So… and what are you doing now?


25. February 2016 by swissfitchick

Two weeks ago:




I officially arrived home. We all know meanwhile that I cycle in any seasonal condition. Cause Public Transport?!

17_zpscj1dxvnu tumblr_inline_mmnvt9ntwF1qkn7tl

If I will ever have to use Public Transport, there will be people punched in their faces. Fo’sho. So, the bike it is, in order to protect every party involved. Believe me. I made it to the hotel pool this morning without falling flat on my face. #WhoRules #MeRules #win #victory #winwin #victoryvictory #etc

Sorry for thinking out too loud – thanks to Amanda for making that a thing.



Restday means Swimming and that was waiting for me after fighting through the storm.

Followed by Sauna and Steam Bath. Detoxing at its finest. To be honest, after this early morning Cardio Cleanse, and the snow storm outside, I was totally tempted to slouch myself into one of the big ass chairs at the hotel restaurant and start daydrinking. I must confess, I am a fan of daydrinking. Do not worry, it is reduced to my birthday week / month, carneval, christmas, NYE, weekends. Alright fine. I keep daydrinking to a minimum. I swear.

Why does autocorrect keep showing me that daydrinking is not a word? That just feels all wrong.

Sorry DayDrinking.

Sorry DayDrinking. (I tried writing it like this, it still gives me the red line. Fuck off.)

I did not yet arrive at the actual subject of this post. K, that is not entirely true, I talked about punching people in their faces. I may not be particularly rowdyish – except when I am driving, cause obviously I am the only person on all the streets who actually knows how to drive and all the other idiots have no fucking clue – but I must confess that I am getting a slight urge to yell at someone’s face who asks me what my plan is now.


I feel good about myself. I feel that after all the shit that happened in the past few years, and maybe even more shit is going to happen, who knows – I am a content and happy person. Because there was a ton or even 67 tons of good things thrown in there too. I laugh out loud several times a day, I am hardly ever in a bad mood (unless some stupid driver comes my way or I need to take the bus) and I take care of all my loved ones around me and then some. Whenever I have a job I work hard and give my best, I try to get better each day, if that is my person, my training or my work. Self-doubt and self-criticism included, cause I am and will always be hard on myself.

CrossFit CrossFit

I have no plan. I do not know what next week will bring or the week after that and I clearly have no bloody clue what on earth will be happening in one year. And that’s fine. I am not sitting home singing the blues, I am applying, networking, chatting and I work part-time. I keep up with my training and writing, cause these are my favorite things to do and they keep me sane. As a matter of fact, I am a creature of hyperactivity – for some that would feel like turmoil, to me it feels like home and I learned to embrace it, while also learning to live with and handle my love for the extremes and the risk. Hence the reason why it looks like I am all over the place, to me, it feels just right. I regret nothing.

I had my fair amount of ‘adults’ sharing their sermons with me, that being settled equals happiness – and in a roundabout way trying to tell me I should grow the fuck up. I have little to no interest in these lectures, considering in most cases I do not ask for it. And cause clearly, I do not hurt anyone by not being settled and by living the life I live. Maybe it looks like I am careless and devil-may-care-like, though in fact I am pretty damn down to earth. Yeah, damn, ha! I clearly am more stable and more happy than I have ever been before. Even with not knowing ‘what the plan is’. So, it’s all relaxed.

Maybe I will do all the effort to live a few years in Sydney. But then again, my heart got caught somewhere here at home, so that’s that. I also applied in SFO but I also applied to work at the Riverbar in Summer here in Basel. Time will show, and for now, I stay here. Peace out.



16 thoughts on “So… and what are you doing now?

  1. surrealangel says:

    Hi Lucie,

    My name is Monica I have been following your blog for a while now. I live in Denver, Colorado and love reading blogs of awesome ladies who live outside US. I know you go to Spain a lot-is it to Mallorca? I’m thinking of going somewhere on my own in mid June while husband is away and was thinking of Spain–renting an apartment perhaps. Could you give me any pointers or even a connection what agency you use to get apartment? Thanks and nice

    • Hi Monica! I never go to Mallorca, I always stay near Malaga at the Costa del Sol. It’s beautiful there. I think there are lots of apartments to rent, though I always stay in a private house and have no address for a renting company. Sorry, but I am sure you can find something on Google – Nerja, Marbella or Benalmadena are beautiful places to stay!

  2. calista says:

    Oooh, girlie! You do you and who cares about having a plan! xo xo xo

  3. Let those who feel they need to worry about your life do it – it’s up to you to just enjoy the here and now. In fact, it shows a lot of strength to be able to do that. Having a plan at all times is the “safe” and probably easier way of living but it doesn’t allow for the spontaneity you have. Rub off some of your calmness on me, will you? #chronicoverthinker

  4. FUCKKKKKKKKKKK PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION! People who take the bus in Los Angeles are fucking crazies.

    Actually yes, they are literally the CRAZIES ha ha ah aha ha ah aha!

  5. Snow storm outside = day drinking. Always.

    You really should just meet me in Thailand.

  6. Day drinking is a thing, an awesome thing. In fact I would rather have an afternoon drink sesh rather than a nighttime one!
    People will always throw their 2 cents into your business. Even when you get married, everyone is convinced that you should stay in one spot, create a family, buy a house blah blah blah. But we gave two fingers to that and moved across the world to Australia! And the only thing we are potentially planning for in our future is to whether or not to get a dog. And we are happy!

  7. Tara says:

    We have so much in common! When people ask me my plans for the end of the year, I’m like….. I don’t even know what my plans are for the end of the month haha. I also find that training and writing are the only things that give me a sense of stability in my life. I’ve finally added you to my feedly so I don’t miss any more of your posts – I love them!

  8. These days I’ll take any kind of drinking, although I was a fan of day drinking. It’s a fun little jaunt without ruining the next day because you can actually sleep it off.

    Only YOU can know what’s actually right for you. Do you, be you, embrace you.

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