Things you learn when travelling


21. May 2015 by swissfitchick

I don’t know how much I travelled around on my own, but it was a lot. When working as a Flight Attendant, you get around a lot by yourself. Though the very ‘real’ first time was my trip to the Philippines  – 3 months and I was SO nervous. Of course nobody showed up to pick me up from the airport and I was completely lost in the insanely mad Quezon City. Fun times.

PhiliLucie 192However, as I went, my nervousness decreased and with every trip I got a little smarter. Smart and me don’t mix in all areas, but in some they do. Here are my highlight learnings and tips for you in case you plan to go out and about in the world. LInking up with my favorite Canadian Blend Amanda!


1. Bring ALLL the adapters. I think I bought about 4 different ones cause I ALWAYS had either A) the wrong one or B) none. Not being able to load my Laptop or phone transfered my mind into panic mode paired with some palpitation. I mean I am not addicted or anything, but no technology, c’mon, I mean, seriously, don’t do this to me.

2. Bring enough underwear and HighHeels. I thought I would be a dutiful if not even extra-clean laundry girl and I also thought I wouldn’t go fancy during these 5 weeks. Twice fail whale. I had to buy both.

Trip3. Contact anyone you might know at the places you go to. Knowing Locals is so perfect. They can give you so many precious tips and hints, plus you can deepen these friendships and have tons of fun, shenanigans and margaritas!

Trip Trip Trip Trip Trip

4. You will learn how to go to the ladies room with 12 kilos carry on luggage. Simple tip: Leave it on, don’t drop it. I certainly don’t want you to create an image in your head of me sitting on a toilet with a ginormous backpack and a huge purse on me, but well, it’s the easiest way to do it, trust me. I speak from my own experience. Like being stuck in the toilet door frame with everything falling on the dirty floor.

5. If you are a CrossFitter, visit ALLL the boxes!! Seriously. I was a little intimidated in the beginning, but the more I travelled and dropped in, the more addicted I got. I wanted to see as many boxes as possible and I LOVED it. So many nice people (and handsome guys cough cough), so much passion about the sports, new ideas, inspiration, and just seeing how all the CrossFitters all over the world train is fantastic.



6. If you are travelling alone like me and you love to meet new people (like me), go places. Don’t sit in the hotel room with your Laptop. Go to the beach, go to a coffee shop, sit at least in the Lobby or get into conversation with barkeepers, people you meet at the gym or simply on the street. I made so many encounters during these five weeks it’s amazing. I never felt like I was alone. There’s too many interesting lives and freaks out there to not get to know them. On the other hand, people here were all over my story – obviously it was hard for them to believe that a 37 years old Blonde travels around for 5 weeks on her own. I am open and get talked to very easily, that might not be everyone’s thing. Try it. It’s fun!

Trip7. If you don’t know where the hell you are or which direction is right – so basically you got fucking LOST, just stay where you are and make a helpless-searching-dumbbutnotstupid-face. It will take a few seconds until someone runs to ask you how he can help. It might not do the job for guys, sorry. But yeah, it totally works. I tried it several times (which gives away the fact that I got lost a few little times) and the results were astonishing. The more I dramatized my face, the quicker they got here. I was tempted to make it a game. Seemed legit, immaturity is my glory.

Only serious situation is when you get lost in nowhere and no one gives even one fuck. Letting alone the thought that nobody even knows about your big problem. That does suck big time. Roaming on, Google for the win, Phone Bill to hell.


8. All jokes aside: Travelling alone opens up a whole new world. I can’t get enough of it. There are so many challenges to tackle each day, big ones and small ones. SO many beautiful views you look at in a completely different way when you are alone. So many people you meet who you probably wouldn’t if you were travelling with someone. So many experiences that fill up your life with memories that last forever. So much confidence that grows because you know you have to rely on yourself and yourself only. And finding out that you actually CAN, cause you are capable. And smart. 🙂

TripSo many more places to go.

Do you travel alone?

What are you nervous about when you travel?

What’s your best tip for a trip?




14 thoughts on “Things you learn when travelling

  1. Brittany Lesser says:

    Love this – I want to travel the world!

  2. I recognize those margaritas. Also I’m pretty sure I’m giving the middle finger in that picture. We can pretend I’m pointing at you.

    I don’t know that I could do what you did/are doing. Sure, I could travel solo to visit a friend but travel solo just to travel….I’m not sure about that. Maybe if I could sneak Oscar in one of those purses they put the small dogs in. You have big balls my friend; it’s part of what makes you fabulous.

    • Hahaha. Margaritas and Mexicam Appetizer Plate that stuffed us to the brim. LOL.

      You could. But if I had a fabulous hubby like you, I probably wouldn’t want to travel alone either.

  3. I would love to tour around the states visiting as many CF boxes as possible, in fact it’s a trip my husband and I have often talked about doing! Just meeting real people while seeing all the sites!

  4. You’re my hero. I’d actually love to travel alone someday, but a lot of the places are off limits for me because of my allergies… basically, anywhere I can’t speak the language would make things super tricky. If I didn’t have that to worry about, though? Oh man. Travelling alone would be a dream.

  5. Ivana says:

    You’re an inspiration, Lucie! 🙂 After reading this post, I’m more determined than ever to go to the seaside by myself! Sure, I prefer it with my friends, but this year we just couldn’t organize to go together so…I decided to have my summer vacation anyway and to go alone! 🙂 I have traveled alone before, but those were shorter trips, not like this….wish me luck and thank you! 🙂

  6. We are twins. I’m the better looking one obviously.

    Why do we come from countries where we literally do need all the adaptors. One time, I had a trip from aus- asia- america and needed FOUR aswell. one for the airport lol!

    Can we hang out please

  7. Good tips there! And such a personal touch!

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