I cheated on CrossFit and Omelette Cake Recipe


6. April 2015 by swissfitchick

By now, we know that it takes a lot for me to be embarrassed. But I admit, I couldn’t let anyone into my appartment till last Saturday cause I WAS. The mess was overwhelming even for me and that clearly means something. I had to take specifically time off to CLEAN. CLEAN, before my Cleaning Lady steps in next week. I don’t know how that makes sense, but just take it. Having a neat appartment in the end though gives me a slight, also known as incredible feeling of peace.

The process

The process



But wait. First things first – I had to prioritise other things, and cheated on CrossFit with a Bodybuilding workout on Saturday.


I love that one of my best friends owns a little gym near my city – and whenever we have a date, we first workout together at her gym. Most of the time I got the whole place on my own. Bliss.

Welcome to a long due Marvelous in my Monday link up with the Diva and a recap of my weekend!



So Easter, yes? I didn’t even realize it was Easter – I worked Friday a little until Boss Ramon decided we should all train together in the middle of the afternoon. One of the things I love about it – working out together, having the coaches around me who tell me what to do or not to do. Blasting ridiculously loud beats through the empty box and sharing our passion.

imageSaturday I had a day off – slept in and then drove to my friends gym. Working out, showering, having lunch and chatting. Driving back home, taking a nap, doing stupid laundry, cleaning and cooking delicious dinner including two movies and a mani. Perfection.


Grilled Salmon filet, raw veggies, sweet mustard and a sip of wine which I used for cooking.

Grilled Salmon filet, raw veggies, sweet mustard and a sip of wine which I used for cooking.

NailsSunday Runday and Postrun Chocolate Protein Pancakes. Remember the major disaster pile of screwed up pancakes last week? Well, I am happy to say that my pancake skill finally found its way back to me.

Pancakes Pancakes My Ex boyfriend gave me a suitcase scale the other day. I am fairly certain it was meant to work as a reminder that I use to pack too much stuff even when I go away for only two days. It’s a disaster. Now I go away for 5 weeks. I am a little concerned. But you know, I like a good challenge. Having a small suitcase and choosing from three giant closets filled with girlsstuff is one to take. Prayers.


More food of the weekend:

Smarties Egg

Smarties Egg

Ginormous Salad with everything

Ginormous Salad with everything



Tulips and Easter Basket from Momma

Tulips and Easter Basket from Momma

Speaking of Momma: She had the best time to shoot the 4-clicks-modus on me. SEVERAL times.

LUcie1  4er-Bild am 05.04.15 um 16.01 (kompiliert)Ok, enough superficial babbling, I got a recipe for ya! Haha, I know. I am just as astonished as you are, and I am even a little convinced that something similar appeared shit tons of times already on the webs. Still, you have to look at it, drool a little and copy it. It’s too damn easy to be taken seriously, it is perfect for mealprep, an on the go meal and it definitely tastes like a delicious healthy omelette cake.

Vegetable Omelette Cake

Omelette Cake


4-5 eggs 
Deli chicken cut in small pieces (optional)
Choice of veggies cut in small pieces (I had asparagus, kale and 
2 tbsp grind flaxseed 
Spices: pepper, salt, paprica, chives
1 tbsp grated parmesan cheese


Preheat oven to 200°C.
Mix all ingredients until well combined. 
Line a baking form with a baking sheet.
Fill in the mixture and sprinkle with leftover paremsan cheese. 
Bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes. 
Omelette Cake  Omelette Cake 

I hope you had and still have a marvelous Easter Weekend! 

Are you a good packer? 
What's your favorite pancake recipe? Link up! 
What was your Easter highlight? 


12 thoughts on “I cheated on CrossFit and Omelette Cake Recipe

  1. Your Saturday sounds perfect, sans laundry and cleaning, although I do love how it good it feels when your home is in order. Anytime I get overwhelmed, I clean or organize and instantly feel better. It brings calm to the chaos.

    The veggie omelet cake sounds fantastic. I love the addition of Parmesan. Mmm cheese.

  2. Jessie says:

    I couldn’t help but notice we have the same iPhone 6.. Gold color and all 😀😀😀

    P.a. That veggie omelet cake sounds great! I still always add flaxseed to my eggs because of you. Makes them extra fluffy.

    Miss you!! Can we catch up soon? I feel like we never talk anymore. It makes me sad.

  3. Omg a luggage scale would be so useful! I don’t understand my packing… I went home this weekend for 4 days wit a giant heavy wheelie suitcase, but when I went to Argentina for 6 months I took a rucksack not much bigger… Weird.

  4. ooooo I’m excited you’ll be on my end soon! I love how your friend has their own gym. WHY DON’T YOU HAVE YOUR OWN GYM? We could work out to Nicki Minaj playing in the background.

  5. Sarah says:

    Last winter while packing for three weeks, I broke the scale. Any questions? My highlight was taking my summer clothes from the basement (I’m optimistic) and rediscovering items I had forgotten about!

  6. Yum- these eggs looked fab..as does the sound of your Saturday! I am THE worst packer- I always end up taking way more than I need. Speaking of which, I’m off tomorrow and need to stop packcristinating!!

  7. I had to tackle my place since it was kind of a disaster after I spent so much of March travelling, and I swear that cleaning always makes me feel so much better. Ic an’t deal with mess and clutter, so being surrounded by it makes me feel kind of like I’m suffocating. And I know that sounds all sorts of crazy, but it is what it is 😆 And I may very well be the WORST when it come sot packing. I always leave it till the last minute and then toss anything in, hoping for the best 😆

  8. danielle says:

    Your mom is the best, tulips and treats oh my yes!!!
    so nice that your friend owns a gym, i would totally indulge in that as well – having the place to yourself would be amazing!
    all your food looks delicious, the egg cake sounds like something i will make tonight for dinner 🙂
    hope you had a marvelous easter xoxox

  9. I would totally make that IF I HAD AN OVEN. Ugh. LOL!

    I love empty gym workouts. That’s the one thing I miss here.

    So close now!!!

  10. Hayley says:

    I think I need a suitcase scale…when I went to Europe my suitcase was literally the size of my closet. I got so many stares at the airport..I LIKE OPTIONS OK?

  11. After – finally – trying that omelette recipe, I just wanted to say: It’s delicious! I made it in a small bowl (just wanted one portion for my dinner) and it took ages to cook (maybe I was doing something wrong? I used less than half the amount of ingredients but it took at least twice as long to cook through? O.o)
    Totally worth the wait though – thanks for sharing!

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