Retro Juke Box and a Road Trip


30. December 2014 by swissfitchick


I hope you all had a wonderful christmas or just some relaxing days. I am on vacation now, which is nice – spending some time at home, and I will take 2 trips to the mountains this week. It’s been snowing over here for the first time this season, so it ACTUALLY feels like winter now.

I spent christmas away from home and took a 1280km road trip for that. Thank God for car navigation system, cause I honestly had no idea where I was going and throughout the whole trip at least 10 question marks stringed together over my head while I was asking myself as to where the hell I was.

Trip Trip

After a few quick pit stops and without veering off the road or getting lost (SELF-FIVE!) I arrived and spent 2 perfect days with all the eggnog and then some, board games, good food, tons of laughter and champagne. Oh, and a 90 minutes run on christmas morning. Yeah was just like you, like…..WHAT?! 90minutes?! I have no freaking idea when the last time was when I did something like this. It was nice, but oh, I don’t miss the long runs, I really don’t.

Trip Trip

Eggnog from the freezer eaten with a spoon straight from the jar. BEST.

Eggnog from the freezer eaten with a spoon straight from the jar. BEST.



Friday I cruised all the way back and after doing some work at home, I cycled straight to the box to move my butt in the Advanced CF class. It felt good to sweat after 6 hours of flattening my ass in the car. The head coach chased us through a really mean warm up: 1 round Prowler (Oh I HATE you Prowler, so so much.) 50 Double Unders, 40cal Air Dyne, 30 Burpees. Then Olympic LIfting: Snatch. I swear, I am the most untalented person on Earth who is trying to do a Snatch. I was simmering with tears cause I always struggle so much with this exercise. Thank God we continued with my beloved strength part and the Coach put up something like a christmas juke box with retro songs. Of course I placed wishes, since, well, me. Seems legit.

Cindy Lauper and this:

4 rounds, 10 reps each:

Bench Press (50kg) / Deadlift (80kg) / Strict Pull Ups (no band, black band)/ DB Shoulder Press (12,5kg)/ KB Reverse Lunges (20kg)/ DB Bench Row (20kg)


Saturday I was good and went to Olympic LIfting Class to practise my weaknesses. Ewww.

I spent the evening with my friend Cécile, her husband and the girls with pizza and champagne. These two are definitely my favorites. Kailie (on the right) just lost her toy and had to force herself not to cry in the picture 🙂


Sunday, Gymday, and later Christmas Event with the CrossFit Crew. More food, more booze, more good times.

CrossFit CrossFit

So yes, I think 50% of my meals last week were on the calories denser side, I drank alcohol on 4 days out of 7, and I had sweet treats daily. Though I must say, I don’t feel a lot different than usual. Maybe a little puffy, but with gulping down shit tons of water all day long, eating clean outside of the celebration meals and keeping up with my workouts, it’s ok. It’s all about balance, right? Of course it won’t suck when a normal routine returns into my life, but until then I savor the moments with all the dear friends and this chilling time I get to spend with them including the booze and treats that come along with it.

Monday was a non-existing bad day – at least I made a Bench Press PR – 62.5 kg, yes. Plus, Sylvia came round in the evening to pamper her trashed friend with homecooked clean food and a late christmas present: Chestnut Marmalade and our favorite pics of us.


FriendsAnd since it is still Monday night while I am writing this and still trashed from last night’s Christmas Dinner, I have to stop now, cause my brain seriously only produces nonsensical and confusing shit and I want to spare you this.

I will be off to the mountains tomorrow, so will probably only be back blogging next Monday  – HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU!!



14 thoughts on “Retro Juke Box and a Road Trip

  1. Jan says:

    It looks like you are having a super time! Happy New Year!
    Can you give me any tips on how to master a pull up? That is something I can’t seem to master!!!

  2. I’m so glad you’re feeling better and really enjoying yourself. Happy New Year Love.

  3. Enjoy the time off my friend.

    Looks like that was an epic roadtrip worth every km and self five.

    PS- I am jealous of your bench press PR.

  4. Awesome job on your bench press PR – we don’t tend to do bench press very often but hopefully coach will programme some more in the new year!
    Oh how I wish we could get European egg nog in the UK! Apart from starbucks doing their eggnog latte, there is no sign of it anywhere here. Maybe I will try making it one day… A resolution for next Christmas maybe! Haha!
    Hope you have a very happy new year in the mountains!

  5. danielle says:

    You’re my hero girl, I love it all. You look gorgeous, happy, sparkly, and all that dazzling joyful shit. LOL love you!!!! now take care of your silly self 😉 xoxox

  6. Happy new year babe! Can you believe I have never had eggnog before :0 it looks so yummy! Happy New Year xo C

  7. cottercrunch says:

    have fun in the mountains you gorgeous girl! p.s. You make me crave all the food! YES PLEASE

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