Thinking out Loud with Skins on my Skin


19. March 2015 by swissfitchick

I swear, I have a life outside of the box. It takes place in the minority of time, but it does exist. Last week I was out THREE times and one night I had dinner at home in front of the TV. I felt extremely classy. And why on Earth do I eat out of Tupperwares when I am home.



Even yesterday I went out with my former longtime personal trainer to eat grilled scallops – I swear, it’s no big deal at all to eat clean if you get served a plate of grilled seafood. Bloggerfail-like, I forgot to take a shot. But I did when I went out for Sushi last week.


This was the first round of All-You-Can-Eat style. Sushi came later. I had to force down the primal sounds that urged to come out of my eagerly awaiting mouth. Since I was in male company, I felt like I should dig out my lady manners. I know them very well and you are allowed to believe that. Back in the days, Mom set our cat behind our lower backs so we would sit at the front of the chair in a straight upright position. On some days when she felt extra dictatorial, she clenched newspaper between our elbows and ribs during dinner. I was a happy kid, no worries here.

You see, we’re all into Thinking Out Loud style. Welcome and thank you Amanda!


Naomi from Skins was so kind to provide me with a pair of Skins tights a few weeks ago. Now being a CrossFitter and training 5-6 times a week with all the things like Powerlifting, Gymnastics and several accursed WOD’s, it is absolutely essential to have gear that fits. Seriously, I had my fair share of curse attacks when I felt like my boobs are about to jump out the lazy sportsbra or my pants which glided in all kinds of dangerous directions during backsquats. It’s NOT acceptable.

Skins I must say – without curry favor with the trademark – these tights are simply perfect. They ARE tight by all means, but yes, they fit. Even around my well-grown quads and glutes. I chose the new A400 compression tight and I am extremely happy with my choice. I never wore a compression shirt and I don’t think I want to (hello flattened boobs that give you shortage of breath?!) – same paranoia goes with the compression bras. But the tights, hell YES!

SkinsSkinsThey survived all crazy unleashed CrossFit classes plus the good hour of cycling I absolve daily.

LucieHighly recommended. Check out their website. Naomi sent me the tights for free. All opinions are my own.

Now before I go, a little more of my social life – one of the three nights out last week was a birthday party at my Besties place – and almost the whole girls crew got together! Nothing better than that. The next day I took the time to make pancakes and now: PLEASE share your ideas as to where the HELL my pancake skill has gone. Besides that this mess looks like some kind of the most damn ugly food that ever graced the planet, it was – besides the fresh strawberries – an edible punishment. I clearly shouldn’t useΒ  expired protein powder to make pancakes in the future. I might as well eat cardboard or strawberry decorated pieces of rock.

<3 <3 <3


WAIT. Look, this is how they normally look like AND they taste delicious. Just in case you and me forgot.

Pancakes Pancakes Quark Pancakes

Ever heard of SKINS?

Do you wear compression gear while working out?

When was the last time you made pancakes? Alright, FINEΒ  – it looks like I should practise a little more often…..




21 thoughts on “Thinking out Loud with Skins on my Skin

  1. Haha over that stack of pancakes- blogger fail but whatever..if it tastes good, that’s all that matters! I’ve been enjoying my green smoothies for breakfast too much lately so I can’t even remember the last time I made pancakes. I might have to make some savoury pancakes soon for lunch or dinner- ohh no you have got me thinking of various combinations! And the idea of all you can eat seafood/sushi…dreammmmmyyy!

  2. Protein powder expires? Wow. LOL! I made green ones for St. Patrick’s Day. Vegas was amused… I think.

  3. Those skins look great! I must admit good tights are something I struggle to find for CrossFit – I will think they are fine when I try them on and then after burpees/running/squats they start to fall down! Being quite tall I also find it hard to find ones long enough in the body. But I will look into skins as they may be quite good.

    • I really recommend them, I don’t have to think about weird things when I workout with them – I mean like showing off my naked butt or things like that πŸ˜‰

  4. danielle says:

    i love compression shorts, i wear them for longer workouts and anytime im feeling sore or tight. i also wear them when i’m flying and traveling, they help my fidgety legs relax more πŸ™‚
    expired protein powder sounds crazy, i’ve never even checked my labels. oops! maybe that explains why some of my powders taste like chaulk. i seriously need to throw them away. LOL

    • That’s right, travelling is so much more comfortable in those compression things!
      I had no idea either about the protein powder, but those pancakes shocked me, so I did and threw it away the next second πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

  5. I love compression shorts too, but I find that they make me have to pee a lot! Maybe too much pressure on my bladder hahah. Sorry bout the TMI.. Your (usual) pancakes look great! What’s in the green ones?

  6. I have not heard of skins…those are really interesting! I know a lot of people who wear compression gear while working out {I personally have not tried it} but those look really interesting πŸ™‚

  7. Oh Skins. So pretty and comfy but SO BLOODY EXPENSIVE.

    …I buy the fake ones from Aldi πŸ˜‰

    That sushi is calling my name, as are the ugly pancake(s).

  8. Tricia says:

    First time visitor and I love your since of humor in your style of writing, it is very unique. I especially liked the comment “felt like I should dig out my lady manners” This just made me lol! I have one pair of compression capris CW-X and I do love them I had not heard of skins but do need to check them out. I like them because they give you that instant “Hey I freaking lost 5lbs” look! Perfect for me! Enjoyed the post. Have a great weekend! πŸ™‚

  9. Holy Pancake flop. It’s alright, the Hubby made rice and veggie stir fry on Friday and he burnt the hell out of the veggies and the rice ended up being a glutinous mop, which I told him not to pitch. I’m going to figure out a way to salvage the rice or at least attempt something. Eep. Wish me luck.

    Also you ass looks fantastic in those tights.

  10. cottercrunch says:

    primal sounds?? LOL! i must hear this! and we LOVE SKINS!!

  11. […] Runday and Postrun Chocolate Protein Pancakes. Remember the major disaster pile of screwed up pancakes last week? Well, I am happy to say that my pancake skill finally found its way back to […]

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