Absurdities and Bizarnesses of my Travels


6. January 2016 by swissfitchick

Don’t get me on the no-word. I couldn’t find a noun for bizarre, so I made one up, roll with it. It’s legit.

Thanks to my dear Amanda I get to slap out some silly randomness minus the silly, cause this weird shit happens to me in real life daily. It’s not even funny anymore. Well that’s not entirely true – it is funny, at least in retrospect.



#lauraandlucie post-Tattoo, New Years Eve 2015, Pacific Beach San Diego. #Theresalotofboobsinthatpicture

  1. LAX is the worst airport. I walked at least 6 miles there to find things which I didn’t find. Having my lost-blonde face expression professionalized, I always receive help and support in my desperate situation within decimal seconds. Don’t mind me if I do implement this strategy in situations of loss (GPS-wise, that is. Happens sporadically, almost frequently.)

    Beer tasting, Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA, May 2015


    Italy shenanigans before competition day at the World Championship in Powerlifting, Gela, Sicily, October 2015


    Monkey Bar at Benajarafe Beach, Costa del Sol, Spain, October 2015

    2. I had a 9 years old boy sitting next to me on my flight from LAX to Fiji Islands. He fell asleep and laid all over me. I am serious. You know how kiddies are when they are asleep. They are like a comatose wet bag. After 84 tries of moving him back to his seat with a subtle push, I gave up and let him sleep on my lap. He drooled. Ignorance is bliss.


    Fiji Airport, January 5th 2016. Raining.

    3. It started raining when I left San Diego. It rained on Fiji Islands. It is pouring down since I touched down in Sydney. Who am I? I thought they said when angels travel……right. Clearly,  I am not an angel.


    Street Questionnaire, San Diego Hillcrest, CA, May 2015 (check out Nr. 3)


    That’s what no angel says. Street Art Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA, 31st of December 2015


    Red Mustang in Palm Springs, CA, December 2015 / Photo Credit Laura

    4. Speaking of Sydney. When I first arrived here back in April last year, I took place on the wrong side of the car – a taxi. To say it was embarrassing shall be an understatement. Even more so, cause it happened AGAIN this time. The taxi driver collapsed in laughter while I found it not funny. He insisted on me driving, I refused. I can not possibly afford a 4 hours taxi drive to Bondi Junction caused by the non GPS-brain of mine.


    Joshua Tree National Park, CA, Christmas Day 2015

  2. _MG_1651

    End of Beach Bike Ride, Lauras home, San Diego, Ca, January 1st 2016

    5. I am training at CrossFit Bondi here during my 3 weeks stay. We started off with an 8 minute AMRAP of Thrusters. The curses inside of me almost came out loud. Despite sitting like an anchovy in a can for about 20 hours on the plane, my mobility was spot on, means my hips were so open. Ok, that’s a BIG #thatswhatshesaid. But you get the idea. It was a great start back into my third CrossFit year.


    Swiss Team Challenge, CrossFit Basel, June 2015 (wearing the CrossFit Bondi Tank)

    6. I am a jewelry whore. The airport staff had to call me out TWICE for boarding cause I got stuck at a jewelry stand in front of the gate. I literally had to sprint on the plane. I do not regret it. #musthaves. You can never have enough jewelry. Or clothes. Or Prosecco bottles in your fridge. Or sex.


    Acai Bowl at Ocean Front, Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA, 1st of January, 2016


    Ocean Beach Pier, San Diego, CA, 1st of January 2016

    7. My suitcase from San Diego to Sydney weighed exactly 23.0. SHARP. I am a genius. A suitcase scale is everything. It reminds me of conversations with Laura, when we walk through stores and she goes:’ Hey Luce, look, you need that.’ Or:’ Hey Luce, that’s for you, you’d love that.’ And I am like:’Oh, I already have one of those.’ Laura:’Of course you do.’ Like a suitcase scale. Seriously, you just have to be prepared for everything. And as long as my suitcase weighs 23kg including 3 pairs of FlipFlops, 2 pairs of CrossFit shoes, 1 pair of Sneakers, 1 pair of High Heels, 3 canisters of supplements, chocolate and cheese presents for my Sydney peeps and clothes for five weeks (preferably different outfit versions), there is nothing I need to change. Right?


    Mission Beach, San Diego CA, 1st of January, 2016


    Mission Beach, San Diego CA, 1st of January 2016

    8. Mental note to self: If I have to run errands, do the grocery shopping at the end. Yesterday afternoon I went to buy groceries at Coles. Lemons were priced with 1$50 each. I was torn between laughing and crying. Anyway, the point is, I walked around in the pouring rain with a basketball cap, an umbrella that got blown away by the wind (I wrote WINE first, instead of WIND. I wish.) every 20 seconds and two giant bags of clean food. It took me 2 hours till I found everything I needed and my arms were about to fall off and now I need a 2 hours back massage. So – groceries at the END. Unless you want to get a particular uncomfortable workout in.


    Joshua Tree National Park, CA, Christmas Day, 2015


    Joshua Tree National Park, CA, Christmas Day 2015

    Please tell me some ridiculous stories of yours. Don’t leave me alone here, assuming that I am the only weirdo on this planet.




12 thoughts on “Absurdities and Bizarnesses of my Travels

  1. On a plane ride from Costa Rica one lady had 3 kids and an infant which has to be nearly impossible to control on any level especially on a plane ride. For the first hour the woman laid the infant by himself in a seat while she tended to the other kids. My boyfriend, who doesn’t really love kids, got so worried he picked up the baby and the lady thanked him then proceeded to ignore us for the duration of the flight. When the baby started crying she continued to ignored us, I had to ask for a bottle which he shoved in my face and decided it would be the best time to take a nap. 6 hours later the baby had been changed 4-5 times, fed 2-3 times and was now happy making cute little smiles at us. When we landed the lady finally looked at us took the baby and didn’t say thank you. It was an enlightening experience which I actually enjoyed. 🙂

  2. Remember how lost we got on our run to CrossFit in Denver?! Ha, neither one of us is GPS inclined. It’s all good.

    I love the story of the kid who fell asleep in your lap and drooled all over you. Promise to let my tomato do the same?

    That is a fantastic picture of you, Laura and Laura’s boobs. 🙂

  3. Tara says:

    I have plenty of travel horror stories. I’ve done the return flight from Europe to Australia six or seven times now, and it’s always full of interesting characters. The worst was when I was stuck on a 14 hour flight next to a guy who would NOT stop farting and insisted on walking all throughout the plane with no shoes on. Ugh.

    Groceries in Australia are insanely expensive. That’s one thing I don’t miss about home!

  4. Have we met? You should know you’re not the only weirdo. 😉

    Random thoughts: LAX does blow. I’m still laughing about the kid drooling in you. I’m honored you used my Mustang pic (since you’re the master photog). It’s been pouring and flooding since you left here… and we had a fire. I’m sure you’re to blame for all of it somehow.

    Love you! Come back!!!

    • Go on, blame me, I take it all. Everyone blamed me for the rain in Sydney too, so what can I say….
      Yeah, have we met? While I am weirding around on my travels, you guys burn down the house. High Fives.

      Love you too. Miss you!

  5. Totally with you on LAX. I was expecting better since that’s one of the bigger airports, but I think even ours here in middle-of-nowhere Edmonton is better than that one. And once I was sitting at the gate reading a book and literally STARING at my plane getting ready to take off, not even realizing that people were boarding. They actually had to call my name and laughed at me hardcore when I literally just walked 3 steps to the gate 😆

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