WIAW – The Work, The Food, The Training


26. May 2015 by swissfitchick

It’s been way too long since I linked up with What I Ate Wednesday, so here we go…..I present a full day of work, eats and training of yesterday, Tuesday. Seems legit, cause these are the main reasons why I get up. Especially for the food, no surprise here.

I prepped some stuff on Monday night – which was actually the first day since my arrival back that I went grocery shopping. You know. I ruined myself on that trip and since I want to be back at Bondi and San Diego asap, I need to save every penny I can get. Saving money by eating less is probably not the ideal way to go, but for the moment it works.

So I made a #strangbutgood breakfast which looks like the ugliest food in tupperware that ever graced the planet. It’s banana and zucchini with cinnamon, vanilla, ricemilk and eggwhites. I SWEAR it’s good. I might cook it next time in the form of pancakes to not shock everyone with food that looks like a general menace.


Next to it lunch. Grilled Asparagus and Chicken tossed in a bowl of greens.


Voilà. I know my packing skills are amazing.

Voilà. I know my packing skills are amazing.

Ok, so let’s look at Tuesday. Alarm Clock goes off at 5:30. Curse, and then meditate. Ideal combo.

Alarm Meditation

Bathroom, get dressed, chug down Preworkout stuff, supplements and hot lemon water. Collect the mess from the floor and stuff it in my huge backpack for a day. My days are long so I just pack everything I might need. You never know.

And nope, I still don’t take any caffeine. Seriously, I can’t take more energy, it’s NOT a good idea.


LucieSaying hello to my better half. I’m totally smitten. It even has a little sister but she is so damn expensive so it has to stay inside and only gets out on special occasions.

BikeBikeHeading off to a crazy day. Bike Selfies included. While racing, the goal is to never stop until reaching the destination. Which means I break several traffic rules along the way. Snot Rockets and spitting chewing gum included. I am such a lady.

BikeArriving at my Happy Place at 6:50am where 80% of my life takes place.

CrossFit CrossFitI ALWAYS train first thing in the morning and usually do this with the coaches (lucky me), but yesterday my plans changed due to doctors appointments, so I had to go for it by myself a little earlier. I did an Interval Cardio Session (35 minutes, 2 min each station: AirBike, Row, Skiergometer – 30 DU’s before each station) plus Double Under Flight Simulator > (40-35-30-25-20-15-10-5-5-10-15-20-25-30-35-40). Then I practiced skills – Toes to Bar, Handstand Hold, Kipping Pull Ups.




Breakfast: Ugly eggwhite scramble plus Banana Whey Joghurt. Shower and racing downtown for mentioned doctor’s appointment.

Breakfast BikeBack to work and lunch later. Greed took over and I the salad disappeared in my eagerly awaiting mouth before I could even think about taking a picture. Sarrey. I give you a piece of chocolate though. Scrap that. Two. Two pieces were left and it was an impulsive decision to eat it all in one sitting. Like pretty much all of my decisions.

ChocolateIn between snack and preworkout: Questbar with a side of work.

questLate training: CrossFit Basel Advanced Class. The advantage of working at the gym is that I don’t have to go anywhere. I change into workout gear and I am ready to start.

Warm Up: 100m Row/5 Burpees/200m Row/10 Burpees/300m Row/15 Burpees/400m Row/20 Burpees/500m Row/25 Burpees.

Olympic Lifting Part: Snatch Deadlift / Full Snatch

4-5 sets of 6xBack Squat

AMRAP Toes to Bar (yay!)

4-5 sets of 8-10 Reps Dumbbell Bench Press 

Home by 10 pm, postworkout Quark with Protein and Almond Butter and a side of supplements.

Quark Calm Sleep.

Now you hop over to Jen’s blog to see what others are up to during theirs days! Thank you for hosting!

When do you get up in the morning?

Do you eat before your workout?

Are you a morning person?



27 thoughts on “WIAW – The Work, The Food, The Training

  1. Carrying that backpack alone puts you into #beastmode.

  2. I’ve become a bit of a night owl with my workouts, it’s very strange! I always used to be one to train before breakfast but now I like to use mornings to study as it’s when my brain is most productive and then workout at the end of the day to let go 🙂
    So jealous of that Quest bar! They’ve finally come to the UK now but are EVEN more expensive than usual, still internet ordering for me.

    • I know, they are crazy expensive here too. I still have so many from my trip to Blend!

      Since I work at CrossFit, it’s hard to train at night, cause I really just want to leave the box after 10 hours. So I always try to get the workouts in during the day!

  3. I get up at 5.30am to train at 6.30am – for me it’s the best and I feel like I have the most energy. The thought of an evening session now makes me feel exhausted! Before I leave in the morning I have a mug of hot water, honey and lemon – a small glass of beet juice (amazing for getting the oxygen flowing in your blood stream) and 2 dates for a hit of energy! Works like a charm!

  4. Definitely a morning person, but not usually to go and work out first thing. I like to start my day a little more relaxed, so I’ll usually make breakfast, journal, and hop on the computer for a bit before the craziness of the day sets in. It’s my quiet time. Workouts usually happen some time in the mid morning after I’ve been sitting for too long and need to peel myself out of my computer chair for a while 😛

  5. Lukas says:

    you made yome seriouz #gainz !!! congrats on that #selfie while riding a bike. I broke my phone trying this… 😥

  6. Impressed by your ability to take selfies while riding a bike! Also I think bananas in an egg scramble sounds great–sweet and savory!

  7. banana and zucchini together? You’re a little bit crazy, but I love ya 😉 Also, if I tried taking selfies while bike riding I’d probably end up face first in a pole.

  8. now that i’ve left my office job, i’m still getting up to workout because honestly i like to get it done right away, and i don’t need fuel before. if i do an afternoon workout than i’ll fuel up but nothing crazy, it’s always afterwards that i want the good eats 🙂
    your brekkie looks like mine, egg scramble messes that taste good and do the job. food prep is like another job in a way now that i’m prepping all my own food again, i forgot how much “fun” it is LOL 😀 xox

  9. omg you are a machine. I cannot believe you do all this without caffeine. Seriously, incredible!

    Also. Please meal prep for me. I am terrible with the American ovens and kitchen utensils.

  10. Oh yes. I’m totally a morning person. NOT. I still have that text you sent saying the workout was too early, btw.

    Save money but you must eat too. Otherwise I work 2x as hard to feed you at Christmas. HAHA!

  11. cottercrunch says:

    you’re a pro on that bike! I would have crashed. LOL! and i’m so trying this banana zucchini dish. That’s genius!


    I am a morning person so I like to get up at the ass crack of dawn, however this morning – 9am looked amazing… And yes, yes it was. Especially because I woke up next to a beautiful man, teeee he he hee he!

  13. masala girl says:

    are you a coach?! Id love to work where I workout! 🙂 are you training 2x a day now?! Those workouts look intense, good job! 😀

  14. andria says:

    How do you do two workouts in a day and you only ate one meal of real food and the rest was non-food/supplements (pre workout drink, quest bar, whey protein powder)?? I’d be starving. I’m just visiting your blog from another gal’s (sorry, don’t remember the blog). I like your energy 🙂

    • andria says:

      sorry, I see now you did have a salad, but that still doesn’t seem like much..

    • I agree, it doesn’t seem like a lot, but these days happen – there are days when I eat more and days I eat less – I am extremely busy, so basically just go with what I have 🙂

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