Confessing Out Loud


21. January 2016 by swissfitchick

I have not even a vague notion of when the last Confession post graced your beautiful minds, but never mind, here we go. Two snaps, a twist and a kiss.

Thinking Out Loud today with my confessions, shout out goes to Spoons!


1.I applied for a job in San Francisco. Sometimes, I do things which in the next moment give me the urge to crawl under my bed, curl up and cover my ears/eyes, pretending I am not taking odd decisions in my life or gamble with crazy adventures, but instead I vanished from the world and have no responsibility for whatever the consequence of my action may be. And the next moment I book an appointment at Bondi Ink. Judge if you must. Sorry, but you are subjects of my whims. #actuallynotsorry

Yeah….I wonder what you’re doing for the rest of your life, Luce.

2. For the sake of normalcy, I went grocery shopping today and spent what felt like about 8 hours trying to find eggs. EGGS. You know I love eggs (haha! sexual innuendo right there. lol.) but these Sydney supermarkets overwhelm me. Of course I didn’t ask anyone, I mean, can it get more awkward when you say:’ Excuse me, do you have eggs?’ Or:’ I need eggs. Can you show me where I can find them?’ Or:’I was planning to eat eggs tonight. Can you help me?’. Lawwwwwd. Speaking normalcy, this is for the birds.

Opera House from Ferry, Sydney, January 2016

Opera House from Ferry, Sydney, January 2016

3. I know that there are actually problems in the world, but the street light system in Sydney is now one of my worst bane of existence. It would probably take me about five minutes to walk to the gym, however, it takes me about 20, cause these lights are just so horribly organized (LOOK, there’s the Swiss in me!). The curses which load up inside of me are outrageous, almost scandalous, but since I am scared AF from the cars coming from all sides (still not adapted to this left side driving thing), I stand still and wait. It’s a magical challenge and that shit clearly does not fly with me.

Lifeguard's view, Bondi Beach, Sydney, January 2016

Lifeguard’s view, Bondi Beach, Sydney, January 2016

4. My Selfie Whoreness is dwindling and I do not even have an explanation for it. This girl would completely disagree, though to my defense and in truth, I have used my Selfie Stick only once. I am JUST as amazed as you are. My friend Mike back home said Selfie Sticks are pervert. I think he equivocate like a boss.


Bathroom Selfie, January 18, 2016

5. I am having Audio Message and Video Message Communication with my friends in Cleveland, Vancouver, San Diego and Switzerland DAILY. No joke. It is the best. I usually record on the street cause the walks from and to the beach bore me meanwhile.  This makes people around me all fuzzy and dizzy, cause they simply can not handle that amount of narcissism. Not to speak of my language – for when I am speaking to my Swiss friends – which makes me look like an alien to them. It’s ok. I cut all the messages pretty soon after sending them out – TMI, that is for sure.

POst CrossFit Fuel at Bondi Beach: Poached Eggs, Smoked Salmon, Avocado, Radish and Toast

Post CrossFit Fuel at Bondi Beach: Poached Eggs, Smoked Salmon, Avocado, Radish and Toast

6. I will be going for a girls weekend to Manyana beach upcoming one, with three chicks I have met ONCE. I told you before that I am an extrovert. That is a self-created validation which comes in handy, when traveling by myself. Having people around me pretty much everywhere and all the time supports this conclusion. Coming to the real point of this confession, I bought wine for that weekend, of course. I wandered around in the store carrying three ice cold wine bottles like my own babies, while looking for some edible company for those babies. I paid and away I walked without my alcoholic children. The security had to ran after me and let’s say, he wasn’t particularly athletic. Or slender…….he seemed to be happy though to hand me my treasure and assured me that he would carry anything for me wherever I go. Awwwww.

My happy place, Bondi Beach, Sydney, January, 2016

My happy place, Bondi Beach, Sydney, January, 2016


7. I not only ditched all my mealplans, I also ditched any other plan except the one for the following week. I must confess that I stopped trusting in plans. It scares me, cause I fear that it won’t turn out the way I planned it – so I simply do not plan. Thankfully I am no Mom who needs to plan out the weeks for the entire family, so I can about just go with the flow. In truth, I do not even have a clue yet what is going to happen after NZ. So – how am I supposed to make a plan anyway? I even plan my trainings pretty short noticed and not over months like I used to do. I train a LOT, and follow a structured CrossFit schedule, but still plan by ear. Sometimes I get forced to add a run after CrossFit down to the beach and down two glasses of cold white wine right after the workout without any food ;). Happens and worth it. When will I be able to run to the beach after CrossFit and down 2 glasses of white wine with my Sydney Bestie spontaneously and just like that? So.

Sweaty Hotties post Workout, CrossFit Bondi, Sydney, January 2016

Sweaty Hotties post Workout, CrossFit Bondi, Sydney, January 2016

Your turn. Confess. 



15 thoughts on “Confessing Out Loud

  1. I can never find eggs in the supermarkets here! They seem to hide them in a different p,ace in each store – sometimes refrigerated, sometimes not, drives me insane! Haha!
    And don’t get me started on the street lights here! Maybe we are just spoiled in Europe!
    Look forward to hopefully seeing the outcome of Bondi Ink… And of course the job!

  2. calista says:

    Cannot wait to see where your adventures take you! And also, let’s see the ink!!!!!!!

  3. I love seeing you just live int he moment. 🙂

    You do know that SF is COLD, right? Very cool city though. And it’s probably COLER because HELL is freezing over since you haven’t been on your selfie game. WTF?!

    I confess… I’m off my game. I didn’t drink for 3 days and then last night only had 2 glasses of wine. WHO AM I?!

  4. I gave up on planning too… mostly because whenever I made them, life just laughed my face and did something completely different. Now I just take it as it comes, and I kind of love it that way. Of course I’d love it even more if I were hanging out on beaches and galavanting around the world. Especially the beach part because this girl is giving Casper a run for his money in the paleness department. Pretty soon I’m going to start glowing in the dark.

  5. I confess to not minding when my doctor rejected my SFO trip. No airplane travel for me after 30 weeks. I figure it was meant to be or not be as the case may be. Holy bes batman. I think I confused myself.

    I think your attitude is absolutely amazing right now. Go with the flow baby. It’s working for you.

  6. Ugh plans are annoying, especially when they leave close to no room for spontaneity! As much as I thrive on routine, I constantly need to remind myself that my best memories are the ones that happen WITHOUT being planned. I confess that I am kinda sorta jealous that you are on a beach right now! I’ve been down with a stomach bug the last 2 days so the idea of a beach & chilled wine (or any kind of adult bevvy) sounds heavenly right now ;)!

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