Is Home where your Heart is?


13. May 2015 by swissfitchick

When you’re travelling, you start to wonder if you could live all the places you get to explore.


I am 100% sure that I belong to the beach. And that I am supposed to be in a sunny country. I hate the cold, and my body does too.

I have travelled far in the past 37 years, I’ve been to many places.

New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Cape Cod, Sydney, Philippines, Thailand, Bali, Italy, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, Ile de la Reunion, Vancouver, Greece, Balearic Islands, Scotland, Ireland, England, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Egypt, Djerba, Iceland, Colorado. And all over Switzerland.

Where’s home?


Home is where your heart is. Which makes it even more difficult, cause my heart opens up too easily and seems to get stuck everywhere. I always wanted to come home from my travels cause I missed my people so much. I never really missed Basel that much and I know I could be without the Swiss quality of life if I had the beach instead. But I had to have my loved ones around me.


Being here is easy and beautiful, light hearted and loose. Would it be the same if I would work at a place like this? Laundry stays laundry. Money stays money – you gotta earn it. Traffic is traffic. I’d even have to change my sleeves if I would work in paradise.

I miss my job and my friends and especially my people at the box a lot. They are what makes me wanna go back home, they are what makes me stay there. They make the place I go home to just that – a home.

Trip Trip

I have friends in Sydney. And in San Diego. Cleveland. Kuwait. In Canada. Or in the Philippines. I have family in New York. I wouldn’t be lonely. I took this trip on my own and look – I am surrounded by wonderful people almost the entire time. Taking care of your friends all over the world does this to you. It is the best thing to have connections to all the corners of the world.


So. Facing the fact that inΒ  only one week this trip is coming to an end, I start pondering. I am homesick, but I want to stay the gypsy. I want to be back in my box and with my girlfriends, but I want to feel the summer breeze, sand and salt in my hair. I want to eat Mom’s sweet bread and being teased by my big brother, but I want to chat in English all day and having palmtrees in front of my house.

Trip Trip

One week to go and I am coming home. Pieces of my heart stay everywhere.

Trip Tripdr_seuss__more_you_read_more_you_ll_know_more_you_learn_more_places_you_ll_go__quote_4x6_print_c226de9eSource

Do you feel at home where you are?

Do you live at the same place today like where you have been born?

Where’s YOUR home?



28 thoughts on “Is Home where your Heart is?

  1. Home can be wherever I want it to be.
    I’ve moved a couple of times in my life and spent one year abroad.
    Right now, home is where I currently live, but it could easily be somewhere else entirely. πŸ™‚

  2. This post leaves a lot to be considered- I loved reading it! For me, home is where my family is! It’s funny that despite only spending a few weeks here & there in China, it started to feel like home when I visited my sister, her baby and hubby in Guangzhou for just 2 weeks…and that too, I was living out of my suitcase!

    • I definitely need to have people I love around me. My family isn’t too big, so I relate more on friends – and they are everywhere. So, it’s a big choice πŸ™‚

  3. This post really resonates with me – overall my home is wherever my husband is – as long as I have him I am at home. But in terms of the two of us together in a location, that’s more tricky. We have lived all over scotland but yet do not really feel at home here. We travelled to the Middle East and felt more at home than ever. America shares a lot of lifestyle choices that we are desperate for. But who knows where we may end up – all I know is that scotland won’t be home for much longer…. πŸ™‚

  4. Aww this post made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside ❀ As much as I love to travel, I always love coming back home… even if I'm surrounded by loved ones wherever I go. There's just something so comforting about being around my own stuff and in my own routine — my mind needs that kind of stability. But on the other hand, too much of it and I start going a little crazy. So basically… I need a good mix of both πŸ™‚

    PS – Tomorrow!!!!! xox

    • I know what you mean. And that’s exactly why I always, always when I get somewhere need to settle my things – find out where I can grocery shop, putting my clothes in place (yes, I can do that. It’s not always like it was on the weekend, lol!), find out where I can train and just make a little bit of home around me.

      It was over wayyyyy too fast!!

  5. Ahhh can I hug you now? This speaks so much to me! I am living in my home country, I grew up here, my family is here and most of my memories are here. However, ever since I lived for some months in the US something lit up in my heart. I since then feel like my body is here but my mind has stayed there. Could it be that I have TWO homes? πŸ™‚

  6. danielle saucy smith says:

    oh i’m so happy for you Lucie!!! i’m living vicariously through you and love all of your awesome pics πŸ™‚
    i feel your struggle, i could totally be happy in SO many other places… like amsterdam, just example. the food, the people, the life. you know how it is. i’m a beach lover but i’m also a lover of a good energy place. but honestly i had the best time everywhere, maybe it’s also my attitude and the awesome people. each trip i am convinced i will have fun, so maybe that’s the secret.
    but you are right, home is where your heart is. but who says you can’t have multiple hearts? i have multiple moods, why not? xoxox

  7. brittanylesserfitness says:

    Love this. I want to travel the world! I certainly have places where I could see myself more than others, and I hope to be able to live in all of the places!

  8. Kanoelani says:

    I know this feeling too well. I grew up a military kid so we were from everywhere haha. And now that I’m a grown up I use that term loosely lol I don’t live where my parents are anymore. I live in the Washington DC area(Alexandria, VA to be exact) & it took a long time for this to be home. Missed my momma & daddy & sister lol. But now this is home. So many awesome ppl, my job & friends & my gym family/friends I love it here heheh. Can’t wait to meet u at Blend!

    • That is impressive Kanoelani! I can only imagine how it is to get around so much as a kid. I am glad you found your home now! Was so great to see you at Blend!

  9. i absolutely love this and it’s mainly because I can relate to it….but I’m at cross roads too. I miss bits and pieces of ‘home’ but then think NY as ‘home’

  10. Home is a million things, and it can evolve as you grow. You’re living life to its fullest. That’s what counts.

    I’m so glad to have gotten to spend your birthday with you again this year. You really are a sister to me. That said, I’m going to kidnap you instead of driving you o the airport this morning. You’ve been warned.

  11. Love this post, Lucie! I think that sometimes your home is more than one place. Just like you said, sometimes you leave pieces of your heart around. I’ve grown to consider California my home, but at the same time, New Jersey will always be home because it’s where my family lives and it’s my roots. I love traveling so much because I feel like I take all of those experiences with me. Seeing the world changes you and broadens your mind and expands your heart… and I just want to see it all! πŸ™‚ Anyways it was great meeting you and I hope that you’re having fun at Blend!

  12. Juli says:

    “I am coming home. Pieces of my heart stay everywhere.” This is exactly how I feel. The people in my life bind me to this place and from time to time I feel love for Munich or even Augsburg (where I work) but if I wasn’t married the truth is I would probably not live here anymore.

    P.S. I have been stalking your trip on Instagram. When it was grey here I looked at your colorful pictures! This must have been an awesome experience and I am almost drowning in wanderlust right now!

  13. Aww this post was really moving, uplifting, and bitter sweet all at the same time. I really enjoyed it and most especially I really enjoyed every second I got to spend with you. I’m so grateful for having met you in person and for our time together. Love you. You will always have a home in Cleveland.

  14. Lukas says:

    I know that feeling… πŸ˜‰
    I think it’s good to have a safe harbour to prepare for big adventure and come back to with all the stories!
    Happy to have you back!

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