Things I want to do before.


14. February 2015 by swissfitchick

You know these lists? Things I want to do before I turn 30. Things I want to do before 2020. Things I want to do before I die.


Seriously? I would have failed miserably if I made a list like that. I mean – I once, as a kid thought I would be a Mom by now and married. Or having a ton of money and a house – well, the things people say are normal for ladies my age.



In all seriousness – I don’t feel like living by a list. Mayyyyyybe, maybe sometimes it would be good to do so and my private life would be a little less chaotic (Laundrydamnlaundry). At least I am organized in my business life. But to get back to the point – I set my goals, but I don’t set too many long term goals.

Life played so many games with me in the last 36 and a half years and pretty much nothing went the way I planned it – and that’s ok. So I stopped and decided to go with what comes. I am filled to the brim with stubbornness and I am definitely not satisfied easily with everything that life throws at me – PLUS, I very much believe that we have a huge influence to our own happiness. But still, I don’t think it would make me happy if I force myself into a scheme that ‘seems’ right. Or to feel obliged to fulfill a bucketlist.

I do things I am passionate about and which make me happy. I do them as good and for as long as possible. I want to get better at them and I want to do them daily as best as I can. And maybe I am the only 30 plus girl who lives a life like that, but I don’t miss a thing. I love to get up every day and do the things I do. And that’s the only important thing on my ‘list’. Do the things I love, do them daily and do them with passion.


I aim to achieve things I dream of, and I have visions I want to become reality. And of course I have to make sure that I have a serious job to pay my rent and my taxes and I feel best when I am surrounded by my favorite people. But I completely stopped to fear the future, to rack my brain with questions like ‘what if’. It makes me sad and frustrated, cause there will never be an answer in my present life. I went through several dark times in my life and I survived them all. It sounds super corny but seriously – living the moment is the only way to do it – at least for me.

I can not count how many times I get asked where the hell a man should fit into my busy life or if I am aware, that my time of becoming a mother is limited. And I can not even tell you how much I give a shit about these things right now. It is not on my ‘list’ for now and I know that it is not something I can plan. If it happens, fine, if not, fine as well.


There is no guarantee whatsoever that we make it through the next week. I know I may get hurt again in future or I will hurt someone. There will be sad times and happy times, shit days and fucking awesome days. But how will you know if you don’t just go there with a nosy, greedy and damn brave lust for life.
So for eff’s sake, stop worrying, get up and live.

Do you make bucketlists? What’s on them?

What’s your bravest thing you did in life?

Do you think life is projectable?


14 thoughts on “Things I want to do before.

  1. I totally agree with you, but I love writing and making bucket lists haha, even if when I revisit them in a few years and my current dreams and aspirations are totally different.

  2. Ya know what’s funny? I don’t have a bucket list. At least not a written one anyway, which is crazy since I am list lover through and through. Oh well, those are more to keep me sane than anything else. For me, lists give me a sense of calm. It’s a good thing we all come in different types and sizes. It’s what keeps life interesting. You keep doing you. I think it’s fantastic.

    • I thought especially of you when writing this post. I totally get the sane feeling with lists. I do them at work to clear up the mess in my head.
      And I think it’s good to have list lovers vs. non listers. Means you can list-plan our blend weekend and I throw in some crazy spontaneity here and there.

      • Sounds like a great plan actually, with or without a list. Speaking of, I think it’s time to start my Saturday list. If it’s any consolation, I don’t sweat it when I don’t get it all done. I learned to let that shit go years ago. Also I schedule fun or relaxing things in there too. Gotta live baby! Can’t wait to meet you in person.

  3. I do a lot of lists even for mundane tasks but I very rarely follow them..I really don’t know why I guess I like having a brief plan but then tackling them as I go. I recently went back to studying in order to switch careers so I may have aspirations but since I am at the beginning I don’t have big goals in least for now. 🙂
    As you say I am living the moment and so far it feels scary but great 😉

  4. I used to be a HUGE list creator, a 5 year planner in fact but that is until I met my husband and ended up in Mexico and then Thailand that I realized you just have to live life. Nothing wrong with having GOALS but truly planning everything out leaves you with stress and disappointment. I love that you live life with passion and NO ONE says you have to do x y and z by a certain age, it is your life and if things are meant to happen they will happen! All my love to you! Happy V Day! xo C

    • And I love to follow your journey!! There is so much benefit, options and chances we get when we just trust the ride.
      Goals are great to keep us focused, but life always throws some hurdles in there!

  5. I find a list can crystalise what I want to do, give it some order and stop me procrastinating, but yeah you can’t be locked into them hard and fast, life is to dynamic.. 🙂

  6. Danielle says:

    Fabulous words my darling! I totally agree, who needs life lists? I mean I have so many things I want do but I don’t need a list. I try on focusing on the present and having fun, but also making goals that I can work towards. Perhaps some people like the idea of a bucket list. I respect that. I prefer to just have short term and long term goals. Meanwhile just like you said, I want to enjoy each day as much as possible. How lucky I am every morning I wake up… Pretty amazing. No need for buckets :)) xoxo

  7. This sentence… “I very much believe that we have a huge influence to our own happiness.” is one of the main reasons why I truly believe we are friends & get along so well. Following our own happiness is key to life ❤

  8. I threw out all the planning long ago. My life just doesn’t ever follow a straight line… but it’s led to the BEST adventures! Like moving to California on a whim. HAHAHA! You’re going to LOVE the house. You should move too.

  9. I am with you on bucket lists – I see so many people putting pressure on themselves to conform to this list or timelines they have decided on, then when life doesn’t happen the way they hope they get stressed or upset.
    Like you, I want to Live in the moment, yes I have dreams and things I want to achieve but im not going to allow the pressure of a timescale take over. Besides dreams often change!

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