Confessions and Wisdom


26. July 2015 by swissfitchick

Instead of creating an air of mystery around this party as to what difficult times are going on, I turn to confessions and you will be fortunate enough to also get some of my hard built wisdom over the last 37 years of my life. I am such a wise ass. How does that sound? Better? Good.

I even think that’s marvelous. Hi Katie!

1. Confession:

I am slightly, also known as incredibly lazy when it comes to cleaning. Not that I like a dirty place, now that is far from the truth – but cleaning is probably number one reason for a mini-crisis of mine. And the Prowler. The Prowler with a lot of weight put on makes me cry, I swear and I don’t think it’s funny. Even though everyone says it’s the ultimate backside-improvement, I don’t give a shit. I’d rather smash out 7 sets of Backsquats (I hate those too, when I come to think of it) than one round with the Prowler. I love to film our masters while they push it through heat though.

Wisdom: Don’t procrastinate. Yes, I actually did just say that. Whatever it is that you hate but you know it has to be done, get it done asap. As me, you will feel so accomplished. It’s probably almost a little beyond ridiculous how pleasantly surprised and in awe I walk through my apartment post-cleaning, soaking up the result of my hard work. I know, I only talk about cleaning. Believe me, the struggle is real.


I even changed the sheets. I have no damn clue what has gotten into me.



2. Confession:

I have a mean craving for booze more than I care to admit. I work at a gym where we hardly ever drink and I never drink alone, so I am not in danger. I also manage to not transfer myself into a booze coma anymore as I did in my Teen/Twenties anymore when at parties. I am so proud of my restraint. Having said that, a competition of the percentage of drunkness with my friends over in Cleveland and San Diego is probably not the best way to keep my mental clarity.


Wisdom: Mental clarity is overrated. Pass me the Gin. Or whatever there is, as long as it is fermented grapes or something. Life is too much fun to not indulge once in a while.

3. Confession:

I fear that my laughter is out of this world. In general, I live shamelessly, but in public, on a quiet place…. my laugh is probably disturbing and irritating. But honestly? Trying to change it makes it worse. It sounds like I would choke on my drink. Oh, I was assuming I am having a drink, after discussing point 2.

1 second before bursting

1 second before bursting


Wisdom: Don’t give a fuck and laugh your ass off.

4. Confession:

I must confess that I am one of the clumsiest girls who ever graced the planet. 2 days ago, I FELL OUT OF MY OFFICE – literally. Our office leads to the training floor by 3 steps of which I clearly missed one of them and classical face planted on the floor. While others were watching. My first concern was:’ Wha, oh, shiii, WAIT, damn my SHADES?!?’ The result was a mean blue spot on my knee and pain on my right rip. I moved like my grandma in the Gymnastics class later, but hey, the shades are ok.


Wisdom: You can try to change your clumsiness, but let me tell you out of my year long experience, it makes it even worse. When I try to be the perfect lady it actually ends up in a complete disaster. Stay relaxed, act like these events are totally planned and part of the show, stay cool, whip your hair back and forth like BeyoncΓ© and put up with your destiny. People will love you cause you are entertaining. Oh, and pray. Might help. Might not.


5. Confession:

In an obvious display of generosity, I am feeding myself more food than I actually need currently. There are more times than I care to admit when I catch myself thinking about having a snack while being anything elseΒ  than hungry. I also retain water and have this puffy feeling, which I know comes from a lot of hard training, lack of sleep, stress and sugar. Or maybe just hormones that are having a crazy party in my body.

And it’s also called itchy feet. I got to get away at least for 2 days or so – we know by now that more than 2 months at the same place with no interruptions gets me nervous. It’s the time again when I work and train 95% of the time and my home functions as a tent cause I only see it for my nightsleep. Not ideal.

This pile.... Ok, but, hey, cause PROTEIN Bro'.

This pile….
Ok, but, hey, PROTEIN Bro’.

Wisdom: Stay aware of body signals. Our bodies are innocent and never guilty. What they crave, how they react are only consequences of our own behavior. If they send messages, try to understand them and act accordingly. So: decrease stress, eat and train moderate, sleep and take a mini trip to chill out.

For me, it’s also my swimtraining that helps. It’s not regular CrossFit craziness, it feels light and relaxing and I get my vitamin B in.

Pool Pool

6. Confession: Now to end this feather-filled post, I tell you the unfortunate truth that I was a David Hasselhoff Fan. I went to his concert when I was 13 years old, wearing a sweater with sealions on it and glasses. I stood in the first row and yelled his name for solid 2 hours. I am still in shock that I owned a Knight Rider sweater too. Seriously, Mom, WHY?

Lucie Knight Rider

I also went to a theme party about 10 years ago. We had to go as Sportsstars. We picked Aerobics and pretended to be Jane Fonda. Cigarettes and booze were part of the plan (and addiction). We ranked second.

Lucie Lucie

Wisdom: Live shameless and wild. There are no regrets. Just smiles and/or lessons.

1. Tell me your confession of the day.

2. Add the wisdom of the day.



14 thoughts on “Confessions and Wisdom

  1. I have too many confessions, hard to choose just one! Ok I said I was giving up caffeine but that’s not totally true… I went from a quadruple espresso shots in my latte to single. Lol. Wisdom: it’s ok, progress not perfection:)

  2. Please tell me you’ll at least consider taking up aerobics and teach classes because heck, that’s a sexy outfit πŸ˜‰ .
    #3 made me think of my mum right there. You need to hear her laugh to truly understand what I mean. We watched a movie two nights ago and her breaking out into laughter made it hard to follow the dialogues at times.

    • I like your Mom. We’d have the best laugh party together! And I wouldn’t feel so silly and alone.
      Hahaha, the outfit….we had too much fun that night!

  3. Confession: I’m procrastinating (I know, I know – I’m violating wisdom #1 here). But really: I have an exam on Thursday and all I did so far today was write a blog post (which was long overdue!)

    Wisdom: procrastinating one thing can lead to achieving something else…sometimes. (Does that make it ok?)

    Loved your falling out of the office story. A similar thing happened to me once: I fell on my face (I still have the scar) – but at least I caught my bag. =D

    • I love this combo of confession and wisdom and yes it DOES make it ok πŸ™‚ I agree, sometimes spontaneous procrastination leads to amazing things πŸ™‚

      OMG. But well, the bag… IS important!! LOL!

  4. I don’t know but one of the facts I remember about you would be the huge David Hasselhoff Fan! Ugh… I totally retain water like it’s nobodies business too. Talk about looking 5 months preggo. It’s bad when your hubby notices too. Haha!

  5. Kate Bennett says:

    I so appreciate this because I too am not an avid cleaner. I am constantly thinking “it’s clean enough”, haha!

  6. You went to a Hasslehoff concert?! OMG. I can’t even make fun of you enough right now. πŸ™‚

    Please tell me you kept the aerobics costume. We will do shots and rock that spandex at a bar next time you come to SD.

  7. Confession: I have a heat rash underneath my tatas right now which is uncomfortable as a mofo in heat.

    Wisdom: tucking a towel into your bra during the summer months will help absorb all that sweat and prevent heat rash. I forgot this step yesterday.

    I loved this post for so many reasons, none of which involves my booze hound ways. I think you are spot on when it comes to procrastination, which actually just helped me decide something in my head (I need to rip that band aid off, figuratively of course). I also love your advice on listening to your body. Clearly mine was calling for a towel in my boobs, and I should have listened. I really believe our bodies tell us everything we need to know, when we’re willing to listen.

    Also, drink because it’s fun and you want to, never because you “need” to. Make sense?

    Love you.

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