Nights In, Nights Out


19. January 2015 by swissfitchick

Good morning!

Welcome to another round of MIMM!

Yesterday was laundry day and run day. I did a 70min run and did my mobility in front of the laundry machine while this was still in process. I found a broomstick (don’t you interpret sexual innuendos here, ‘kay.)and even did my shoulder lock outs with it. My neighbour surprised me (I had my headphones in) – the same who caught me while I was discussing the choice of dinner with myself in the laundry room. I kind of feel like I need to give him a written verification that I am not completely insane and totally able to live by myself without being a threat for my environment.

But hey, my laundry is done, my linen is changed and my place looks clean. I am amazed.


Despite my lack of sleep I had some nights out last week, which was awesome. I almost fall asleep while standing now, but I can NOT by any means turn down a fun night with my people.

Blondes night out on Thursday in Zurich:

Love this bundle of ladyfreakness

Love this bundle of ladyfreakness

Friday I was at the Advanced Class before I went out – and as always, I almost freaking DIED.

Warm Up (WARM UP.):

15 minutes AMRAP:

1 TTB / 1 Burpee / 5 DU’s – 2 TTB / 2 Burpees / 10 DU’s etcetc. – I made it till round 8.

Strength Part: 4 rounds of 9 reps: Shoulder Press / Bench Row

Speed Strength Part:  4 rounds of 20 sec on, 10 sec rest: Push Press / Kettlebell Upright Row / Push Ups

WOD: 5 rounds of: Farmers Walk with 60k on each side / 9x Back Squat / Rest

I trained in my new Rogue Gear. Check on my selfie addiction still going strong.


I gulped down my protein shake, dolled up and off I was to inhale champagne downtown. It was a great night out with bars, club, dancing (Loved the DJ!!)and hours of chatting at the bar until about, err, 3am? Can’t remember…..

Joking. I had 1 glass since I was out with the car.

Joking. I had 1 glass since I was out with the car.

Friends Friends Party Party

Saturday I was home with a nasty cold but went to Olympic Lifting in the afternoon and did some Open Gym by myself at the box. Rest of the day was spent in the box-office to get all the PR work done. My Saturday night fever.


Sunday morning, as mentioned the run – it was glorious. It was about -45° C (right, about 0°C) and the sun was out. SO beautiful.


After being caught and stared at weirdly by my neighbour at the laundry room doing dirty movements, I cooked up breakfast cause I was close to chewing my arm off. Eggs with Sweet Potatoes, Baby Tomatoes, a bucket of caffe latte with skim milk and rice cakes with chocolate. This is my kind of Sunday morning.

Eggs Coffee Rice Cakes

Since Thursday night my laptop is away to be fixed cause it was shortly before a lonely and painful death. I have to say that I feel like a part of me is missing, plus I really had quite a pile of work to do for CrossFit and the blog. So I installed myself again at the box-office for all day Sunday. Bonus point: I am not alone at home on my couch, but can take chat and food breaks with the team. Like.

Perfect ending of this weekend? Seafood platter, phone chats and Bruce Willis. On TV.


Last time you partied out? Where?

Dinner last night?


26 thoughts on “Nights In, Nights Out

  1. Emily Hawkes says:

    OOh, what’s in your last dinner pic? I see scallops, broccoli and cucumber I think?? My dinner last night was a veggie lasagne made with leek ‘sheets’ instead of pasta – it was gooood!!!

    I had a gorgeous walk yesterday – I’m scared to run since I ‘did my butt in’ twice while running in the last month 😦

  2. Oh but your breakfast yesterday- YUM! Both your nights out look like a blast!! The last time I had a big night out was 2 weeks ago at a friend’s wedding! Lunch yesterday was bigger than normal so I wasn’t too hungry for dinner so went with a lightish option: Homemade soup with scrambled eggs & avocado on rice cakes!

  3. You need to stop giving me seafood envy. I’m scared for what yuou’ll find here in Australia.

    And stop lying. We know you tried the be Harry Potter on the broom stick!

  4. Letizia@thefitlabel says:

    You food pics always look so good!!

    My dinner last night was not very interesting because I came home really late from a day of skiing. I made the quickest thing I could think of: a bowl of banana oatmeal topped with almond butter + a couple of medjool dates because they are delicious.

    I am not a big party girl anymore since I started working a full-time job, but last time I partied was epic. I threw a Halloween party at my apartment in Geneva and it got so loud that the neighbors threatened to call the police 🙂

  5. Your food looks great and it looks like a fun weekend! Thats really funny that your neighbor keeps “catching” you doing weird stuff in your laundry room!
    Dinner last night for me was pulled pork and luckily we have leftovers because it was really good!

  6. Looks like you had lots of fun! I love those rogue shorts! I tend to do some stretching while I wait for food in the oven or the microwave, one day I might give it a go in the laundry room. Ha!

  7. Jan says:

    As always love your stories and love to see your food photos! It’s funny that you asked about the partying! I am visiting my mom in Illinois ( I live in CA). My brother and I sat down in front of the fireplace with Grand Marnier at 11 pm. At 2 AM we were still drinking Grand Marnier and laughing and sharing stories. When I got up at 630 am. I knew I would have to have a nap later on that day…Who knew I would be hungover after staying inside at my mom’s house! Today I am going for a long hike in the snow. The closet gym is in Iowa! I am hoping I can mentally survive not doing James Wilson’s workouts for a week!
    Have a great day!

    • I love the story of that evening at your Mom’s. I can totally imagine how nice the atmosphere was with the fire and the booze and the laughter!
      I think your body and soul will LOVE the change of snowwalks to the gym! You will be back super strong and motivated!

  8. Yeah sure you didn’t do anything kinky with the broom. Keep telling yourself that.

    Mmm, last wild night out…that was a month or so ago. In fact, I think I’m due for another one soon. Operation eat all the eggs and veggies begins today, just because I love both.

  9. Last night out wasssssss… New Years, I think? But my sleeping patterns have been a bit off so I end up staying up late most nights anyways. And the weather here has been craaaaaazy. It’s been above 0 for almost 2 weeks now, which is just… not okay for us here in Edmonton 😆

    PS – have you signed up for Blend, yet?!?

  10. Girrrrrllll… you should have seen us the last time we went out in Vegas. I definitely didn’t limit myself to one glass of champagne… oops. #sorrynotsorry

  11. I could use a party night BADLY! I have been so dedicated to this competition but I know the party time is around the corner! Thanks for sharing your fun night out 😉 xo C

  12. I love your bedsheets, and your scramble!! I always throw tons of random things into my scrambles and they turn out the best. Cool to see what a night out in Zurich looks like!!

    I’m going to Germany again for work in Feb and can’t wait to stock up on tasty European treats from the grocery store (so much better than in America :P).

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  13. Looks like a weekend full of fun! What a great way to enjoy!

  14. danielle says:

    lol i would love it if you had your neighbor write a guest post called, “my view of Lucie… as her neighbord” omg what on earth would that be? i would love it! 😀
    so my last crazy part night was last weekend… seriously, it was so insane that i didn’t want to drink again for a week. i’m too old for this crazy bullshit, and my crazy i mean i had not eaten enough all day and had red bulls, and this combo makes me crazy. that evening there was dancing, then a hotel bar, and in my state of mind i wanted shots of tequila. not a good idea! we walked to another club and i was not in good shape after that. seriously i could barely stand and it just proves that red bull + no food + tequila = total mess! oh well, everyone had fun and didn’t know how much i hurt the next day. thank goodness for small blessings lol 🙂
    p.s. hey we were the band of brunettes, would have been a good mix with your band of blondes!!! lol!

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