Powerlifting Swiss Championship – get your Singlets on


24. March 2015 by swissfitchick


Join me on a little recap of the competition last weekend? A casual day of 20 hours from getting up to going back to bed. 16 athletes and me – working and competing at the same time made me a little nervous, but it still held me back from peeing on the platform (like others did….I can’t even). Anyway. Past Saturday I drove with 4 other CrossFit Basel girls in tow to Lausanne (French Part of Switzerland) to show everyone off in Powerlifting. Alright, FINE – maybe I shouldn’t shoot my mouth off, cause I am by far not on the level of many of the athletes there, but hey, I was part of the strongest team. Fake it till you make it.

CrossFitAnd yes, you read that right, CrossFit Basel is by far the best Powerlifting team in Switzerland. We broke 35 Swiss records, we won 12 gold medals in Powerlifting and 29 gold medals in the Single Lifts. That was worth to be published in the newspaper. Hand me over the booze, please, I am so godamn proud.

Unfortunately, I missed the Swiss Record in Bench Press within an ace. I almost made the 66kg, but failed. Whatever, 60kg wasn’t too much of a struggle and I had a proper manicure, so what the hell.

Back Squat, my bane of existence went surprisingly well. Considering I didn’t properly squat in the past few weeks, plus my warm up was a joke (I had no damn clue what to do, so I did felt 3 hours mobility and squatted 3 times 40kg – mkay.). I could have started heavier though, so I ended my last valid attempt with 85kg. I was a little irritated by the man behind me too. I mean. Ya know.

Deadlift was the last move and I suddenly fell into a stupid nervousness, despite not being nervous at all throughout the day cause actually, my biggest concern was that I fulfill my job 100% while competing at the same time. Anyway, Ramon pushed me kindly to my new PR, 110kg. Even though he got some bitchy looks from me due to the less positive exciting feelings about freaking Deadlifts. Tehehe. My face is priceless too. Too long since I saw a close up of my painface. Never gets old.

Apart from being awake for way too many hours, we had shit tons of fun. And let’s not lie, those singlets are beyond. Momma saw them on my Facebook account (she uses mine. When I created her one, she called me two days later, asking me if I can delete it (gasping), cause it scared the hell out of her when people started to send her friend requests. She really was in panic, thank God she knows by now how to call me on her iPhone – wasn’t the case all the time) and thought we look ‘so beautiful’ in them. Haha, Mom.

Well no, I haven’t got any serious pics from the event. Mental clarity is overrated anyway, so let’s roll with those.

CrossFit CrossFit

My biggest achievement this Saturday though was MY personal best. There are weight classes in Powerlifting, so yes, I had to stand on the scale. With everyone around me looking. And then there was my weight on a freaking SCREEN for everyone to see, and now it is online for the WORLD to see. My feelings about it? None. I don’t give a shit. I didn’t eat or drink in the morning cause I wanted to stay in my weightclass -70kg, but I really didn’t waste ANY twice thinking about that stupid subject of scale and number. I DO have some issues currently cause I did have some emotional eating stuff going on and don’t feel the way I want to feel in my body, but that’s something I work on now. Whatever my weight is, I seriously couldn’t care less.

Back from this craziness, sleep and clean food is needed. I am slightly, almost incredibly tired BUT I made my berry cake with cacao powder in a half-asleep state. It’s chocolate cake for breakfast. And YES, it does taste like cake, especially with a few added bananas. Plus, I had a mean craving for grilled asparagus. Damn, this is good.

Meal Prep After the competition is pre competition. We are still in the middle of the Games Open and I am eager to work my way through until the Closing Party on Sunday night and then some. I am semi-excited for my trip (read – I have mixed feelings) – cause A) I should organize things (WHERE is the damn list?! I lost it all), B) I have no clue about nothing except my flight hours and the bed I reserved for some of the nights I am there C) I feel awkward to leave the box D) I feel horrible to leave the box and everything in it plus and especially my Besties for damn 5 weeks E) WHEN do I get everything done workwise and PACKING (packing?! Holy shihihihit) before my departure? F) I visualize the beach daily to realize at least a little that I will be there in only 24 days. Holy mother of incredibility.

Wait. Did I rent a car in the US already? Mental note: Check that. Oh, and passport. I need a new passport.

By the way, I don’t get this stuff with the beds at Blend. Can someone clarify and tell me what I have to answer to those emails?? I am lost. I love you. See you there.

Is your Mom versed in technology?

Do you plan your trips to the last nut?

Are you jealous of my Singlet? They are transparent, so no commando guys.







17 thoughts on “Powerlifting Swiss Championship – get your Singlets on

  1. Chris says:

    Wow! Awesome, holy goodness, all those records! Well done! Couldn’t see the mani and the pain face didn’t look too bad… haha. Seriously, awesome stuff!!

  2. Rachel says:

    Wow congrats! You made those lifts look easy! I would be terrified to weigh myself in such a public place, do congrats to you for that too!

  3. #1 You are such a fucking bad ass!!!
    #2 I’m sorry I didn’t text you about the competition, but I did text you the cute guy I found for you. He thinks you’re hot, btw.
    #3 That singlet is epic. Please bring it to SD.
    #4 If you need a car, you can drive mine. I never use it and Vegas has 3.
    #5 Tell me what you need planning-wise, and if you need a place to stay. I got you covered!

  4. omg you absolute machine!!!! Well done on the personal bests, but moreso, well done for not peeing on the stage. Especially post asparagus. LOLOLOL.

  5. Emily Hawkes says:

    Yay on your achievement of not caring about your weight!! I’m still at a stage where I can’t contemplate getting on the scales – coming from a person who weighed herself at least twice, commonly three or more times a day.

    Amazing lifts – you look good girl!

  6. Well done on the awesome result! I loved watching the videos and all your reps are absolutely solid!
    Don’t fear your holiday, everything will all come together in the end and I know you will have a super time! 🙂

  7. danielle says:

    holy shit balls you are so strong, brilliant!!! strong and beautiful is such a winning combination 🙂
    the singlets are super cute, but no commando made me laugh… yikes! my cycling shorts are very transparent and it’s very annoying when a stranger tells me that they can see my tattoo on my butt. oh well, obviously i know it’s there and don’t give a shit. people are so ridiculous. LOL
    love you!!! xoxo

  8. Wait someone peed on the podium….I can’t even.

    Congratulations. You really are a vanilla gorilla. Makes me proud.

    If you need anything stateside, let me know. Better yet, come to Cleveland.

    For Blend, we need to find you a bedmate or they’ll shack you up with one ….I think. Maybe you and Carly can be bed mates, and then the couch in our cabin can be open for whoever.

    • Yes she did. I know.
      I think I jusg need a day to fix everything that isn’t yet. Cabin should be good now but I need a place to stay from Sunday to Monday. Fun 🙂

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