Week in Review and the big thing called Mobility


6. March 2016 by swissfitchick

The CrossFit Games Open started off a little more than two weeks ago and I absolve them at our gym. The workouts usually sound quite moderate, sans the moderate but adding a #fuckinghard, cause when you actually do them you hang on to dear life. Especially my lungs hang on to dear life. Lo and behold, I survived 16.1 an 16.2 with scores that somewhere made me happy.

A sight to behold.

A sight to behold.

Once a hate, today a Love

Once a hate, today a Love – Double Unders

Judge Love

Judge Love

Even bigger Judge Love

Even bigger Judge Love


We know by now that I have trapped a ton of tomboy inside of me – not literally, cause that would be hard to swallow and a medical marvel or disaster for that matter, but you get the idea. So I can easily doll up to go for brunch with the #GirlsPosse and then turn into a sweaty bitch with a terrifying pain face at the competition. Booze and Ovomaltine Crunch Spread was involved, pre workout – she writes while scratching her head, asking herself quietly if wine could be doping. No, she thinks. Booze is healthy.

The Crew

The Crew



Cause Fuel, Bro

Cause Fuel, Bro

Safe to say, I am making the best out of my unemployed status. Gotta get rid of this exuberant energy of mine – for when you have not figured it out by now, I am hyperactive. It’s how I am built, and I got to live with it. I do not recommend to search #hyperactive on Instagram though, unless you are keen to look at a massive amount of pictures of serious weirdos. Pop some other tags. Ha! Got it? So much intended pun here.

In any event, this was just a tiny little week in review and I was going to talk about a training subject which I have not done in a long time. I rather do it than talk about it. Hehe. Total sexual innuendo and #thatswhatshesaid here.

Right, so the origin came from a good friend of mine, also a CrossFitter, who asked me how on Earth I can be so old and train like a fucking idiot and never be injured but making progress. Now that is my wording, she said something along the lines like: ‘I mean, do not get me wrong, you are almost 38 and you train so much, how can you get better and never be injured?’ So proper.

I have done some thinking, which is always dangerous I know, but what I came out with was:


crossfitI may sound like a broken record to some, but Mobility did everything to me. I am not a coach nor a professional athlete, but I made the experience to go from a NO SQUAT (not even to parallel!) to an under parallel Overhead Squat. After more than two years of CrossFit, I can do Front Squats with parallel elbows, an OK Snatch, gymnastics works tremendously better and I have not been injured (touch wood), despite a high amount of intense training sessions.


From the article Performance over Appearance on BoxRox and the local Newspaper in Basel, Summer 2015


Honestly, trying to make sense of some people’s advices is my first mistake, and it is not a secret that I don’t like being told what I have to do. Yet, what always paid off, was following the advice of our coaches. I am almost if not entirely sure that my non-flexible everything released some serious irritation at the gym – and so I trusted and followed the mobility instructions religiously until today. Mobility, daily, every part of the body, 30 minutes minimum.


I can not emphasise enough how much this disciplined routine helped me to improve not only the efficiency of my training and my progress with it, but also my posture, my overall well-being and finally staying injury free throughout all the years (touch wood). I see, that not everyone’s got the time and freedom to hang out with resistance bands and foam rollers every day – however, 15 or even 5 minutes prior to training may include 2-5 exercises and it is always worth it – more than surfing Instagram for that moment. Listen to this coming from a maniacal Instagram addict.

crossfitSo, besides all the sass and sarcasm, there is a savvy side in me and it is telling you, that if your goal is to improve all the mentioned skills, do your mobility. Daily. Ask your coaches/physios and they will give you all the instructions needed. Trust an almost 38 and inflexible Swiss, yet with a flexible mindset, a stubborn grind and enough consistency to proof it right.

A little of my week in review and a whole lot of advice. Thank you Meghan for putting the work in!




15 thoughts on “Week in Review and the big thing called Mobility

  1. The Padre says:

    Continue Seeking The Best Possible Outcome As Its Clearly Working For Ya


  2. Good thing I get bonus points in the flexible department although right now my ligaments are betraying me. Naughty bitches.

    I love the pain face. It makes me laugh and is so typical Lucie, juxtaposed right alongside sassy, snazzy, gorgeous Lucie. A little bit of tomboy with a side of feminine is a good thing. It’s how I like my friends. πŸ™‚

  3. This made me LOL: “So I can easily doll up to go for brunch with the #GirlsPosse and then turn into a sweaty bitch with a terrifying pain face at the competition.”—> you just summed up my life. I’m quite particular about getting regular blow-drys, manicures & pedicures but that girl side of me is gone when I walk through the gym. The hair goes up in a bun, the gloves come on and I’m ready to get shiiiit done!!

  4. Tara says:

    Thank you for the reminder that I suck at doing my mobility work. Back when I worked in a gym, I had loads of downtime so I would work on mobility for half an hour every day. Now…. I can’t even remember the last time I stretched, let alone did a specific mobility drill. Eek.

  5. YES! All on board with the mobility train! I wish I did more, but the little I do works absolute wonders. I tend to do most of mine post WOD – and did so much after 16.2… I think my warm down from that WOD was longer than the WOD itself. It was brutal.
    But you have defintiely encouraged me to try and do more. πŸ™‚

    • I have to do it pre workout, my performance is so much better! It’s a habit that established to always be there 30 minutes earlier….I can’t imagine to train without it anymore!

  6. Mobility has changed my life. I used to be stiff as a board, but consistently working on my stretches has gotten me to a place I’m pretty happy with. I can’t say that I’ll ever be a yogini who can bend herself into a pretzel, but I’m okay with that. For now. Also, I think the tomboy lady is a perfect combination πŸ˜€

  7. You are my jam. Please move here and be my life coach.

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