Booze kills bacteria, Zurich and baked greek salad


22. December 2014 by swissfitchick

Hello and happy Monday!

I am ALMOST back on the healthy track – some leftovers from my flu/infect/cold/sinusitis – like the voice of Bonnie Tyler.

Happy Christmasweek and thank you Katie for hosting!!

Other than that, I was happy to actually get to talk to people on Saturday night…..let’s face it, my self-talks started to get out of hand over here. I seriously feared I was going insane and the permanent discussions with myself became amazingly boring and annoying. I also got out of ideas on  christmasmovies to download and German reality TV sucks sssssso bad, there is in NO case a way I can watch this, even on antibiotics high and a blurred mind.


Thursday night at home, while my officecrew was celebrating christmas. At least my boys sent me a cute selfie with their adorable bow-ties.


My CrossFit Crew went lifting on a charity event – they lifted 98 tons in 30 minutes and raised 8500 Swiss Francs. Do they rock, or do they ROCK??


I did a little training on Saturday, until I was chased out the box by the boss himself – unfortunately my voice sold me out on not being 100% fit yet. It’s not that I am stoked by people who are right when I am wrong. Especially annoying when they catch me doing something not so smart. #blondefail

But of course, he was right and I am reasonable and show insight. Kind of.

Anyway, I didn’t skip my invitation for Saturday with some of my dearest people. Sylvia my best, her hubby, Georgios and Muriel one of my favorite couples ever and me. We met up at Georgios’ and Muriel’s place and well, he is Greek – so you NEVER have to fear to not get enough food. OMG. I was in food-friends-prosecco-heaven. This was actually my christmas. Predrinks….


…after which he called us to table for ‘a little amuse bouche’ – I swear, if amuse bouches would always look like this, my jealousy about food wouldn’t be a problem anymore. Look at these PILES of clams!!! I LOVE them and I was literally licking the shells with some drool on the side. C’mon, after 10 days of crabby sick food, I was all about eating some real stuff.

Oh, and of course a christmas-selfie had to happen. We clearly need a selfie-stick.

image image


Now can we talk about the main course? I salute Georgios for this dish, seriously, I took seconds even though I was just about to explode. This was simply a buttered casserole, based with catfish filets, topped with peppers and tomatoes and feta cheese made in the oven. So basically, baked Greek Salad. BAKED GREEK SALAD. With fish. And thyme, majoran and oregano. That’s all. SO delicious.


Booze kills bacteria. It’s a fact. Hand it over!

See that chocolate mouse next to the glass? It was in my mouth 1 sec after this pic was taken. I mean look –  it APPARENTLY STARES at me. It called my freaking NAME.

Hmm. Gianduia Mouse.


Grappa Galore

Grappa Galore – I like

It was a great and hilarious night as always. My absolute favorite moments ever – spending time with friends.


Sunday breakfast:

Later in the day I cycled to the station and jumped on the train to Zurich to visit Anne and buy some last christmas presents, stare at Zurich’s lightful christmas and drink mulled wine. More wine. Do I have a problem?

It was blissful to be back in Zurich – I love it so very much especially at this time of the year. It’s my first holiday season since 4 years which I don’t spent there and I did shed a fair amount of tears cause I miss it so desperately at times.

wine Zurich Zurich Zurich

Oh, and food. Don’t worry, I shared. It’s christmastime after all.

That was some kind of chicken stir fry with chinese mushrooms and peppers and satay skewers with peanutsauce. Hmmm.


2 days till christmas! Whee!

How has your holiday season been so far? 

Did you ever have greek food? Do you like it? I LOVE it. (Could be that this has to do with some kind of dramatic/romantic greek lovestory back in the days….)

Favorite Christmas Movie? 




14 thoughts on “Booze kills bacteria, Zurich and baked greek salad

  1. I think I need to be friends with Sylvia if Mussels were the appetiser…those are my kind of friends! Hope you’re feeling better and I’m a little worried as to what German reality TV constitutes after seeing some….interesting ones in Hamburg!

  2. Yay glad to hear you are feeling better- I am totally with you about alcohol & booze. Nothing like a few vodkas to nix a sickness in the butt ;)! Please tell me you downloaded Home Alone? If not, you have 3 days till Christmas so make sure you fit it in! I love Greek food but unfortunately it’s not too common around here. As cliche as it sounds, I will have to make do with multiple plates worth of Greek salad—> feta makes everything betta!

  3. They freaking ROCK!!! I actually haven’t watched a Christmas movie this year yet, is that weird? I just feel I have watched them TOOO many times… OMG I could eat greak food every day!!! Have you tried their desserts? I die!! 😉

  4. Oh that food looks amazing!! And made even better with the booze!!
    I am feeling pretty rough right now… Result of a running WOD in the rain on Thursday – urgh! But I must admit when I had some brandy at the weekend I felt a lot better! 😉

  5. Jessie says:

    Perhaps I’m blind, but I don’t see the chocolate mouse next to your wine glass that you speak of? I really dislike that you had still be feeling under the weather going into the weekend. No sickness should’ve lasted that long. Boo!!! At least you finally made it out of the house & enjoyed good company & delicious food 🙂 🙂

  6. cottercrunch says:

    i think i need that omelet for christmas morning. thanks for sharing it! and uh… 98lbs in 30 minutes? that’s unreal! you guys are the badass of Crossfit!

  7. danielle says:

    wow that sounds amazing!!! what a wonderful evening, so happy you are feeling better and joining friends and festivities again 🙂 i love spiced/mulled wine, so i’m totally with you. it’s so healthy, meaning it has spices and it is an antioxident, right??? totally! i’m wishing i could be in zurich for the holidays right now, maybe one day 🙂 my cousin just emailed me from zurich to wish me well and sorry she is not here, but she has a new baby so good excuse 😉
    i LOVE greek and mediterranean food! i could easily eat greek or thai food every day and be happy. still need prosecco though, so i’ll be very multi-cultural lol. yes, i have always loved greek myths, i grew up watching Clash of the Titans and reading greek novels and romances novels set in greece… maybe i was a silly romantic, but i have always wanted to visit greece and totally will one day. for now i will just be happy eating greek food and drinking greek wines.
    my favorite christmas movie is Love Actually… have you seen it? i love it!!!

  8. OMG – that Christmas dinner! I love mussels. And the feta!!! I go love Greek food… good thing Vegas and I are going to GREECE!!! 🙂

    I’m glad you’re feeling better. Let yourself heal! And I get it with Zurich… such a great city. We will have to spend more time there when I come back. But really, you should just move to the States. 😉

  9. Love Greek food! And ohmygod, those clams – I would be 100% all over those. Can I get an invite to the next meetup?

  10. I am glad your feeling better! All of that food looks incredible. I hope you enjoyed it and it tasted as good as it looks.

  11. Wow Zurich is beautiful over the holidays. I can see why you’d miss it. Glad to see you up and moving, my sweet.

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