Trailrunning and Party Madness


9. March 2015 by swissfitchick

Hello and happy Monday!!

It’s a marvelous one, we have sunshine since several days and I couldn’t be happier to smell Spring all around me. Thank you to our hostess Katie! Speaking of sunshine, I want Summer to be here NOW and that’s why I bought my first summer bracelet from HIPANEMA. It was ridiculously expensive but I simply wanted it, so I bought it. Plus a sceond one with different colors.


Coming Spring means the days are longer – what better reason to get up early and chase my butt over the trail. I said it 3789467 times before, but this trailrun is my most favorite running route ever – besides the one along the lake of Zurich maybe. It was almost a little annoying how kitschy the scenery was on this Saturday morning. I mean, I felt like these two wanted to kid me with their competition – a perfect start in a good Saturday.

imageFuel was needed after a good hour of trailrunning – you know that moment when you inhaled two thirds of your breakfast and then realize you actually need a pic for your blog? Ok, well I do. And it happens ALL the time – most times I only get it when the whole meal already sits comfortably in my belly.

But hey, here’s an egg-asparagus-coconut-oil bake. The leftovers at least.

EggsThe afternoon was spent in the kitchen, creating the mess of the MILLENIUM. In all seriousness guys, I never created a chaos like this before. I had the CrossFit Peeps over my place on Saturday night and if you know them, you know you MUST make sure that there is enough food. Like LOADS of food. TONS. So I was baking and cooking and cutting like the maddest woman all afternoon and it MIGHT got a little out of hand.

Kitchen KitchenYup, I need my Laptop in the kitchen to have the righ beats while doing things. Kitchen dances are the best ones. We know that already and I also created 2 kitchen playlists – this time YouTube was my friend.

Before the crew attacked my house, I tracked them down for a photoshooting at the box. We need some shots of all of them and this afternoon I was so lucky to catch them all at once. It was…..special. šŸ™‚

CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit

Anyway, I made an effort and my kitchen and the rest of the flat was perfectly cleaned up and the buffet was ready:

Chips and homemade Guac

Chips and homemade Guac

Ground Beef / Veggie Pizza

Ground Beef / Veggie Pizza

Apple Tart

Apple Tart

Paleo Onion/Bacon Bread

Paleo Onion/Bacon Bread

Quark Dips (plus unpictured raw veggie sticks)

Quark Dips (plus unpictured raw veggie sticks)

The party was hilarious and a blast as always.

Party Sunday was spent working and training at the box – post Advanced Class fuel with MyWhey Protein Powder with no fat Quark, Chia Seeds, Banana and Cacao Stevia Syrup. I still need to do 15.2 tomorrow, aaah! Overhead Squats and Chest to Bar my ass. I procrastinated for wayyyyy to long and now I am under pressure and there is no way out.


Wish me luck!

Morning Cardio, yes or no?

What is your favorite finger food to bring to a party?

Postworkout, what do you have?




24 thoughts on “Trailrunning and Party Madness

  1. The Padre says:

    Apple Tart, Awesome

  2. Well that party looked like a lot of fun!! I guess the food was a great plus! šŸ˜‰ i love those bracelets..worth the money! My workouts are always int he morning so cardio is a yes for me. Girl, that 15.2 is all yours! šŸ˜‰

  3. letizia@thefitlabel says:

    Yum! All that food looks delicious šŸ™‚

    I love to bring quiche (I make a pretty good spinach and feta quiche) or some kind of salad. The last one I brought had carrots, raisins and feta cheese and it was a hit!

    Usually I eat my dinner post workout, but if not I make sure to have carbs and protein so something like Greek yogurt and a piece of fruit šŸ™‚

  4. Emily Hawkes says:

    My best party food dish is tuna pasta – it always goes down really well, but you need a fork. Finger food, hmm, I make a mean soda bread. I love BodyCombat on a Saturday morning, but I usually keep my workouts for the evening (I stopped my pre-work exercise classes in favour of more sleep and less stress in the mornings.)

    • Emily Hawkes says:

      Today was morning cardio – I was late for the train after having to go back for something. Bring on the intervals as I ran as long as I could, walked to catch my breath, and ran again. All in heels and everything! šŸ™‚

    • Could you please come to my party next time and bring that Tuna Pasta?? It sounds so delicious!
      And GOOD on you for getting in more sleep and working out later!! Our bodies need the rest!

  5. Drooling over those cookies- YUM! I used to be a morning cardio person but less so lately- I wake up way too hungry haha! My workouts usually fall before a meal so I don’t have a special meal per say…just try to make sure it’s got some carbs & protein :)!

  6. I’m digging the song and wish I could have come to the party. Hopefully the kitchen is back under control now. šŸ™‚
    I got lucky and went to Buffalo this past weekend to see the family and the Hubby cleaned the house while I was gone.

  7. I got to CrossFit at 6.30am four times per week and love working out in the morning – it feels great to have done so much in a day before the clock even hits 8am! also it gets me buzzing for the rest of the day (well most of the time, sometimes we are so beat that we just want to crawl back into bed, but we all have those WODs occasionally! Haha!)
    That onion bacon bread looks amazing! Yum!

    • Oh I know these killing classes in the morning. I sometimes had to stay in my chair in the office all day cause I couldn’t move anymore šŸ™‚ Great stuff, 4 times a week!!

  8. I am so happy you have the box it looks like an incredible community of friends!! Your quarks looks so good I finally tried some the other day from another friend who is in love with it too and omg now I know what you are talking about its so good! All my love Xo C

  9. danielle says:

    i love all the dips! i’m a fan of buffet parties at home šŸ™‚ i love lots of appetizers and party food, variety makes me happy.
    i love morning workouts but also afternoon and evening, honestly whenever is fine. i don’t force myself to wake up if i need sleep, and then i’ll go later in the day. sleep is more important to me now than ever before! for so many years i would live on 5 hours of sleep and get up at 4am to workout for hours before going to the office then want to sleep by 7pm. NO more of that, thank you! i feel much better now actually having a social life. and working out in the evening is fun, i seem to have more energy most of the time.
    sleep rocks, so does food. and badass beast mode workouts. LOL.

  10. I want the yogurt bowl!!

    Favorite finger food to bring… does wine count? HAHAHAHA! Seriously though… we counted last night and between the two of us, we have 50 bottles. Like nice bottles. Guess what we’re having for your birthday…

  11. cottercrunch says:

    i really need to come visit you just for the trails and food. haha and well because of YOU of course. duh. when do you leave for Australia?

  12. sweatyandfit says:

    Wow! You went all out for this party. Good for you šŸ™‚ So many people would just buy premade party stuff from the store.
    Also – l love the Youtube mix. Kygo is amazing

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