Monday is for barbell efficiency and summer endings


31. August 2015 by swissfitchick

It’s Monday. Maybe I should do some online shopping. And then submit complaints via phone.

QuoteThank God I drank on Friday. Friday and booze has this kind of obvious correlation which makes me believe that life is perfect, constantly.

And when I look back at the summer night I spent in Zurich on Friday with my girlfriends, I can’t argue that.

Or how can you not let escape primal sounds from your lips when you drink some bitter cold booze, eat cheese, focaccia, fresh grilled prawns and all kinds of green leaves? And celebrating life when being surrounded by some of the best blondes on Earth?

Drinks Friends Zurich Zurich Zurich Until you wake up on Monday morning. Ok, that’s totally over the top. Monday isn’t as bad at all I think, especially when paired with this song, plus linking up with Katies MIMM!

Monday also means Conditioning and Gymnastics – which lately ended up in gross sweatangels after barbell efficiency WOD’s and a lot of running and Skills. It’s still summer here, after all. Glamorous Selfies after a Workout aren’t a thing, so you get the sweatmess that happened and that grossed me out myself.


CrossFit I winked at the shower then ignored it, snapped twice and twirled and hung my butt on the bicycle to ride and jump into the pool. Epic decision. Minus the epic. It was clearly too hot to lay in the sun, despite that fact I did so for an hour. One day to go and fall is here.

Holding on to my very personal super favorite Summer Hit. Left like midnight thief. But I’d do it all over again.

Lucie PoolI have a strong tendency to block out things on my mind which exhaust me. Or maybe my savvy side is just not as advanced as I think it is. Do not comment that. I suspect it’s strategy. Whatever, the point here is (I know you thought I didn’t have one, but oh yes, I do – it’s coming at you now) – I will be getting a room-mate. That’s right. She is a singer. I am an athlete and a writer. Usher in a new era.

So, I had to empty the cupboard/wardrobe in my third room, which released a familiar feeling of panic. I suspected I still have too many clothes despite the fact I got rid of a TON. I swear. AT LEAST a ton.

I had to squeeze all tank tops, maybe 1/8 of my shoes and all my workout gear into ONE closet. I am unbelievably if not magically amazed that it worked. Tap my shoulder Babes, I am a genius, clearly.

clothesIn honor of the occasion, I had to take a pic of my belly which didn’t look pregnant for about an hour that week. It’s incredibly amazing minus the amazing, how stupid my body reacts on all the current stress. As if I wanted to know how it is to be pregnant. Na, thanks.

I spot an ass too – go on barbell efficiency and gimme more squats and thrusters and squat cleans and other epic shit.

LucieI had canned tuna and an egg and some leftover greens for dinner. My carb source were rice cakes. Grocery shopping is overrated. Said no one ever.



Are you ready for fall? Despite not being at the grocery store, I have the first Butternut Squash sitting in my pantry. Now if I just weren’t so lazy.

What did you have for dinner last night?

Do you own a lot of clothes? (Yes, you do. Yes, right??)



16 thoughts on “Monday is for barbell efficiency and summer endings

  1. Those handstand holds are looking amazing! I’m still trying to get my first handstand but David is where you are and is very impressed, he wishes he could hold it for that long!
    Liquor stores may not deliver, but I can’t wait to try out the drive through ‘bottle shops’ here – not even having to get out the car to buy my wine…. Awesome!
    Oh and dinner last night was eggs, kale and sweet potato with tahini – simple but one of my favs!

  2. Did you steal our summer? I’m still waiting for it to arrive in Britain… Maybe I should just dive head first into autumn instead?
    Grocery shopping is HARD work. I feel you there. My dinner yesterday was epic however, at a friend’s for a BBQ (with multiple layers..) so lunch merged into dinner with grilled goodness and gluten free New York Cheesecake… Happy days indeed!

  3. Whoa a roommate! Can’t wait to read more on that adventure 🙂
    Dinner last night was so good I wish I could eat it again now. My mama cooked! A gorgeous shrimp curry, broiled salmon, spicy noodles, and so many yummy green veggies. We had mojitos as our cocktail – total bliss!!! Xox

  4. I can’t believe you managed to fit even a small fraction of all your clothing. Seriously. 😉

  5. Does it help to know my clothes are in two closets and half a dresser, plus a giant built in pull out drawer? I think there might be some in the attic too, come to think of it.

    I have ass envy.

    Good luck with the roommate. If it doesn’t work out, I have an open bedroom in Cleveland. 🙂 Granted, I’ve have to clear out some clothes, but it’s all yours.

  6. Soooo. I left half of my clothes at home when I moved out, and I still have trouble fitting all the ones I have into my closet… but I feel like I wear the same things over and over anyways? It probably doesn’t help that most of my clothes are black and over 80% of them are workout related. And I forget what dinner was last night. Either it wasn’t amazing or I’m just getting old 😆

    • Oh, Dear, you don’t know how much better you make me feel. I seriously sometimes think I am a big crazy ass when it comes to clothes. Either I am not, or we both are. Either way is fine, right?

  7. Pamela lambert says:

    Dinner last night was a veggie burger, corn and salad. Still not cool enough for much cooking. Living in Colorado. USA

  8. Today, I spotted the first pumpkins of the season at the supermarket!
    …but that’s actually the only thing I’m vaguely excited for. I could do without the cold weather and early sunsets.
    I like to believe that I son’t own that many clothes. But I’m also currently making an effort to de-clutter my wardrobe a bit. There are loads of t-shirts in it that are just clearly too small, so it’s kinda pointless to hang on to them, right?

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