘think they should do’ there would be a lot more happiness and contentment in the world 🙂

  2. WHAT else did you pierce?! I see more in my future… like 2 more tattoos. At least 🙂

    Also, I have wine for dinner. Because adulting.

  3. Tara says:

    Love this! We are twinning again on so many points, especially when it comes to getting in trouble with the police and randomly getting piercings haha. My best friend is the complete opposite to me: she just bought a house, is about to get married, has loads of stability, and so on. I often envy her life, but she envies mine, so I think the grass is always greener 🙂 Our grown up points are almost all the same, except I don’t trust myself with a credit card.

    • OMG. I was actually thinking about a get together since we live so close (Basel – Paris is only 3h by train!) but maybe we will be just super trouble and will be put in jail and have more piercings, lol!

      LOOOL, the Credit Card! Guess what: Mine is a Prepaid. I am not allowed to get a ‘normal’ one – quote by the Credit Card Company. I am so adultive.

  4. I very much want to get my nose pierced after the little chicka comes. Just a tiny diamond stud thank you very much. And maybe a star tattoo on my neck. Hmmm.

    I love both sides of Lucie.

  5. Love love love your style, Lucie! My father told me growing up was a trap when I was a child. I took his words to heart and have tried my best to never grown up, so far so good :). I applied to a few positions recently but my heart just isn’t into working for someone else in a 9 to 5 type atmosphere. Instead, I’ve decided to step out on faith and grown my blogging and motivational coaching business. I’m not even nervous. I know I can do this and I know I will be successful. Good luck on the job search. I also wish I could talk in lyrics, life would be so much easier and lot more entertaining.

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