It’s Friday, let’s go for Happy Hour!


21. August 2015 by swissfitchick

I don't drink coffee. But still. The latter is me.

I don’t drink coffee. But still. The latter is me.

It’s almost a little late here for Happy Hour, though having said that, is there even a given time for Happy Hour? If Happy Hour is at 5pm, then somewhere it is 5pm right now, so let’s roll with that.


I actually went for Happy Hour last night at 10pm and returned at 1am with 2 glasses of red wine intus and a horrible hangover all day today. I can’t even say poor me given the circumstances that I am not used to wine at ALL and my body doesn’t like it. Whine though I do so every day a little. But there was a reason when I once decided to not drink wine. #whine.

Ok, let’s stroll into the next bar for Happy Hour drinks. What’ll you have? I definitely DON’T go for wine, but for something bitter. I loved the skinny Margaritas in San Diego, but I also loved the superstrong Gin Tonics I had in Sydney. I seriously wanted to hug these buckets of booze, so delicious. I’ll have both, although not at the same time.


If we sat down for Happy Hour right now, I would greedily wait for our drinks to arrive before I could even start a proper sentence. Secondly I would nag the waiter to give us something to nosh. I LOVE fancy appetizer snacks with me predinner drink. Though when I come to think of it, after three drinks and a plate of salty-fatty appetizers, I don’t really need dinner. You guys know what I am talking about.


Ok, so we got our drinks and snacks and you ask me about my trip to Prague. I’d tell you that I love Prague, it is such a beautiful city. And it gets more urban, fancier and stylisher every time I go anew. It was HOT, like around 38° degrees (something 100 Fahrenheit) and I LOVE hot summer nights in big cities. It’s the atmosphere, the life, the people – so amazing. Clearly, I am a city dweller. As much as I love the nature, take me out of civilization for more than three days and I become an irritated, nervous freak.

Prag Lucie Lucie

I would ask the waiter if he could play this song to accompany my memory with the perfect song.He would start to think of me as a demanding importunately blonde, but I’d calm these mindgames with my best smile. Seems legit.

If we were at Happy Hour, I would tell you that I took a little break with working out during the days when I was there. I went for easy runs in the morning and swimming in the lakes with Momma, we cycled back and forth the village we stayed and we refreshed ourselves with the tube in the garden from the heat.


The river I ran along early morning - FULL PEACE.

The river I ran along early morning – FULL PEACE.


In the same subject, I would show you the pic of my back which Momma took in the garden and I would tell you that I am a little torn between being impressed and shocked, between  proud and scared and between happy and insecure about the muscle I put on.


You would probably tell me that I should stop whining considering the fact that I am 37 and being considered 29 or early 30’s from strangers and that my muscle is the sign and the hard worked result of all the effort I put in my training. On this occasion, you would ask about how training goes. I’d say I had a rough week before I left for Prague, but the past week was awesome. I smashed PR after PR and slowly but surely the skills start to take form. Slowly. I absolutely LOVE gymnastics, but it takes shit tons of patience and daily consistency to master all those skills.

FronSquat PR 4x 63kg

FronSquat PR 4x 63kg

Push Jerk PR 62.5kg

Push Jerk PR 62.5kg

Practising Butterfly Pull Ups

Practising Butterfly Pull Ups

Kipping Pull Ups - got them now

Kipping Pull Ups – got them now

If we were at Happy Hour, we would nibble on our Nachos and would talk about that Clean Eating is great and makes us feel good, but that once in a while a night with drinks and salty food is just what we need. Speaking of, we’d share some of our favorite meals from the week:

Dinner at the parc with grilled chicken and mixed salad

Dinner at the parc with grilled chicken and mixed salad

Grilled Salmon skewers on salad

Grilled Salmon skewers on salad

Grilled Chicken, Rice cooked in almondmilk, veggies

Grilled Chicken, Rice cooked in almondmilk, veggies

If there would be screaming children at the bar I’d run for shelter and would suggest to arrange this sign in front of the bar. I am so tolerant.

Unattended Children get a puppy and a double espresso for free

Unattended Children get a puppy and a double espresso for free

K, so I am done with my Skinny Margarita, I need to continue with the amazing Gin Tonic and I order what you want – and the later the night gets, the stronger the drinks and the louder our laughs. I’d sleep in a booze coma later at home and wake up swearing to never drink alcohol again.

Alright FINE, maybe never say never.


Happy Weekend peeps!

What are you up to?

What’s your favorite Happy Hour drink?

Where is your favorite bar located? Mine is the Hotel Bar at Coronado San Diego where I had amazing drinks with – who else – Laura 🙂

Drinks Lucie



15 thoughts on “It’s Friday, let’s go for Happy Hour!

  1. fun!!! i love skinny ritas, too 🙂 i also love vodka with sugar free tonic and a LOT of lime or lemon. i love sour tastes when i’m drinking. i love wine but can’t handle the massive grogginess the next day! sign of getting older but who cares? i love vodka and tequila plenty 😀
    cheers to you and looking HOT and badass! xox

  2. Ohhh this sounds heaven. I think I’ll take a mojito please (or a pina colada if we’re going for dessert). Much more fun than my current thesis writing indoors 😦 boo.

    Rice cooked in almond milk? Instead of water? Intrigued.

  3. I’m working on my Currently post right now and the question about Drinks: I answered alcohol. Ha, it’s summertime and I’m a bit of a booze hound right now. Oh well, I’m not complaining. I can’t wait until we can do drinks again. Maybe without all the greasy salty appetizers. Or maybe with those and without dinner instead. Ha!

  4. If we were having drinks, I would have had 2 glasses of wine in like 30 mins. HAHAHAHA! The Del was awesome. I can’t wait for us to go at Christmas and see it all decorated.

    P.S. I’m in awe of your amazing back!!!

  5. I would definitely join you on a gin tonic! Although I am definitely loving all this local Aussie wine 🙂
    As someone who does crossfit, but is on the weaker side strength wise, I look at you, your PR’s and muscle tone and it inspires me that one day I might get there! Just gotta keep trying!
    Oh and those salmon skewers look amazing!!!

  6. Great cocktail pictures! It’s definitely to early to be thinking about wine though…thanks for that^^ (I love wine!)
    I’m really into mojitos lately (I never used to like them but this summer they just seem perfect to me – so light and refreshing!), so that’s probably what I’d order for our happy hour. =)

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