And it’s Sydney.


20. April 2015 by swissfitchick

Hey there!

So, here’s the first update on my trip so far – I want to say that it is almost a little early, since I only arrived past Friday but while I aim to enter the blogging world to a new, we got to start somewhere. It does feel extremely good to be out and about on my own, not knowing what the next five weeks will bring.

If you don’t mind, I bring the highlights up in a list form. It’s easier for both of us and being that jetlagged maniac, I strive for keeping things simple.

1. Goodbye Blasts. Sushi Night on the weekend and packing craziness unleashed with the Bestie. She’s a Superbrain and I am quick in decisions (and other things. Gosh, that’s lame.). Good combo, though we still managed to forget a few things which is unfortunate, yet not dramatic (hair dryer, ok, that’s dramatic.)

Sushi Sushi Friends

2. I am so pleased as to how smooth the journey went. Actually it was almost a little boring. After travelling the Philippines for months, this was just too easy. 12 hours to Singapore, 8 hours to Sydney – no delays, no sweaty weirdos on the seat next to me and no fights with the custom guys. Ok, maybe a little, cause he took my food away when I wanted to enter Sydney. I watched him throwing away my sweet potato fries. Sad times. But I convinced him that I could keep my Beef Jerky, Nuts and Questbar. Hehe.

I still feel sorry for the taxi driver who was obviously very confused when he wanted to get in the car after storaging my suitcase and found me on his seat. I might have looked a little baffled too, and then tried to laugh away the embarrassement hysterically. Fail Whale.

Coffee Travel3. I am located in an absolutely beautiful house in Bondi Junction which I still need to take pics of. I stay with a couple who are perfect hosts and I must say that I think about moving here when I retire. After having the urgent needed shower, I was picked up by Jad – a very good friend of mine who I met in Basel, when he was working as an architect there. We went out for drinks with his wife and friends- it was hard to believe I came from a 26hours trip – I felt fabulous, even more so after the first Gin&Tonic.

Booze4. Laying awake for 2-3 hours a night is the thing right now. Saturday morning Grocery shopping (I was overwhelmed to say the least), then CrossFit. Again, I am extremely thankful to my coaches who chase us to go all out and perform on a very high level. So far when I went to foreign boxes, I always managed to keep up very well, which is nice to have when you get somewhere new where everyone stares at you. Being blonde, Swiss and with Boobs an’all, clearly they think I am a lame chick. I give my best to teach them otherwise and to represent my box worthily.

I scaled the pistols, so to make up for it, I hit 4×50 Double Unders unbroken, so that might do it. Thanks Tom 🙂

CrossFit5. I took the walk down to Bondi Beach, slurping on a banana/ricemilk/protein smoothie and staring at everything and everybody. Sydney is beautiful. The beach is. The people are 🙂 After hanging out for a few hours in the sand, I made my way to the Iceberg pool and hit laps for 1k. I am so sore today, it is not even funny anymore.

Smoothie Beach Beach Pool6. After a beautiful Sunday morning run at Centennial parc, I am currently sitting in Jad’s and Penny’s office, doing all the blog stuff and more. The weather will change soon and I will experience some of the rare rainy days here in Sydney. Let’s hope the breeze manages to blow it away. If not, I still have 4 weeks of sunshine ahead 🙂



7. I ended up with getting lost in a creepy quarter but thankfully got saved by Jerome an old working colleague who lives here. We enjoyed drinks and appetizers in the Shangri-La Altitude bar with this amazing view.

Sydney Sydney Sydney

Let me just say this seems a perfect fit to link up with Katie and Marvelous in my Monday.

The adventure goes on, I keep you posted!


Have you ever been to Sydney before?

What was the most embarrassing thing you experienced on a trip? When travelling in the Philippines, I once fell flat on my belly/nose when stumbling over a boatrope. Including all my luggage and buried under it. I couldn’t get up anymore. I hated everyone who can’t make immediate disappearing possible.

Do you like to swim?



26 thoughts on “And it’s Sydney.

  1. Wow – this trip already sounds amazing, Lucie!
    I hope you’ll have tons of fun over there and that you’ll keep dropping in here to make everyone jealous with your pictures and adventure recaps! =)

  2. Wow wow wow wow. I am still in awe of that pool also. It sounds like you’re having an amazing time already.
    If it helps, I also forgot my hairdryer when I went to Argentina. How I survived 6 months without it I’ll never know.

  3. Ahhhh! Sydney is definitely in my bucket list!! That pool is amazing. I love to swim but not really in the sea, BY the sea is a whole different story!! I can imagine the driver’s face when you sat on his seat! #justLucie 🙂

  4. Everything looks so beautiful! I just wish you could send some of that Aussie heat over to me in Scotland! Hehe! Have fun! 🙂

  5. Super jealous! I’ve always wanted to visit Australia, but the 30+ hours of travel time keep holding me back. Oooooone day I’ll make it out there. And girl… LESS THAN A MONTH!!! xox

  6. Oh my gosh, I’m so glad you’re having such a fantastic time. The pictures are amazing and I bet it feels great to relax a little.

    I love to swim. I haven’t done laps in forever, but I still love it.

  7. Well that does it – I need to go to Australia!

  8. I’m not jealous. I’m not jealous. I’m. .. jealous. Wow. I didn’t know you were in Sydney already but it looks like you had an amazing start. Maybe you should consider moving there so I can hop over for a visit ;). Or simply because living in a country like that and with sun all around is a great idea. Enjoy it!

    • I definitely consider that, believe me – if it weren’t so expensive. Well, since I fly over to Laura in a few days (San Diego), that might be my place to be 🙂

  9. That sounds like so much fun!!! And holy crap that’s a ton of sushi! We’ll be having more of that when you get here!!!!!!!!

  10. Since you just teased me…………. WITH SUSHI! We are getting some when you’re in LA… 26th?

  11. To say I’m jealous would be an understatement- dying to go to Sydney, even more so after seeing your post!! Glad your trip is off to a great start, Lucie- I think I missed an earlier post where you might have discussed it but is this a work or holiday trip? As for swimming, I LOVE it! So glad the weather has warmed up in Mumbai- am back for 2 days and want to try and sneak a swim in before I head to Dubai on Friday!

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