Soaking up the Countdown


1. April 2015 by swissfitchick

I picked up my new passport. Ergo, I am ready to go.

Today, I emailed with Laura to define our plans when I am in San Diego. I can still NOT believe, that we are going to celebrate my birthday AGAIN this year, but this time on her side of the world. I think about making it a tradition. Laura&my birthday. Preferably at the beach.



So far I didn’t get the reality that I will be off in less than three weeks, but I guess that won’t hurt at all. I will be running around like a chicken with the head cut off soon enough while scratching my head and 14 question marks stringed together over it when I ask myself as to what the hell I am doing and what I should pack. The word packing unleashes a little panic. I will handle it.

So I enjoy my last bits of pleasurable moments with my loved ones.

Indian dinner with my Bestie Sylvia:

Friends image


Sushi Night in Zurich. I think I ate my weight in Sushi and I almost felt sick after. I regret nothing. It was magically delicious. A sleepover there, a run at the lake and the perfect homemade breakfast. Oh, I missed the lake. It was bittersweet, very much. But oh so beautiful.

Sushi  imageLake Breakfast

Games Open End Party at the box with a pigling. SORRY to all the vegetariens, I know this one is brutal. Right on the cue, it took about 45 minutes until 80% of the meat was gone. CrossFit athletes, I swear – unbeatable when it comes to wolfing down ridiculous piles of food.

11053713_919301174760102_7632283730239754306_o 11090826_919299938093559_375287675982717575_o

Post Party is Pre Workout: Lonely HIIT Cardio Session on Monday morning. Doesn’t suck at all to have the box on my own while the sun rises outside.

Followed by a WOD from last week. Loved it.


3 stations: Rowing, Ari Bike, Skiergo. 2 minutes each, 30 Double Unders ahead of each station. For 30 minutes.

3 stations: Rowing, Air Bike, Skiergo. 2 minutes each, 30 Double Unders ahead of each station. For 30 minutes.


Oh, and a side note: CrossFit Basel Powerlifting Team qualified for the European Championship and World Championship. WTF?! Haha. I am skipping the European since I am in Sydney that time, but I will be at the World in Italy. Priorities 🙂

That’s it for today Hunnies! Happy Wednesday!

Where and how did you celebrate your last birthday?

Sushi or Indian?

Any traveltips?



18 thoughts on “Soaking up the Countdown

  1. The Padre says:

    #1) Last B-day was spent sub10,000 feet immersed in pure beauty, an evening soak at the Box Canyon in Ouray Co, and a few tasty beverages mixed up in the bladder of my camel pack. #2 Well, clearly looking for the BOTH link. #3 Please Please Please post photos often during your travels. 1970’s – 1999 I lived in San Diego California. So please allow me to reminisce via your updates. Currently on the other side of the Continental Divide of the Rocky Mountains. SO Travel On & Thanx In Advance…….. Cheers

  2. Travel tip #1: COME SEE ME!!! Wheeeee! Too bad Sylvia can’t come too. We’ll send her obnoxious pics.

  3. I feel like I’m letting my Indian peeps down but sushi wins hands-down for me! Ah I can’t believe you are seeing Laura so soon- can’t wait to see what crazies you to get up too. San Diego is going to be ah-mazing…really want to go and spend a few weeks in California and travel around the state!

  4. This is so exciting! Birthdays abroad are kinda awesome.
    Last year I celebrated mine in northern Argentina road tripping with my dad in a Renault Clio across the mountains to see the salt flats. This year…watch this space. I have a secret 😁

  5. I can’t believe you’re going to be stateside in only a few weeks. Ahhhh! So much excitement.

    Travel tips: I start days early and pull out all potential outfits I want to bring, which ends up being like ten suitcases full. Then I whittle down, keeping things I really, really want and those which can work multiple ways. For example, I could wear this shirt with these pants, this skirt, and those shorts. If it can be used many times over, I keep it and eliminate most of the rest. It’s a vicious process because I like to bring it all, but it works. Once I have the core outfits determined, I decide shoes, jewelry, etc. Good luck and ENJOY it. I know you will.

    • Oh yes. Packing. The outfits….it’s going to be a challenge. Being the fashion victim #1 and having 6786tons of clothes at home it will be difficult, but oh well.
      Counting down the days…..

  6. Oh that pig! I am drooling right now! And that sushi….
    That gaza WOD looks so intense…. I feel exhausted just from reading it! :-S
    Congrats on qualifying!!

  7. danielle says:

    oh! a birthday abroad is amazing, so excited for your trip! what fun, it will be glorious indeed. my last birthday, which was in Feb, i celebrated for many days. special dinners, nights out with friends, one just my mom, then a special night with the mister at a fancy steak place. it was quite awesome, i’m not going to lie – but the next day mister had to leave for Norway for business so i was quite happy that we celebrated so many days. by the time he departed, my liver was ready for a detox!
    i love sushi and indian!!! i have a hard time choosing, it really depends on the place and what i order. sometimes i feel like i could eat sushi every day, so i guess i’d say sushi for lunch, then indian for dinner. lol
    bring less clothes and more accessories!!! have a wonderful time, best wishes xox

    • That days of celebration sounds so great!! I guess I will do the same in San Diego, lol.
      Sushi and Indian at the same day totally works for me too 🙂
      Acessories – hell yes, perfect tip, thank you!

  8. I can’t believe it’s so soon!!! So.freaking.exciting. And I can’t believe I FINALLY get to see you in less than 2 months!! My biggest travel tips revolve around food. Always, always bring snacks. There’s nothing worse than being stuck on a plane or en route to somewhere, getting hungry, and having nothing to eat…

  9. cottercrunch says:

    I can’t believe you leave so soon! will you stop in texas first? hehe. okay i’ll come to san diego!!

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