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I know, this is not the format we are supposed to use when making a ‘Currently’ post, but oh well, I am creating a new way of it, please agree and roll with it, k? Thanks. I am the only Swiss blogger around these parts and the laziest one (sponsors? WTF?) so clearly I need to misbehave in general.

I am officially announced at the gym for being a full-time team member. I guess I needed some pressure. Lucie‘Since February this year, our Blondie Lucie works full time as part of our CrossFit Basel Team. She pens the weekly Newsletter, Facebook – and Blogposts for you. In order to keep you all updated, she first had to grow a thick skin. In the midst of a group of testosterone pumped, cursing and burping silverbacks, she needs to gather information and work.

Besides her writing work, you often see her hustling around with the camera to visually underline all the information she pops out there daily on Social Media and the Internet. Besides writing, liking, photographing or interviewing, Lucie keeps herself fit with felt 200 classes per week. Her stiff and inflexible pins get usually compensated by a hollywood-worthy Hair flip.

Welcome to the Team!’

We’re those crazy bitches who also train in a heat wave of 38° C. No joke. This is the hottest summer since 2003. I ADORE it. Even though ma face looks like the color of ketchup after training or basically all day long. I had to capture the moments and spread it all over our channels.

CrossFItHeatwave. It means working in the midst of half-naked people (we’re a gym, it’s legit) – not that I mind or something. If it’s that hot, you got to make sure your brain is functioning properly, and that you don’t glide off your chair cause of the sweat lake evolving around your thighs. Sorry if that’s gross but ya know it. And everything else is not important. We all have sweaty shiny faces, curly hair, we smell and we’re sleep deprived. Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE the heat and the summer and well, you just have to ignore the daily ruined make up after the bike ride to work.

Not a single fuck shall be given during heatwave.

Not a single fuck shall be given during heatwave.

Food. It’s rare, but it’s there. Big ass BBQ every damn day, hell YES! I LOVE it. Since my bro just left for a 7 months European Surf Roadtrip with his wife, we celebrated goodbye last week. I also visited my blonde crew in Zurich and had another luscious barbeque at our Greek friends place. Can we never stop that time of the year please?

I mean, besides the great variety (hello grilled bananas next to giant prawns) it’s the perfect clean food and fuel for the crazy training sessions all week long. Minus the booze. Though it’s not a secret that I highly  advocate booze being healthy in moderation. Whatever moderation means to you in that case. A solely personal validation of course. I could use a week with a little less maybe. Coughcough.

Big Bro and Baby Sista

Big Bro and Baby Sista. Damn Hippies.

Lucie image




There’s booze too. Hmmm.


Grilled salmon, raw veggies, blackberries

Grilled salmon and cheese, raw veggies, blackberries

Male BFF Jonas and his kiddie

Male BFF Jonas and his kiddie and more friends

Meat/sauasage/bacon skewers with an assload of salad

Meat/sauasage/bacon skewers with an assload of salad

Grilled chicken, steamed broccoli, egg

Grilled chicken, steamed broccoli, kohlrabi, egg (haha, egg and chicken. It reminds me.)

Grilled chicken, salad

Grilled chicken, salad

fresh fruit tarte and whipped cream

Fresh fruit tarte and whipped cream

Summer Selfie

Summer Selfie (no mess in the background! Tap shoulder.)

Roastrips to Zurich with the boss's car. He has a hard time letting me drive it, but ya know, it totally fits me. The car.

Roadtrips to Zurich with the boss’s car. He has a hard time letting me drive it, but ya know, it totally fits me. The car.

I know, I know the pants – admittedly, I literally live in them and the boys call me Aladdin or something. They are a purchase of 12 Euros at the market in Spain and I own about 3 pairs of ’em. However, they feel like I am spending the day in my PJ’s which is not appropriate, almost a little shabby (fits me once again) , but comfortable as hell.

So beside training and eating grilled meat – or bananas, prawns, peppers and trout for that matter – I work a lot, I take my daily swims and I am studying a little again. Yeah I know, I have no clue either how the hell that happened, but I am going to take the IELTS test this year. There is a deeper meaning behind it, but for now let’s go with the one that I finally want a certification for my English language – I’m sorry for causing confusion but I can’t spill the beans just yet. My level was scored as a 9. I gasped in disbelief. This is awesome, given the fact that I am purely Swiss after all and nobody wants to hear a Swiss accent in English. Good thing I hide it like a boss.

IELTSWe are approaching week 2 of 35+ degrees C and my lunch break will be spent in and at the pool. Thank God my office is a garage, so we’re cool. Literally.

Ok, so my lovely faces, it’s your turn. My posting schedule varies between 1-3 posts a week – with this rather sporadic posting, I’d like to pick the themes you like the most. So tell me what you want to see!

1. Recipes

2. Day in Life posts

3. Eating Disorder or Recovery posts

4. CrossFit

5. Silly Randomness

6. Wisdom (ha, wisdom.)

7. Your suggestions?

Thank you so much and have a MARVELOUS MONDAY!!



9 thoughts on “Currently…..Summertime.

  1. Ima agreeing and rolling with, it/you😃
    Rock On!

  2. It looks like the heat wave has hit the whole of Europe- the heat is out of control in London but I’m all for it…sure beats the lousy rain :)! Congrats on becoming a full-time member at the gym- they sound like they have a great sense of humour! And I’m with you about the booze consumption increasing in the summer- what better way to celebrate the sunshine!!

  3. Jessie says:

    First off – congratulations on landing a FT job @ the cross fit box. So excited for you. Secondly – girl I have NEVER seen you sound so happy and feeling like you own the world. I absolutely love it! I mean gosh after knowing you for the past few years, it’s fantastic to see your true outgoing hubby loving self come out more & more. I really am speechless. I literally read this whole post with a complete smile on my face. Keep being you & inspiring yourself others ❤

  4. You know me, my favourite posts are always going to be CrossFit related! Food coming a close second! 🙂

  5. danielle saucy smith says:

    so awesome about your job, the description of you is perfect 🙂 I love anything you feel like posting! of course I appreciate the ED recovery and life now posts because hello, me too lol. so whatever you feel inspired to post, I will read. xox

  6. But seriously, should a single fuck be given… EVER?

  7. #nofucks #booze #shenanigans

  8. cottercrunch says:

    congrats on the full time gig!! so pumped for you. you work so hard and you are amazing for them! no sweat.. i mean yes, sweat. heat wave! haha.

  9. I just want to see you. That’s all.

    Also, I’m super impressed by the clean apartment. Major shoulder taps for you. I’m so proud of you for studying for the exam and I’m rooting for you 100%.

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