Week in Review – Shenanigans in a part time unemployed life


21. February 2016 by swissfitchick

It’s Monday and I feel compelled to share some inappropriate morsels of information here on the blog for you. With some dripping sarcasm involved, cause that is where I feel home. To actually feel a little ‘in style’, I decided to link up with Meghan’s Week in Review. IF I make it through the link up security, that is.


Let’s play.

I let myself force into Tinder a good while back. I survived 2 weeks until I hysterically deleted it from my phone forever. Despite the fact that I keep forgetting to respond to persons I have never met face to face (Profile Lucie: Responds on average in a timeframe of: 8 days).

Why on Earth do guys think we want pictures of their penis? I mean, maybe some are keen to see ย that, yet, from my point of view and after some small live research, we ARE NOT in an urge to see your penises on our phones, especially when sending via WhatsApp where it’s automatically saved in the Photo Stream. And then you’re like:’ Hey, let me show you this pic from the party last week, look, let me find it….’ – Friend-looking-over-my-shoulder-on-my-phone-screen-and-recognizes-the-penis-pic. Scintillating.

It may seem like I lost all sense of appropriateness, but let us face it, this happened years ago. We roll with it, ok? Fine.

I went for a trailrun on Saturday morning. I adore these runs. Not so much myself.



I know. We have already established that I likeย to scare people.

Besides running Borat for his money by this tantalizing look, I am back at my gym(s) which makes me extremely happy. I missed the peeps so damnly much and it’s good to sweat the Swiss sweat again.



Besides Training, I ate asparagus and bacon. Asparagus always trigger discussions around bathrooms. You know why. Funny. Alright fine, maybe not roll on the floor type funny, but still. It’s like intended puns. They are kind of lame, but sometimes to collapse in laughter. Same when you talk about asparagus pee. Wait, I had a point here…..

Ah, did you realize I said I ate bacon? I always said I hate bacon, but this girl cooked such perfect crispy bacon back in December, that I decided I like it now. Yes, I can change my mind about bacon just like that, cause mind-flexibility, bro. I still have a mild obsession with New Zealand white wine though, more than for bacon. And by mild I mean borderline inappropriate. I found the same wine today in the store that we drank on Bee’s birthday on the island. My chin shivered.


Lucie and Bee

I am unemployed. Part time, that is. I landed a pretty sweet remote job which I will start on today and it makes me happy. Other than that, unemployment plays countless faces. It is, as a matter of fact, inopportune considering I am lacking bids. On the other hand it is somehow worthwhile, because having nothing, creates the option to do everything. That could enter the possibility that I am losing my shit. But I do not. Everything is possible and I am so fucking ready. Life may come and throw whatever it pleases at me and I will take it.


Carneval happened this week and I was part of it. It was the most relaxed and funny version in my 31 years career of this crazy also called cultural event, hence I jumped in happiness. Wine made me do it and my maniac Bestie on my right. We were successful in drawing attention, plus, I made a bet that she would not wear this disturbed outfit on the slope past weekend. She did. I capitulate.




12 thoughts on “Week in Review – Shenanigans in a part time unemployed life

  1. I just read the Tinder penis story to Evie and she said “that girl is not right.” LOL! Have you ever noticed that asparagus looks like a penis? You should send the guys pics of that.

    I feel so proud to have converted you to a bacon lover. I got Meg to eat some too when she was here, remember? Maybe that’s my calling in life…

    Sylvia, you rock.

  2. “Life may come and throw whatever it pleases at me and I will take it.”–> yes! Loving your attitude Lucie! And thank you for reminding why I don’t want/need to sign up to Tinder although hey, at least you got a hilarious story of it! Let’s just hope that the friend peering over your shoulder is a good one ;)!

  3. Bacon and asparagus is amazing, add in some New Zealand White and you are on to a major winner there!
    It’s scary and exciting at the same time being fun-employed – scary because well, no job but exciting because the most amazing things could be literally just around the corner – and you are free to grab them with both hands! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Omg that skiing outfit! ๐Ÿ˜† We have some parties on the slopes here that have people dressing up into crazy costumes, but it’s usually things like tutus and weird monkey costumes. I’d kill to see people rocking the slopes in 70’s skiing gear ๐Ÿ˜† And the fanny pack is such a nice touch ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. I’ve never gotten a penis picture. See, now I feel slighted. I’m going to have to have a talk with the Hubby.

    Extra crispy – the only way to eat bacon. Even I will go for that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I can’t believe you told the whole world about my pictures I sent you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Don’t talk about Tinder. I was so bad with it and denied everyone, it told me ‘there are no people in your radius right now.’

    ….I had my radius set at 50 miles!!!!!

    • Hahahaaa, oh Arman, it said that to me all the time! You should have seen my irritated look. Like:’ What do you mean NO PEOPLE IN MY RADIUS?’ I realized what being left out means. I was in SYDNEY, fucking 6 millions or something city! LOL

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