Happy Hour in Sydney Spots


23. April 2015 by swissfitchick

Sydney is full of Happy Hours. I had Sushi Happy Hour. And Gin&Tonic Happy Hour (clearly my fave). I even had a Smoothie Happy Hour and chugged down two protein with fruits (I don’t remember what it was sorry) shakes within no time.


Let’s have Happy Hour together now. Cause, if we were at Happy Hour, I would DEFINITELY chug down the largest and strongest Gin&Tonic I could possibly order – and would try to tell you in a stable voice that 50% of the week I spent here in Sydney resembled an apocalypse. Ok, I wanted an adventure trip, so I got one. Fo’ REAL! I swear, the only thing I could do was sprinting out of the house to the CrossFit box (2min), train like crazy to stay warm and sprint back. It was scary to say the least. Just so you know what I am talking about….horizontal rain, trees crashing, thunderstorms that scare the shit out of you, and no way to take two steps forward. If you wanted to ‘stroll’ you’d be struck down, no joke.

If we were at Happy Hour, I would not whine about it, cause what can you do about the weather, right? Shit happens, so you just have to make it epic. Yes, I trained a lot, I also tried a few classes at Bondi Gym but most of my time I hung out at CrossFit Bondi. I even booked a private session with this guy who is a brilliant coach and hilarious – he made me walk on my hands and single clean toes to bar. Thanks Andy, great session! See you in Vegas đŸ™‚

I can stand on my hands freely for seconds. Just not in this video. Of course.

But I smashed it with Bench Press. Hehe.

SydneyIf we were at Happy Hour, you would tell me that I train too much, considering that I am on vacation. I’d tell you that you should know by now that my training is my passion and I do it always and everywhere. #thatswhatshesaid So basically it’s sleep, train, eat, sleep, eat, train, eat, sleep. Not the planned plan (instead of second time sleep, there should be BEACH), but wtf plan anyway. I am on holiday.

So, the Workouts:

SydneySydney Sydney CrossFit

Strong Class at Bondy Gym

Strong Class at Bondi Gym

If we were at Happy Hour, I would ask you what you’d do on stormy days like this and you would probably roll your eyes, nip on your Negroni and say – well what? Sex and Food. I got you covered with food. No guarantee for the former.

Breakfast: Green Protein Smoothies or Banana Eggy Oatmeal with Greek Yogurt and Green Tea.

Sydney SydneyLunch: Homemade chicken burgers, with eggs and raw veggies plus a meal at Paleo Cafe, recommended by our Aussie:

Chicken Nasi Goreng

Chicken Nasi Goreng

SydneyDinner Out with Jad and Penny at the The Butler in Potts Point – we shared about five of these platters, I never wanted it to end. Here’ s grilled prawns with Mango Chutney and other stuff (I am so bad at remembering, really)


Preworkout stuff, Snacks and so on…..now THIS was an edible punishment. Really?! You could as well eat expired pita bread dipped in tasteless chocolate sauce. I am in shock that they call it Swiss Chocolate. That’s a BAD joke.

Excuse the ripped hands.

SydneyOn the other hand, these were delicious.

Sydney I bought a to go water infuser bottle!! I love it. I have cucumber and lime most of the time and it makes me drink like a cow.

SydneyAnd this – now you gotta understand, I was working in Jad and Pennys office and then wanted to leave – which was virtually impossible cause trees were flying around on the street. So I sat down at the Posto and had this humongous bucket of milk coffee and a nut-something-cake (again, fail) – I felt the urge to make inappropriate primal noises while inhaling this wonder-bake, but I forced myself back. Stranger being strange, there is no need to force attention.

SydneyIf we were at Happy Hour, you would want to know how life is travelling, and I would say currently WET (#twss sorry again) – sweaty from CrossFit, drowned from rain. Hanging up all my stuff on a tiny laundry rack in a tiny room. I take it.

SydneyIf we were at Happy Hour, I would finally order some food to compensate all that booze (by now it would be the third Gin&Tonic for sure). So I am off to eat, sayonara.

Oh, BIG PS: I updated my About Me page. Gosh, it was high time. Check it out.

What do you do on rainy days?

What was the worst thing you ate on a vacation?

Do you like to workout while travelling?



12 thoughts on “Happy Hour in Sydney Spots

  1. All of your food looks so delicious! I am trying not to drool!

  2. Wow…that is some crazy weather you’re experiencing over there – take care!

  3. And people ask me WHY I alays make protein bars….Seriously, Australian made ones are heinous! I’m so sorry Sydney is being mean to you. They pretend Australia isn’t racist but really….

    • I totally get it! There was this huge shelf at Coles andI was thrilled until I checked the ingredients or tried them and was like, WTF.
      Hey, that video was originally made for the blog and it was on Sylvias bday, hahaha. I had to buy this stupid hat at Kmart cause of the bloody weather.

  4. Oh my goodness I saw coverage of those storms on the news! They look crazy! Ok, starting to embrace my scottish weather a bit now…
    Those WODs look good but beastly! How do you find doing CrossFit at other boxes? do you find the WODs more difficult or easier in general to home?

    • I know! It was so scary. By now it’s hot and sunny, so glad!
      I LOVED CrossFit Bondi, they really challenged me and are good athletes and coaches. Not all boxes are like that, I had other experiences too!

  5. Hahaha – et an sweaty is the way to be! You won’t have to worry about storms here, but it is actually cloudy. Booooo! Come on already!!!

  6. Well that’s a bummer about the way. I’m sure San Diego will more than make up for it with the sunshine and gorgeous view. Maybe this is the way it’s supposed to be for this leg of your trip, so you can focus on sleep, eat, train, sleep, and perhaps be a little be more reclusive and recharge those batteries.

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