Thinking Out Loud


27. August 2015 by swissfitchick

Granted, I feel really stupid if not even ridiculously awkward when writing the first sentences of each and every blogpost.

Hey peeps!


Oh, hey, got cheese?


Happy Thursday!

What if this Thursday is super unhappy for you? Damn it…

Let’s skip it, cause I am useless on that part today. Sitting in front of a computer all day typing articles in German and English which is called my job, tends to make a girl blurry in her mind. Not to be confused with tipsy, which I would eagerly trade right at this moment. Despite the fact I don’t drink all that much, one could assume I am a hopeless booze hound. Wait for it, the next trip waits in the wings.

Thank you anyway my sweet Amanda for hosting ToL as always on Thursdays!


And away we go.

When I returned home from work today, I found a postcard in my mailbox (I LOVE that!) – which made me pause for a moment, scratching my head, stringed together a bunch of question marks over it. Turning it around, it was a greeting from my family (bro and his wife) who are on a 8 month travel trip, currently located in Scotland. Remember my pony twin in Reykjavik? They now found my cow twin. Thrilling.



Speaking of manes….as much as I think of me of not being the ideal Momma person, the kids of my friends seem to think differently. Whenever I visit them, they want to see my muscles, touch my MANE, wear my jewelry and trying to get me to sleep over and spend my entire life with them. I’ve always been skeptical about kiddies, but oh well….it’s too cute and heartmelting too.

EliasKids Eliasimage

The cats just use me as their nap place.


I am in love with all of them, but first and foremost, my highlight from last week was definitely to see my Bestie again after SIX weeks. I don’t know how it happened that we’ve been apart for so long, but we definitely had to catch up on SO MUCH – we chatted for more than 2 hours in my kitchen (pretty much synchronized, clearly) while killing a bottle of prosecco before we headed out to a BBQ party. Hey, Weekend, hey, friends, hey, Summer. Please stay.

friends appetizer friends friends Summer

Speaking of Summer – still here. Still awesome. My Swim Training is so incredibly on and it does not suck at all. There was a clear intention when I invested ridiculous amounts of money in nit-picky chosen bikinis. I don’t even know if this sentence makes any sense, but you get the idea. I hope. #amIdrunk?#no

PoolI have a ginormous craving for this Ezekiel granola which I ordered here. It doesn’t even taste fancy which maybe is the reason for my love for it – pimp up style with bananas, eggs and all kinds of weird spice combos seals the deal. Breakfast for days in pretty Mason Jars is the result, cause eating out of Mason Jars tastes better. Maybe not, but I feel like a better person. OKAY FINE, it just makes me happy.

Ezekiel Breakfast

It also makes me happy when I beat a classmate in a kick ass workout and shout it out on the blackboard. Yeah, I can run myself into ground to compete in a WOD that has no meaning whatsoever. I totally am not a child. Two snaps and a Twist #andnokiss.


Burpee Box jumps. #hate

Burpee Box jumps. #hate

K, guys, it is no secret that cleaning is not my forte and since there is some kind of monstrous explosion happening in my giant kitchen (the bigger the kitchen, the bigger the mess. I guess. Rhime. Yeeeeeew.), alas, I gotta go take care of it. It might take a while, so don’t expect me back till next week.

Are you a fan of summer?

What was your favorite breakfast this week?

Are you jealous of my white shades? They were a bargain of 2$. I assume they last for 3 weeks. 



13 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud

  1. Oh my goodness I want that pear shaped outdoor bed! I could just chill out all day reading in there! also love the sunnies, they definitely suit you!
    I am really good with kids and love being in their company, but do I want any of my own right now? heck no! It’s so much more fun just to get them all hyped up and then hand them back to their parents!

  2. I don’t want summer to end either. I’m digging the sunshine, the outdoor patios and the fun cocktails. Enough with these bloggers wishing for Fall already (I’m talking about YOU Spoons 🙂 ).
    I love seeing you find your groove and you are rocking those white shades.

  3. LOL “mama person” – YEAHHHHHH that is where you and I are the same (wait, we have FAR MORE SIMILARITIES THAN JUST THIS) but… I am soooo not a mama person either! LOL

  4. i LOVE your white sunglasses, they totally rock with fabulousness. i got some in amsterdam for cheap cheap cheap and still managed to save them somewhere… where? but not as fabulous as yours lol.
    our summer of heat and humidity is coming to an end and honestly, a little cooler breeze makes me a happier runner 😉 but i wish it could just stay like this, in the between phase, forever. wishful thinking always xox
    ps i want one of your amazing pancakes! that sounds so good right now

  5. Don’t hate me for eagerly awaiting fall… but it’s my favourite time of the year and everything about it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Well, that and I’m completely useless in the heat, so these few months of summer can sometimes be a struggle to get through… And 3 weeks of wear for a mere $2 isn’t a bad deal at all — totally jealous :mrgreen:

  6. I despise writing an opening for my blog. I’m so lame.

    And don’t worry – I will drink for us both. But I did my cardio every day this week!!!

  7. As long as it’s not 35+° all the time – definitely! It’s been much colder than that around here recently, hence my favourite breakfast this last week has been porridge. Apple-cinnamon porridge, berry porridge, all the porridge!

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