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You can be torn between being all girly or a dude-y girl.

Or you don’t. I am a girl by any means and I am convinced that I need my bling and blonde ponytail and pink workout gear and skirts (dresses are not made for me, believe me) to feel comfortable. I can use the perfect proper etiquette if I need to (but rarely want to) and I have clothes to wear a different outfit every day for about 730 days. But as much as I am obsessed with the chick’s stuff, I am filled to the brim with tomboy. Like snot rocketing while running or cycling, eating red meat like a boss, snoring while asleep (so sorry), cursing more than I dare to admit and anyone likes to hear (I earn really bad looks sometimes from my surrounding). I snort with laughter until water comes out of my nose, I speak too loud plus I ride my race bike dressed up fancy with heels and skirts and I do 10 chin ups as that on a BBQ on a ladder.


And then I’m there at the fancy summer cocktail party with my girly girl.


FriendsBaselMy Momma would like me to be the gracile girl I was a few years ago and she is totally irritated by muscles and tattoos. Like REALLY. Good kids as we are, my brother confronted her with the fact that he just made an appointment to get SURFING ALIENS inked. I love him and I am really sorry for Momma, but we need to state the fact that we are between 35 and 40, so I guess we make our own decisions – even if we both don’t live lives that are meant to be lived by people our age.

Lucie Lucie

I grew up with my big brother who taught me intensely, almost significantly how to get my own way and defy whatever obstacles turning up in life – and to give zero fucks about haters, envier or people in general who are not important to me. It wasn’t always fun you better believe me that and it got worse when I told him after fights that our sibling’s love has ended and he bursted out in mean ass laughter letting me know that I will never ever get shot of him for my whole damn life. Oh damn. Anyway, hard ship leads to experience, leads to learnings and I am not afraid anymore. Not of Bungee Jumps, Skydives, Mental CrossFit Challenges or life in general. Thanks Bro, love you today.


K, so that’s my Friday word to you connected with pics from last weekend. Except the ones from my 6am Trailrun on Saturday morning. Seriously, I am in love everytime for the new by these views.

image Trail Trail Trail Trail I was at the birthday of Tim’s Momma in Germany (I know you all remember Tim) and he was over in Switzerland for a few days – which was marvelous, especially being served with food after a crazy day of work and training.


Postworkout roasted chicken, steamed asparagus with goat cheese, salad greens with nuts

Postworkout roasted chicken, steamed asparagus with goat cheese, salad greens with nuts


Post Workout Plate with Club Sandwich, ROsemary Fries, Hummus, Nuts, Prawns, Beef Bites and of course Prosecco

Post Workout Plate with Club Sandwich, ROsemary Fries, Hummus, Nuts, Prawns, Beef Bites and of course Prosecco

Mixed Salad with Feta Cheese, Chicken Wings on the side

Mixed Salad with Feta Cheese, Chicken Wings on the side

Saturday in a week – Swiss Team CHallenge. We are going through some ass workouts, I swear. Yet I smile, cause it’s my happy place.

CrossFit CrossFit

Happy Weekend!

Do you have siblings? 

What was your favorite meal this week? 

Do you have a tattoo? 



15 thoughts on “Tomboy

  1. danielle saucy smith says:

    yes i’m all about high heels and sweating like a pig, at the same time some days lol. i love lipstick, tattoos, working out, beastmode, fine dining, bubbly… no such thing as `100% girly or 100% tomboy, how about we are just 200% FABULOUS at all times. ok? ok!
    i love tattoos, i have them and love them. i have siblings that range from very conservative to totally insanely liberal. i love them all. favorite meal this weekend… tough one since we had so many good eats! but i think it was the mexican fajitas i had with my darling brother who just arrived from scotland. missed my baby bro!
    your trail run looks AMAZING!!!! xoxo

  2. I love tattoos and want one so bad but I am so afraid of needles or anything medical really! 110% full blown panic attack enduring scared! so unless someone knocks me out I doubt I will be getting one anytime soon! 😦
    I had a little brother who I adore, we love each other’s company and have so many in jokes! He lives in London but I get to see him next week before I move!

    • Yay for visiting your brother! That’s awesome.
      Ugh, maybe you just need to drink a ton of gin before getting the tattoo – just make sure you fall asleep! 🙂

  3. I always wanted a brother, but instead I got stuck being an only child. And I can very much relate to being both a girly girl and a tomboy. I love makeup, heels, and everything beauty-related, but then there’s the side of me that snowboards, fixes cars, and gets crazy messy. I love both, and I don’t think I’d ever be able to choose one over the other.

    • I can be your sister 🙂 Or brother, which ever you prefer 🙂
      I love that you can fix cars. So cool.
      And no, I won’t choose one over the other either – I love both sides!

  4. Hayley says:

    I love this. I think I have tomboyish traits too but not as much – more like I have crude humor and rarely wear make up and never do my hair. But I grew up with pretty much all women and think I still farther on the “girly” side. I also love doing crazy shit like skydiving and bungee jumping. No tattoos though…I love that your brother is getting surfing aliens hahaha

    • OH yes, Skydiving and Bungee!! I did that too and LOVED it. And my humor is crude as well. And my laughter. People sometimes stare at me cause they seem to expect something else when they see me 🙂

  5. I think tomboy girls are the best girls. Why try to fit into a stereotype? Living life to the fullest, without limits based on social structure or what someone else’s idea of how you should behave, is the only way to fly. In my not-so-humble opinion. 😉

    Now, go wash your fucking mouth out with soap and pass me a prosecco. Then a steak. Then let’s drink whiskey and get more tattoos. Don’t worry, we’ll work it off tomorrow before the beach. (i.e. Please move here.)

  6. cottercrunch says:

    confession, i hate makeup and dressing up. I grew up with 3 brothers, so i get the “getting your own way thing.” ha! Love it. Tattoos? hmmmm i’m scared. LOL!

  7. I’m right there with you: a combination of Tomboy with a side of girly girl. It’s the best of both worlds in my opinion. Of course, I’d think that though.

    I grew up with two brothers, one older and one younger and it probably has a lot to do with my tomboy sass. Remind me to tell you about the time I got in a bar fight with a dude. I swing on him. Oops. 🙂

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