The 2014 Blogger Survey


19. December 2014 by swissfitchick

Hello from back on the couch!!


Yes. I am back home, sick. It obviously was a BAD idea to go to work and CrossFit Monday and Tuesday. Now I have several bacterial infects, that attacked my sinuses and my eyes – I look like someone punched straight both of my eyes after smoking shit tons of cheap grass. So, Holiday Season my ass – can we extend it for a month, so I can catch up on the missed parties and all the mulled wine?!

Anyway, that’s the boring part, now my friend and blend Arman saved my blogger entity by creating a fabulous survey.


Let’s go.

Top three favorite posts: 

1. I have to cheat a little here. I had a hard time and it took me tons of hours to put them together, but I loved writing them and they were some of the most read posts by you – the MY STORY series, part 1, part 2, part 3. part 4 and part 5. Clearly super narcissistic to like my own story, but hey, the blog is about me, so nothing new here.


2. I am not a size small anymore and why I think lifting weights is good for you 

My view and attitude about my muscle gain and what I benefit from it and from my daily strength training.

3. Pumpkin Chilli Recipe. Since it is winter and chilli is the bomb, I repost it here. I love this recipe!!


Top Three Favorite Blogger Post: 

1. Of course I LOVED Laura’s recap of her time here in Switzerland with me. Besides that we had the best time, it is so fun to read how others experience my country.


2. There are hardly any posts by this lady which I don’t love to the moon and back. She is my queen of words and humour. Since I can not decide which of her posts is the top one, I chose one randomly and it happens to be the Public Banana post. I read it at the office (I normally never do that, aahahaha) and I honestly considered to stuff my mouth with post-it’s to not laugh out loud constantly.


3. Carly. She is real, honest, straight, lovable and hilarious. And so brave. I love this post about the ‘Tuesday Transformation – I’m Calling Bullshit’ – madness going on in Social Media and showing how light, clothes and all that jazz can change the look of your bodies in pics. And how unimportant it all actually is.


Top Three Events of 2014: 

1. Swiss Team Challenge. My first Team Competition in CrossFit – I loved every single minute of this weekend!!

Team Challenge

2. My Move. A big change this year – moving from Zurich back home to Basel after Sandro ended our relationship. A whirlwind of emotions – excitement, fear, farewell, sadness, anticipation – all of it. But, I survived it all, built myself back up with tons of new challenges and I am deeply in love with my new home.


3. Travels. I spent 14 days on my own in Israel and Spain in November. Best way to lengthen the summer, shorten the winter and exploring a whole new world all by myself.


Top Three Meals 2014: 

1. Hummus and PIta Bread. I ate it daily in Tel Aviv and I can not stop thinking of it.

Tel Aviv

2. Chestnut Chocolate Chunk Cookies. Not a meal, but definitely one of my favorite healthified cookie recipes so far. So much the better since I made them when I was sick and had all the time of the world to slowly eat my way through a batch.


3. Quark Pancakes. I can never get enough of them – topped with more quark of course.


Top Three Blogger Trends:

I don’t think I can give you three – cause I usually just don’t get the trends. I am kind of naive and blind when it comes to these trends (and in some other situations too maybe, coughcough), so I totally miss out. BUT, yesterday, I noted one that Amanda brought up on her blog – the meme game. You type your name and meme into google and see what comes up. Holy mother of god, you must try this!! I definitely had a damn ton of fun with the results. My favorites:

You beautiful liar, hell yes.

Thank you. Yes. #gulpsdowndoublewhiskey #faints

I am shocked at how much this equats to the truth

I am shocked at how much this equats to the truth



PLUS, I will follow a BIG blogger trend next year – I will attend my first Blend Retreat in May 2015 in Boulder. To say I am excited is the understatement of the year.

Happy Weekend to all of you!!

Top of 2014….



… you visited? 



20 thoughts on “The 2014 Blogger Survey

  1. brittanylesserfitness says:

    This was so fun!! Top place I visited in 2014 was definitely northern california (san francisco/yosemite)!!! so beautiful

  2. Well I know what my TOP PLACES TO TRAVEL TO in 2014 will be… AUS and NZ… Coming my way in ONE WEEK BABY! ONE WEEK! woop woop!

  3. I definitely enjoyed reading YOUR story! Carly’s post was so so good too. I am hoping Christmas this year comes into my top 2014 so I am holding on that…:)

  4. Even though I’ve been reading your blog for most of 2014, it’s still fun to go through the highlights with you :)! I think the best place I visited in 2014 was Sri Lanka- loved it!

    Hope you are feeling better, Lucie!!

  5. Emily Hawkes says:

    Feel better soon! The best place and event I’ve been to this year was probably Arromanches on the 70th D Day Anniversary. Amazingly touching. xx

  6. danielle says:

    this is fabulous!!! YOU are fabulous, i love it all! i had hummus and bread today in your honor 😉
    sorry you are still dealing with this crud, i think i might have caught it as well :/ but hey, it’s friday and we’ll have the weekend to nap and recover…

  7. Not sure if you remember but a while back I told you that 2014 was your year, and you lived up to it. You achieved so much and bring on 2015- Sydney is still on the books, right!

  8. Epic year, my friend! I am so glad I got to meet you in 2014!!! Come for Christmas, ok???

  9. Aww, I love you too, you fabulous lady, and I adore the fact you said all my posts make you happy and laugh. You just happened to pick the most phallic one. No worries, I get it.

    By the way, if you’re not better by the time I’m caught up, I will fly to Switzerland and force you to rest.

  10. Wow, you visited some really cool countries! Spain is on my list of places to visit, it looks beautiful! I am sucker for hummus and pita BUT enjoying it in Tel Aviv is pretty amazing 🙂

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