If we were at Happy Hour I wouldn’t/couldn’t tell you about my Plan B.


22. January 2015 by swissfitchick

I shamelessly stole this post idea from one of my dearest blends, Carly – sorry Hunn, I didn’t even wait for your reply, I just went for it. I thought it was brilliant.

AND I am doing this Thinking Out Loud style and linking up with another brilliant lady Amanda, who I definitely get to meet in only a few weeks. S-s-s-s-s-s-s-soooo excited.


SO. If we were at Happy Hour, I would order sparkling wine with something bitter in it. If I’d feel supersassy, I would order Gin. Monkey 47, cause that’s where it’s at. I would hope that we would get some Pizza bites to munch on like they do in Italy. If not, I would whine and complain that I want to snack on something while making myself drunk. And you would be so sweet to nag the waiter for at least some paprika chips. And 2/3d’s would disappear in my mouth within a second.

Bucket of Monkey 47 with Tonic.

Bucket of Monkey 47 with Tonic.

If we were at Happy Hour, I would tell you that I quit my job in Real Estate by the end of April and that I am working on Plan B but haven’t figured it out yet. I would whine on how little I sleep but how my whole self is just about to explode from energy daily these days. I would explain that the reason is my excitement and passion for what I do – not talking about my ‘real job’, but about my upcoming trips, my job at CrossFit Basel and my Training. I would extend this speech telling you that I feel like things go and got completely different than I ever had in mind, but that I absolutely love the direction this unplanned adventure takes.

LucieIf we were at Happy Hour I would tell you that I am happy (cause I am at Happy Hour, ahahaaaahaha! haha) even though I have no freaking clue how ALL this stuff which I do all day fits into these 24 hours. When I get up I have all these question marks stringed together over my head as to how the HELL I am going to manage stuffing everything in until it is time to go back to bed.

I would tell you that the only option is to forget about it, get my shit together and just do it. And it actually works. You would give me the advice to pay attention on my sleeping hours and I would tell you that you are so fucking right. And I would admit that I try to get in my zzz’s since about 3 months and still didn’t figure it out.

AperoIf we were at Happy Hour, I would ask you how you like the combo of bright pink and bright grey. It is my favorite colorcombo currently, including the equivalent nailcolor. I would ask you if you like the pink jeans jacket, cause after I stopped eating crab daily and drinking booze like it’s my job, it finally fits again. I carry my fat on my arms, just so you know. It’s flattering.

LucieIf we were at Happy Hour, I would also tell you that I have a shit tons of respect of what this year holds for me. I would ask you if you feel alone sometimes too with all the shit – and if you feel like you can not tackle a life with tons of responsibility on your own shoulders without sharing a thing. You would probably tell me to take a huge sip of my Gin – or order a new one cause the first one is gone by now. And then you would explain that I went through times which were the scariest, the saddest and the roughest – so I would be able to shoulder everything that comes my way with enough trust, hard work, consistency and the right people around me. I would smile and nod and take more sips to make myself tipsy over tipsy.

smile-quotes-smile-it-confuses-peopleIf we were at Happy Hour we would talk about your family. Or your husband/wife. Or your job and friends.  It would be a place where it is warm and we would sit in a cosy lounge, I would feel the urge to go barefoot but would resist, cause it isn’t appropriate to put your bare feet on the couch in a fancy place. We would crack some silly jokes while sipping on our drinks and I would laugh the way I do which makes people crazy and which makes other guests turning their heads and stare at me. Sorry.


If we were at Happy Hour, I would share some pearls of wisdom with you and you with me. Like –

  • Laugh more and louder, no matter if they get crazy and stare at you – even better with a wrinkled nose
  • Never forget the value of your oldest and best friends
  • Stay down to Earth – at least figuratively – Bungee Jumping and Sky Diving is pretty awesome
  • Try not to sneeze while eating or driving a car
  • Check your skirt when you exit the ladies (coughcough my skirt was caught in my tights on my backside once, cough hahahahehehe)
  • Eat real food
  • Move your butt every day and use your full ass in whatever you do
  • Be passionate
  • Give your friends nicknames
  • Be silly and lovable

It would be lovely to have quality time and chats and laughs.

Time and Place?

Your Happy Hour story for me?

What pearl of wisdom would you give me?

What drink would you order?

28 thoughts on “If we were at Happy Hour I wouldn’t/couldn’t tell you about my Plan B.

  1. cottercrunch says:

    if we were at happy hour, i would agree with you on everything. Then raise a glass and toast to cramming everything into 24hrs… or at least trying

  2. Are you counting down the days? Because I’m counting down the days… even more so now that I know we might be ROOMIES. Oh.my.GOD. Promise to drink coffee with me? PROMISE!?!? Good. Ahhh May can’t come soon enough!

  3. brittanylesserfitness says:

    I want to go to happy hour with you!!! 😛

  4. If we were at happy hour we would laugh so loud we would probably get kicked out, but not before jumping up on the bar and shaking our booties! Uh, duh!

  5. If we were at Happy Hour, I would be smiling a crazy ass goofy grin :)! I would probably spend a good 5 minutes debating over a glass of wine or gin & tonic…and then go with the latter to give you company!

  6. Emily Hawkes says:

    Oh I would so love to ‘do’ Happy Hour with you! That would be epic 🙂 I think we would have a giggle, a dance and eye up some of the local totty.

  7. Letizia@thefitlabel says:

    This post is brilliant! Maybe we could go to Happy Hour in Zurich together sometime 🙂

    If we were at happy hour I would raise my glass and toast to your career change! Congrats!
    I would order aperol spritz and we would get tipsy together 😉

  8. Cheers! mines a Jack Daniels on the rocks! 😉
    I would love to spend happy hour with you, I know it would be a blast! And the chat, probably mostly crossfit related!! Big laughs, chilling and relaxing – the perfect evening!

  9. danielle says:

    love happy hour! i would like to start at 4pm, and start with a glass of Prosecco… if i was in the mood for spirits, then maybe a spicy martini, something fun! then i would like to giggle about dumb shit, make funny faces, and then quote Rumi and the dahli lama, and then giggle tons more while nibbling on a huge feast of mediterranean fair… that would be amazing. i would love to run around the streets and make monkey noises just because i think i do a great impression – clearly i would do my best to embarrass you, then you would do the same and we would just agree we are both ridiculously embarrassing. finally we cheers to be crazy gals. life is good!

  10. bendiful says:

    Sounds like we are all going to have one fun happy hour! Raise your glass…cheers! Great post!

  11. carlyjg says:

    Happy happy hour ;). I am SO excited to read about what this year holds for you. I have a good feeling, my sweet friend.

  12. Let’s do happy hour now!!!

  13. If we were at happy hour we’d have champagne to start and then move on to some funk cocktails. We’d make sure to check skirts before leaving the ladies. We’d cause a scene laughing so hard… and then you’d make my bicycle home drunk.

  14. I think we need to just go to happy hour. You can have your gin, I’ll have my bubbly with a side of water and wine. It’ll be a blast.

    I’m excited to hear about plan B when you get it figured out. And get some damn sleep already. 😉

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