Three things Monday which are marvelous


9. February 2015 by swissfitchick

Hey guys!

Welcome to MIMM! Way too long since I have linked up the last time. Thank you Katie for hosting every week!

I am going three things Monday style today, cause I DEFINITELY need some structure in my life.

Three things I ate:

Grilled Beef Steak, baked potato skins and salad at my friends’ place:


Baked Sweet Potato, Catfish and leaf beet. I like to invite myself to my married friends with family and let them cook for me. I just sneak in as a fake family member and soak up quality time with them.

image image

No fat quark with whole grain flakes, orange, flaxseed and cacao nibs / Chai Latte on the side. We’re having Competition Prep Sessions once in a while these days early morning. They are super hardcore, so I need this fuel.


A really delicious savory Paleo Bread from these sisters:

Paleo Bread

Breakfast Paleo Cookie Dough Balls from this guy:


And again my Chestnut Chocolate Chunk Cookies. They are probably one of the best recipes I ever invented, hands down.


Three things happening:

Little WOD and Food party in our new BOX! It’s opening soon, and we had the ‘housewarming’ this weekend.

CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit
CrossFit CrossFit

IMG_7986 IMG_7987

Roadtrip to my friends in the central part of Switzerland, indoor BBQ (see plate above), chatting all night long, and sleep over. Perfect.


Trying to arrange my life. Even though I am not working at my office anymore, I am a restless bug. It starts to get unhealthy, I feel overtraining symptoms and I realize I turn to disordered eating habits. I struggle with being home and chill, I am busy and on the road almost all the time. I love it, and my energy is on top, but I need to start coordinating and structuring a little more – and find time to wind down. As much as I feel I can move and babble and work all day, my body and my soul obviously crave a little down time.

I bought a pretty planner to do so – especially after all the planner madness going on around in the blogger community! I love it.

Planner Planner

That’s it for today, I am off to new shenanigans – happy Monday!

What’s the best thing you ate last week? 

Do you plan your days? 

Best thing for you to wind down? 



26 thoughts on “Three things Monday which are marvelous

  1. Good to hear you recognized you need to take a step back! The best way for me to wind down is by taking a bath or just sitting back and listening to some relaxing music! Thank you for sharing xo C

  2. I am loving all those eats!!! I do tend to plan my days but I end up just doing my own thing and improvise on the way. I still enjoy keeping 2 or 3 planners though! 😉 I love shopping, baking or dancing to wind me down…Just shake da booty 😉

  3. YES. I’m glad your taking a step back because your seeing some common signs show up again. You’re a good egg my friend.

    Speaking of eggs…I see none! But I approve as you made my balls. Balls. bounce bounce.

  4. Emily Hawkes says:

    Best thing for me to wind down? I guess cuddling up with the hubby in front of my favourite TV show, or reading a book – my aim this year is to read more. I used to plan my days A LOT – but that came under the CONTROL side of things so I TRY to keep it a little less structured these days.

  5. Dude that savoury bread looks amazing!! Love your new planner- so much motivation from the cover alone. Like you, I am a huge planner- I think I’d lose my mind if my days didn’t have any structure. One of the best things I ate last week the homemade burritos I just posted about- so delicious!

  6. letizia@thefitlabel says:

    I love all of the food pictures, as usual! Especially that savory bread!

    The best thing I ate last week was probably raclette. I had it after a day of skiing, so it tasted even better.

    I love your planner. I am a HUGE planner. Maybe a bit too much in fact (according to my boyfriends). At the beginning of the week I write down a meal plan, a grocery list and a workout plan. I plan 4 dinners and 4 lunches and leave the rest to spontaneity (eating out with friends basically). I like it this way 🙂

    The best thing I do to wind down is take a bath and do my nails. Those 2 little things make me feel super relaxed. I would love to get a massage but it’s so darn expensive here in Geneva!

  7. danielle says:

    Oh yes i have to have a planner! i feel almost lost without one… sad but totally true. I tried to live without it but felt so off game, and it helps with my recovery so boom 😉
    the BEST thing i ate last week… i think it was the calamari that was sauteed in garlic butter! that is also tied with the best lobster tail. i did make a nice turnip/potato/leek soup with chard that i will say was awesome. going for a walk helps me wind down, or meditating on my acupressure mat… that is my new love these days lol. love you gal! xoxox

  8. I need to make your cookies. Actually, you can make them for me in a few more weeks. 😉

  9. You know what sounds kind of crazy but actually really helps me relax? Scheduling in down time. I actually have to block off chunks of time in my planner (LOVE!) that I devote to just chilling or doing whatever it is that I went to do, and that’s the only thing that really gets my mind off work and needing to be productive. It’s like scheduling in helps me realize that: “okay, I have time to chill and all the other things will still get done.”

    • Totally there with you. I am now in the Netherlands and I scheduled the whole Saturday to chill in the Spa and hotel and only do a little walk around. I hope it gets better so I don’t need to travel so far to get down time 🙂

  10. cottercrunch says:

    oh my! look at that spread of goodness! I don’t think i’d workout, just eat. LOL! hope you get some rest soon friend. xxoo

  11. I see cheese. It makes me happy.

    Schedule relax time into your new planner and then put away all work things (phone, computer, etc). Watch some SITC or try guided imagery. That shit is awesome. It gets me feeling all calm, zen and Buddha-esque in no time.

    I am a vigilant planner by nature so if you need any help, let me know. And if you come to Cleveland, I’ll get you on a schedule right quick. Be prepared to have play time with Oscar. He’s especially fond of playing chase.

    • I want to have playtime with oscar several times a day!! Tell him that.
      And yes, please – I need planning help with my life. i start 100% at CrossFit when I am back from my journey, so we can plan my weeks at blend with wine and cheese 🙂

  12. taijaokkola says:

    Hi, just found your blog and it looks awesome, I’m gonna come back to many many recepies!

    Funny enough, I ate also last week an energy ball (for dessert), and I think that was actually the best thing I ate the whole week. I also love coffee and had many many good coffee moments actually.

    Best to unwind… Close the comptuter, read, take a nap like I did last Sunday! And, my plans, yes I plan them very very much!

  13. HealthyLicious says:

    Lucy, where do you got those “PINK MASHINE” pants you were wearing in an other post from? I neeeeeeeed a pair!!!

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