Thinking Out Loud – a day late


12. December 2014 by swissfitchick

Thanks to our lovely Amanda, we get to be lazy on Thursdays and simply outpour our non sensical brain content on here without second thoughts. Or maybe some, but not out loud.

On the subject of non sensical things: it’s Friday, not Thursday. I was crazy busy AND sick on Wednesday, so putting a post together for Thursday that isn’t a literal punishment for you was utterly impossible.

Speaking of, a big apology to my blends – my lack of comments is caused simply by me buried under my pillow trying to ignore a sore throat or sitting with the computer and getting work done. My exciting life.


1. Tuesday night Advanced Class is a near-death experience, I know now. Thank God we don’t have to do the run-round-the-house-tour to warm up (I am the last to arrive back, ALWAYS. I don’t know why. But I am way behind EVERYONE when we run these 5 minutes. It’s not like I feel stupid or embarrassed, or something, noooooo. I am just heavy and slow and the one who gets to be chosen the last to a team), but we do a warm up that takes up about 25 minutes and I am drenched in sweat like a pig after that. Yeah, Warm Up, haha. I figured, the coaches’ evil grins are bigger in those classes too. I wonder.

I have these socks to run myself into the ground each time and they are NOT CrossFit socks, so sue me, these are soccer socks. I have a socks aversion and 90% of the time train barefoot, so this is an exception. Cause yeah, it’s winter.

I also wear new Reebok Nanos! And my hair looks like straw and felt like it too. Postworkout mess.

CrossFit Socks

2. It seems appropriate to take a shower after insanity like that and as always in winter few parts of my skin turn into sandpaper. The solution – oil. Since coconut oil would be wonderful on my body but harshful to my wallet, I chose a Nivea oil which I love.

I am very well aware that harshful isn’t a proper word. But it enclosed so nicely into the sentence, so just roll with it.


3. I made a little road trip to our second office on Wednesday and I love it. Just being in the car for a while on my own with good beats makes me happy. The views are beautiful and we did get a little snow too. It looks like Sunday is spent on the slopes! Oh my GAWD!


4. YES.

Shirt5. My current friends. NO, it is NOT because I walk around in our cold box barefoot, but because I hugged my working colleague the other day (it was his birthday, chill) and he was sick. Ewwwwww. I look like a half-dead person. I was scratching my head in ignorance and irritation when the pharmacist piled up all this shit, but oh well, I do what I’m told. I should probably rest a little too. Not my thing.


7. Christmas Part #76. Gimme Prosecco and Food and I smile despite all snuffels, flus and colds!


6. I plan to bake cookies today. Yes. A recipe. Say WHAT?! C’m on, it’s christmas and all, I think it’s time to move my butt into the kitchen and make some people happy. And it’s high time to post a recipe anyway. I am extremely sure that you didn’t see a single Paleo Cookie Recipe in the last few weeks yet and are desperately waiting for one. Forgive me – I will jump on the cookie waggon, but I will think about some savory ‘real food’ recipes for the coming year too.



Happy Weekend Lovies!

Did you already bake cookies this holiday season? 

What kind of recipe would you like to see on the blog? 

What’s the plan for the weekend? 

19 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud – a day late

  1. cottercrunch says:

    haha christmas party galore. I need to rename your blog –> prosecco and cross fit. yes?

  2. Feel better love!
    And those cookies look amazing!!!!

  3. Oh no, hope you feel better….lots of rest & fluids this weekend, girl! Love that last picture, can’t wait to see what you whip up! I’m back on the quinoa bandwagon this past week so I would loveto see a recipe using it :)!

    Sie note: the snow fall on your blog always make me smile!

  4. I am touching wood so that I don’t get sick this winter…so far I am hanging there… I am pretty sure some baking will do you good..;) Soccer socks look good to me! I am the opposite..never barefoot…I just feel I need to protect my is as if I am naked if I don’t wear socks!
    Hope you feel better! 🙂

  5. Hope you feel better soon ,buddy! nd YES! I finally succeeded with a batch of paleo cookies for Christmas and can;’t wait for yours- I see chocolate and dates!

  6. Emily Hawkes says:

    Get well soon!!

    Yes, I’ll be baking cookies, I see gingerbread houses in my future 🙂

  7. danielle says:

    hope you feel better soon girly!!! you look cute though 😀
    i love baking this time of year, filling the home with baking spice smells makes me happy. drinking wine while baking makes me happier! i’ve been baking anything with pumpkin and spice, and also some peanut butter oat bars with dark chocolate chips for the more ‘healthy’ people. haha! xoxox

  8. Ahhh feel better soon lovely! I haven’t baked any cookies yet, but I am doing brownies tomorrow – I need to do at least one seasonal baking session!

  9. Feel better soon, gorgeous! ❤ I've done a little too much holiday baking lately and so I'm currently up to my eyeballs in cookies, muffins, and brownies, but there are definitely worse problems to have :mrgreen:

    • Haha, you’re absolutely right. Too many baked goods? I’d be happy to take some 🙂
      But yes, I feel my craving for savory things is stronger after a long baking session 🙂

  10. So I’m super incredibly behind which means I’m sure you are 100% better by now. If not, then you definitely need to rest my friend. Yep, the pharmacist should have prescribed that too. Maybe some more champagne to make you sleepy.

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