California Love – #LauraandLucie reunited


28. April 2015 by swissfitchick

Underwear in a tree is a thing. But I get to that later.

It’s always been one of my favorite songs and now I can actually live it. Despite the fact that on the way to the National Park the only Radio Station that worked was COUNTRY. Considering that I am deeply in love with Old School Hip Hop, Electronics and weird shit like Gramatik and The Chemical Brothers, this was a hard one to take.

But wait. I had to say goodbye to Sydney, which sucked big time. Just when I got used to the nice beach weather again, I had to fly off. Saying goodbye to these two fabulous friends with an amazing dinner in the most expensive chinese restaurant I have ever eaten at (as if I would ever eat Chinese food) – Billy Kwong. She was there and I was excited. Just because Jad said she’s famous, not because I know her or even ever had a bloody clue that she does exist.

SydneySaying goodbye to CrossFit Bondi and the cute people there….. πŸ™‚

I actually went for a 5:30 class on Friday morning before my flight to San Diego. The class was damn FULL. Seriously, these people kick it.

Sydney was fantastic, wonderful, fun, beautiful. Despite the storm, I fell in love with the city. Gotta be back soon.



Bye Sydney :(

Bye Sydney 😦

Hello California!! I landed at the same time on Friday morning as I left Sydney 14 hours before. To say that this was confusing, is an understatement. Doing different things on twice the same day – I just can not handle it in my blonde head. Anyway, Laura waited for me at the wrong terminal and after my phone died and we had a little disaster going on, we finally found each other, collapsing in hugs and screams, frigging out all the people around us and then making our way to her house. When I opened my suitcase, the tigernutflour which I brought as a present for her, was spilled in my suitcase. EVERYTHING was tossed in tiger-shit-flour. We shook all my clothes off to put them in the laundry, when I – by accident I swear – threw my underwear into the tree of the neighbours below Laura’s place. Yay me. So much for a start and jet lag. We were too busy laughing our asses off to take a pic. And then we chugged down champagne IMMEDIATELY.

Laura made the most delicious lunch with Meghans White-Bean-Cheese-somethingIcannotremeber-dip. I wanted to lick the plate clean, but Vegas didn’t have lunch yet and that’d been rude as a guest, yes? Anyway, we spent the rest of the day at Whole Foods (no joke), picking up my Mom, going for dinner and then I picked up my car and checked out my San Diego home for the next 3 weeks.


First Breakfast on my Patio

First Breakfast on my Patio (I am eating eggs in case you were wondering – surprise)

TripLaura insisted on going for an early workout on Saturday……ok, that’s a shit lie. I had to force her to meet at 8 (I wanted to meet at 7:30) and she couldn’t stop whining ;). But she was a happy camper after our kickass workout at 24!! Right Sweetie?! Hahhaa. πŸ™‚ We had to practise twerking, cause it was too long ago – actually almost exactly one year.

TripLater on, Momma and me headed off to our road trip to Coastway 1. 1st stop: Santa Barbara. Windy, but beautiful, including a pretty hotel with a pool!! My morning workout the next day – plus a delicious breakfast in the sun.

Spinach&Cheese Omelett, Plain Yogurt, Bananas

Spinach&Cheese Omelett, Plain Yogurt, Bananas

Trip Trip Trip TripTrip TripSunday late afternoon we drove off to Big Sur. On the way we stopped spontaneously at Cayucos beach where we found Schooners, a really cool place right at the ocean with delicious food and funny locals who couldn’t stop stare at us and talk to us. Fun times. I desperately nipped on Mom’s Chardonnay, whining about driving instead of drinking.

Trip Trip TripThen we slept in this cute cottage with shared bathroom somewhere in the woods in Big Sur. I loved it. You may create that image in your head with me stumbling through the wood at pitch-black night with my iPhone lamp, in my pj’s, barefoot and hair like a cockatoo, trying to find the ladiesroom. I probably scared the hell out of all the animals, cause I saw none.

TripTrip TripMonday Morning – breakfast at this cafe. OMG. Even I was speechless.

I ordered a toasted English Muffin with 2 poached eggs, a ridiculous pile of crabmeat, avocado and fruit and a bucket of cafe latte. So perfect. Since I don’t train as hard as I usually do, I try to at least keep my food as clean as possible.

Trip Trip Trip Trip TripDirection Monterey: Pfeiffer State Park, Pfeiffer Beach, gazillions of picture stops, handstandhold successes and fails, snacks.

Trip Trip Trip Trip Trip Trip Trip

Trip TripTrip

Here’s a gym! Yay.

Trip Momma bought a new Mini iPad and now sits on her bed next to me, taking 675836 selfies. It must be the family. ‘Ok, one last one. Oh hell, no. One more. Ok, that one. Nope, one more. …… I can not send it. It doesn’t work. Honey, fix it. My iPad is broken. I can not send pictures.’ Phew.

So, tomorrow is pool-harbour-beach time here in Monterey, Wednesday SFO, Friday back to Laura. I can not believe how many bloggers around the country announced their visit. Oh hell, it will be such a blast. Not even talking about my bday yet – THAT will be the damn highlight.

Stay tuned!

What was the last road trip you took?

What’s your favorite Travel Snack?



19 thoughts on “California Love – #LauraandLucie reunited

  1. Wow – your trip keeps sounding AMAZING! I’m excited just reading your recaps!
    Unfortunately, I never went on a real road trip so far (I didn’t even have a car / that much driving experience until a year ago).
    However, I did go backpacking in Morocco for 10 days 4.5 years ago. It wasn’t really a road trip because we travelled by train, but it was awesome!
    Ha – and because you asked about favourite travel snacks: my friend and I travelled there while they were celebrating Ramadan (we didn’t realise that when we we’re booking the flights) – so…NO snacks or other meals in public, which was a challenge considering we only checked into hostels over night and spent most of our days exploring. O.o

  2. This is so so beautiful! Also, that cafe and eggs with crab meat? Oh hello πŸ˜€
    I shall be living vicariously through you for the next 3 weeks to distract me from uni deadlines πŸ˜‰

  3. Oh my goodness everything just looks so beautiful – the sun, sea and food! It just looks like heaven!
    Love a bit of fight gone bad – always a good WOD!

  4. I’m so ready for you to be back!!!! This time can you try to keep your underwear out of my neighbor’s trees? It’s a little embarrassing… HAHAHA!

  5. 1) I love looking at your pictures. You have a knack for angles and perspectives. You teach me photos, I’ll share word play.
    2) It was nice of you to share the dip with Vegas. I’m sure she appreciated it.
    3) I can’t wait to rock out to Tupac with you!


  7. cottercrunch says:

    oh i want to be there. sounds so perfect. and I’m going to miss you at blend, but i’m seeing laura later this summer. wanna stay till then?

  8. calista says:

    I hope you enjoyed your visit to Monterey {I live there}! I hope California treats you well while you’re here! xo xo xo

  9. brittanylesserfitness says:

    UGH california is my favorite place EVER!!!! ❀

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