Spain – Recap and what I ate


3. December 2014 by swissfitchick

Awwww, did you see my snow is back on the blog? I LOOOOVE it. Hm. I just admitted that I enter my third year of blogging. And I never celebrated. WAIT. I will. BIG. Promised. Just not now.

I am FINALLY back in the blogging sphere and link up with Jen to What I Ate Wednesday, THANK YOU!!!

wiaw what i ate wednesday button happy healthy holidays

I heard that in winter, amphibians fall into a cold rigor.

I think I am an amphibian.

amphibien-lurche-froesche126~_v-image512_-6a0b0d9618fb94fd9ee05a84a1099a13ec9d3321Ok, I am exaggerating ridiculously as always and the height of my whining level because of winter is simply a joke. But seriously, I HATE the cold. If the world would let me, I would isolate myself at home 24/7 and not move until temperatures rise again to at least 10°C. AT LEAST.

And since you didn’t come here to listen to my rant about winter, I will update you now with Spain pictures and hopefully the warm sunrays will come through and warm you. Am I already corny enough?

I do it short-sentence-style to avoid my endless ramblings for once.

Here’s the beachstreet – when I drive along here, I know I arrived. It is pure freedom and happiness. I even like the black clouds. Ocean on the right, palm trees on the left. Hello Wonderland.

Bena Bena
First thing to do: Buying ALLLL the food. I sometimes wonder where the hell the extended family is that I intend to feed.

BenaSecondly – being amazed every time anew by the view from the beach house and then grab things and go to the beach.

Bena Bena



BenaNever stop watching sunsets. Never.

BenaBenaEarly morning 30 minutes (one way!) Bike Ride to the Gym. Stopping to watch the Sunrise.

Don’t worry. I was at the hairdresser yesterday and my brown hairline is replaced by blonde again.

Bena Bena Bena BenaBreakfast.

Chicken Scrambled Eggs & Rice Cakes

Chicken Scrambled Eggs & Rice Cakes

Spending the rest of the day at the beach. Having Tortilla and Pepsi Crab. Because.

Bena Bena BenaThere were 2 storm-and-rain-days too. I sat in my most favorite coffee lounge and got some work done. Surrounded by locals and it felt so cosy. One day I even had a warm and crispy ham and cheese sandwich. OMG!! Is that Paleo? GF? Low fat? Low Carb? F*ckno. I would have preferred smoked spanish ham though.

Bena Bena Bena BenaDinners usually consisted of salads as big as my head, roasted asparagus and catfish. And some mealprep on the side for the days and postworkout.

IMG_7268 IMG_7273 IMG_7275

Plus Quark with Low Fat something Mc Vities. Which made me think I can eat more chocolate, which I did, which is stupid. But I did. My chocolate consumption is a little concerning now and I get the feeling I need to go cold turkey. Ok, I KNOW I have to. I will. One day.

I did my morning beach runs, skillsession and stairsprints…..



And made a little road trip to Nerja. Beautiful place.

Bena Bena Bena Bena Bena Bena Bena Bena Bena Bena

That’s it!

524 words??!! Holy crap, that’s historical!! Self-Five.

Are you in a chocolate rut? Do you think I should go cold turkey? 

Did you ever eat spanish Tortilla or spanish smoked ham? If not, you definitely should. 

Do you prefer to stay in hotels or in apartments when you travel? 



24 thoughts on “Spain – Recap and what I ate

  1. I want to be here. It looks so lovely and relaxing and inviting. I am going to close my eyes and transport myself there, m’kay?

    Your glass of bubbly and the ham and cheese is my favorite.

  2. I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO GO TO SPAIN so thanks for that little taste. In fact, you really just got me even more excited for my end of the month travels to New Zealand and as of today, Australia!!!! WOO WOO! AHHH SO PUMPED I just can’t contain myself! Maybe I shall talk with an accent until I go? LOL

  3. So it looks like we actually travelled at the same time and return to the blog world at the same time haha!

    I’ve only been to Barcelona and now I’m kicking myself- these pictures look beautiful!

    • Wheee, welcome back my Dearest!! I loved the video of you and Gigi, FINALLY I heard your sexy accent. Keep the vlogs coming, will ya?
      Next time you come to Europe, I take you there! We can eat a lot of spanish ham and cheese and get a little drunk too.

  4. The Padre says:

    Thanx so much for all the photos!! I may never travel to Spain so living vicariously through you. Not saying I don’t care for the snow, just different. And staying in apartments or hostels over hotels for sure because access to a kitchen saves many $$$$$$$$$$. Big Hugs Kid

    • Never say Never Padre!! Spain is worth a looooong journey!
      I love snow, means snowboarding. But winter in the city sucks. It’s grey and wet, nothing else.

      • The Padre says:

        Just to be clear, the snow reference was regarding to the snow flakes falling on your blog. I live in Colorado & The Boy Dog & I are snow freaks for sure. We snowshoe or X-Country nearly every weekend. Oh, And You Are Awesome

  5. So beautiful!!!!! I am totally wish you on getting rid of winter and the cold 😉
    If we could all live there in Spain….problem would be solved 😉

  6. Beautiful!!!
    Oh and I love Spanish ham!!! So yummy and I can find it in our stores in Scotland!! Yay, 3 cheers for being in the EU! Haha!

  7. Anoushé says:

    I envy you so much! Such beautiful pictures! I love tortilla.. there is this little place my mom and I always went to in Ibiza where you could get an entire tortilla (like the whole pan) for like 5 euro! With a side of manchego – the best Spanish cheese EVER!

  8. Sarah says:

    I love your snowflakes (and chocolate), especially when they fall over your sunny Spain pictures, haha

  9. Great pics! I want to be right where you are in that one photo with the great view and the champagne. Allllllll the bubbly! 🙂

  10. So.freaking.jealous. It’s hard for me to imagine a beach right now considering we’re currently buried under 2 feet of snow, but I’d kill to have some warmth in my life. I guess fireplaces and hot coffee will have to do. Aaaand at least there’s snowboarding, which is basically the main reason for why I could never live in a tropical climate.

  11. I want to go to Nerja!!! It looks like Greece! And all the bubbles. Sweets are a cold turkey thing for me… all or nothing. But ya have to live while you’re on vacation. And you look GREAT!

  12. Danielle says:

    Oooohhhh lah lah lovely!!! Gorgeous! You look fabulous, the food looks divine, and the Place looks just simply marvelous. Tres bien!!
    I had to chop between Spain and Chile for holiday next month and chose chile only cuz we’re staying in the mountains on a vineyard lol. But Spain still calls my name!! Xoxoxo

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