Thinking Out Loud – No plan means more fun


15. January 2016 by swissfitchick

While I was roasting myself at the pool last Wednesday, I realized that it has been exact 15 years since my Dad passed away. 2001 that is and it was hard to believe how much happened in all these years without him. 2001 was a challenge to say the least. Dad died, a month later I was at the hospital again, fighting for Momma’s life, no job and my boyfriend just broke up with me. It was the first time in my life I had troubles sleeping. I didn’t want to fall asleep, cause waking up and realising that all that shit was not a dream but real life, sucked big time.


Street Art @ my home street, Bondi Junction, Sydney, January 2016

Graffittiwall, Bondi Beach, January 2016

Graffittiwall, Bondi Beach, January 2016

Anyway, let’s talk about funnier things.

About that I will be going to New Zealand with this Beauty.


B&Luce, Icebergs Pool, Bondi Beach, Sydney, January 2016

You know I love spontaneous adventures, so when she said she’d travel to NZ beginning of February for 10 days, I invited myself in my humbly and preconceived way to join her. Since there is no plan back home, I just keep on extending the plans here…..seems legit. Never turn down a fun adventure. Or cake and bubbles. I like cake and bubbles. A lot.

All you need. Rosebay Party, Sydney, January 2015

All you need.
Rosebay Party, Sydney, January 2016

Post Swimming Breakfast @ Icebergs Pool, Bondi Beach, Sydney, January 2016

Post Swimming Breakfast @ Icebergs Pool, Bondi Beach, Sydney, January 2016

I am an official member of Uber now. I had not the vaguest notion of what I was doing the first time, of course I almost requested an Uber at 6am in my PJ’s when fiddling around with the app. Anyway, it’s fantastic. These guys show up within 10 seconds while I am still glued with my nose against the mirror, cursing over my mascara.  It tells you on the app what car it is – which is a no point, cause I am clueless about cars. There is also a photo of the driver and still – when the car arrives, I yell at him ‚UBER?!’ just to get an irritated smile from the guy. However, on Wednesday night, I got a lift from Muhammad and not only that, he also graced ma face with a 15 minutes sermon about life and that I am way too old to be single, so I need to hurry up and find a man, marriage and children. I figured it would be smarter if I just agree with everything he says, so by the end oft he ride he was so fascinated about my oblivious and simple nature, that he gave me five stars. I am a fantastic actor, that I know now.

Joshua Tree National Park, CA, Christmas 2015

Joshua Tree National Park, CA, Christmas 2015

Mission Beach Bayside Walk, San Diego, CA, January 2015

Mission Beach Bayside Walk, San Diego, CA, January 2016

Remember last year when I was traveling and wrote about how I stay healthy during all these weeks? I find, that every time when I am traveling, I manage to listen to my body better than ever. First, there is no stress-eating, cause clearly I am not stressed – except the moment when I have to cross the street here in Sydney and never know which side the cars are coming from. This left side driving thing drives me nuts. So I pretend to be blinkered, and send a speed prayer for making it across the street without being hit.

Harbour of Catalina Island, CA, January 2016

Harbour of Catalina Island, CA, January 2016

Avalon, Catalina Island, CA, January 2016

Avalon, Catalina Island, CA, January 2016

Ignore me, I digress. Back to the point – Food? Hellyeah. So no stress-eating, plus days are so spontaneous here, I can not possibly stick to a plan – no fun anyway. So, I choose everything healthy, try not to overeat and wait until I am hungry. It works – and I can see that this is the way I am going to continue. I am so sick of counting macros, tracking food and stuffing my face with carbs even if I’m not hungry, just for the sake of the plan. This panic, to not get enough food in, that maybe my muscles could shrink, or I might not going to make it through a workout – an assload of hassle which isn’t needed if we can interpret the signals of our bodies correctly. Which clearly is one of the heaviest parts after 20 years of being obsessed about food and plans.

Ocean Front, Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA, January 2016

Ocean Front, Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA, January 2016

Evening Vibes @ Bondi Beach, Sydney, January 2016

Evening Vibes @ Bondi Beach, Sydney, January 2016

And as it happens, I had my first (my FIRST) drink only yesterday here in Sydney (That’s 12 days without booze. WHO am I.) – not planned, just happened. Ok, ‘a drink’ is a lie – I was filled to the brim with organic white wine and some champagne. So I may or may not be a tad hung over today, which paid off, cause it was such a fun night. #passmethetylenol

But so – no plan means not too much thoughts about food, which is my last major goal in my recovery – and it seems so near now.

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9 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud – No plan means more fun

  1. Oooooh an adventure to NZ! Very exciting! Hopefully we will visit one day but NZ is still like a 8 hour flight from Perth! Haha!
    Amen for just eating when hungry – I’m pretty bad for thinking I ‘should eat’ at X time but when I am on holiday especially, I find I eat the best too because you really can just eat when hungry and it’s easy to do!

    • I am so excited to go to NZ. I have never been and I can’t wait, it’s like the perfect ending of my trip.

      I was horrible at always being in panic, that I NEED food – even if my body didn’t tell me so. Holidays are the best opportunity for me to learn that!

  2. We Ubered here too! It’s the best invention. But yeah, sometimes the drivers are a little off.

    So glad you’re having a blast. And no drinks in 12 days?! I haven’t had a drink in 12 hours… LOL!

  3. calista says:

    Yes! I just posted something similar about being too busy to think about food. We must be on the same wavelength! I’ve not used Uber before, but it sounds like it’s wonderful!

  4. I like cake and bubbles a lot too. It’s one of my happy places, along with that dark, nutty, grainy bread you posted. It looks incredible and I bet the mouth feel is off the hook.

    Listen to your body when it comes to food; it’s ways smarter than your brain, for all of us. There will be days you under eat and days you over eat and some how it all balances out in the end. Eat what you crave in the right quantities and you’ll be fantastic. Plus think of all the time saved from not having to track, count, log.

    • The bread is actually glutenfree toast, and it tastes absolutely wonderful. It comes warm with marinated feta and avocado and certainly eggs. I know you’d love it.

      I SO agree. Sometimes I wonder where I leave my brain that these things only come to my mind after YEARS and at this…errr…..’late’ age.

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