Is it marvelous to be home?


25. May 2015 by swissfitchick

Two things first: Meghan wrote a poem about the people in our cabin at Blend. So genius this lady. Here are all of them, here’s mine:


There once was a blogger named Luce.*

To CrossFit she owes her caboose.

Blonde, flirty, and most fun.

Pam Anderson ain’t got none,

Not with Lucie on the loose.

*Luce: to be pronounced loose, although I promise I’m not making a subtle jab at her sexual adventures. I’m not even suggesting she has those kinds of rendezvous. Perhaps I should shut my mouth now.


We’re not discussing the star-explanation here. Just go with it.

We sure mustn’t commenting on this either:

Mess MessArrived back home on Thursday, this pic was taken Saturday late afternoon (please also focus your eye on my beautiful collection of High-Heels – very important). No worries Mom, it’s all cleaned up now, unpacked and even the laundry is done. Thanks for human beings like my wonderful cleaning lady who bought food, changed my sheets and cleaned my house before my arrival back home. Sometimes I am not sure if I can tell Momma the truth. I fear she faints and drowns in her doubts as to what the hell and on Earth went wrong with her kids.

Speaking of family. I sent a good friend the Baywatch video. You remember the one we filmed at Blend to win the 1st Questnutrition price.

Can we quickly compare it to the original please…..I think I nailed the run, but I need to work on C.J. Parker’s pose.

But I digress. So, after he watched it, he wrote: ‘I am not surprised that you volunteer to run half-naked over the lawn. Though I am glad to see you still didn’t turn into a normal person.’

My sister in law once told me how my brother talks about me when people ask him about his sister. ‘Well, she’s a barbie. In a most positive sense cause she’s beautiful, and she’s a chick. But she’s the worst crazy freak you can imagine. She’s up to anything. Like, just not normal at all.’ I take it as a compliment.

So, I am back home. Not sure yet how to feel about this. It was for sure a major happy moment when I walked into the box to be welcomed by my loved team and sharing out all the presents I brought for them. The gym is the place that made me come home, for sure. To be honest, I don’t know what happened if it weren’t for them to come home. But that’s another subject which isn’t in a allegeable status yet. So let’s focus on easier things, like the weather. It’s been so nice and I am beyond grateful for that – makes returning to normal life so much easier.

Sunday Morning Swim Training

Sunday Morning Swim Training

I trained three days in a row after landing on ground of home. The coaches made it easy (cough, damn, cough) to be back at an intense routine in no time.

CrossFit CrossFit You remember all the CrossFit Training I did on the trip and the private sessions I took. It was worth it. I master these damn Toes to Bar FINALLY. Get it in original and for Meg the Slo Mo version cause she is all about Slo Mo. #thatswhatshesaid The sound of my toes hitting the bar is kind of cruel. Making sure it’s a rep.

I brought souvenirs back home. The ones you can’t lose and can’t forget. The ones that Momma won’t forgive. But again, I was inspired by my big brother and his wife. They have beautiful tattoos and I was so intrigued to get more of them.


‘All the places you’ll go’

Right forearm....

Right forearm: Stars & Strength

Another thing that is nice after travelling for days: Homemade food on PLATES. I am seriously sick of bars and protein powder, snacks here and snacks there. 4 days in and my nutrition, sleep and training are on top at least for my taste (M&M’s and Prosecco thrown in there – of course).

Shrimp with roasted asparagus, broccoli and quinoa

Shrimp with roasted asparagus, broccoli and quinoa

SaladAND what always saves you from all the wanderlust, itchy feet and longing for the faraway Bondi Beach, you go and hang out with the Besties and a greek BBQ by the Greek Chef Friend and his girls. Best medicine ever and MARVELOUS.

Veggies Friends Seafood Fish Friends Friends Friends

Belated Birthday Present. Fits me.

Belated Birthday Present. Fits me.

Big Thanks to our Host Katie!!

What is the first thing you do when you return from a vacation?

Already started the BBQ season?

How’s the weather in your parts?



15 thoughts on “Is it marvelous to be home?

  1. cottercrunch says:

    welcome home barbie.. err pam…err loose? haha. I missed you. Come back. I’m bias.

  2. I’m weirdly always happy to come home, although now I kind of want to get out of here because it’s just too.freaking.HOT. And my AC stopped working, so my condo feels like an oven. Argh. Oh… and is it weird that one of the first things I start doing when I come home from vacation is unpacking my suitcase? 😆 Because that’s what I did when I got home from Blend. Although I have this habit of leaving like… one or two things in there for a few weeks and never bothering to put them away…

    • I need to learn this. I HAD to unpack it cause my Mom said whe would come over and I mean, I couldn’t let her see that the chaos is still there after 4 days.

  3. Emily Hawkes says:

    My sister is called Lucy – I get told off for calling her Luce for the same reasons 🙂

  4. You loved your Limerick. This makes me happy, as does the slow mo video. I was trying to get the Hubby to film some slow mo videos on Friday. He kept trying to go in slow mo not realizing the camera does the magic for him. Ha!!

    I’m with you on the food front. We’ve been go, go, go the last few days so last night I made us a big bowl of greens and a plate of veggies. It was refreshing.

    I’m thrilled you were reunited with your gym and your troop. It’s good to be surrounded by your your people, and it’s awesome you have some all over the globe now.

  5. I am always in two minds when I come back from a holiday – glad to get back to a routine but always missing something from where I have left. Suitcase is the first thing I tackle though, I can’t stand it hanging around when I’m home. But toiletry bag… That ends up hanging around forever!
    I always want to get back to CrossFit as soon as possible when I get back though, especially if I haven’t been able to do it while I was away.

  6. As much as I love travelling, it makes me appreciate home life all the more when I’m back! After eating like each meal was my last supper in Budapest this past weekend, kale & home-cooked food has never tasted better! I’m really OCD when I travel so the first thing I do is unpack completely and put dirty laundry in the machine…even if I only reach home at midnight!

    Your Crossfit team sound so lovely- sounds like you guys all share a special relationship!

    • Oh you’re so good – teach me how to have the willpower to unpack all the stuff in the middle of the night! I am SO lazy it’s not even funny anymore 🙂

  7. You are NOT normal… but that’s why I like you. Hahaha! Love, love the new tattoos. Your poor mom. 😉

    I’m headed home right now too. I’m not feeling so marvelous about it. Why can’t we live in Europe too??? Miss you!

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