Pita Bread and me in Tel Aviv


1. December 2014 by swissfitchick


Israel Israel

It was my first time in this country and I can say that I WILL go back sooner than later for longer. The people, the scenery, the food, the climate – YES. Despite all the warnings, for the situation to be heavy, I went. I know that Momma went crazy at home. Even though she would never admit it. She knows her daughter and she knows she could beg me and threaten me to never bake her infamous butter bread again – I would still go. She’s usually torn between being proud of me for doing things or being scared to death of these particular things. Every time I didn’t answer her text messages within 1 minute, she was ‚textily‘ screaming: ‚ARE YOU OK??!!! (insert 67 scared emoticons)‘ Yes, Mom. I am at the beach trying to find the perfect ankle to the sunlight. Don’t distract me.

Israel image Israel

But I digress. One of the reasons why I decided to fly to Tel Aviv – apart from finally wanting to visit the city which is only a little more than a 3 hours flight from Basel  – was Michal. Michal and I went to school together for 4 years back in the late 90’s. Pretty soon after we educated, she moved to Israel, got married and built a family. Every time she visits Switzerland (which is very rare unfortunately) we meet up and in all these years we never lost contact. She is one of my friends who I see and feel like we just said goodbye yesterday. Nothing is strange or awkward, we are the same giggly girlfriends since ever and I absolutely love it. And I love her. She is meanwhile a mother of 4 kids, she works in the media and film production field, and lives with her husband and the children in Jerusalem. She is short and loud and shares about the same amount of hyperactivity like me. It’s fun when we are together.

Israel IMG_5532 Israel

So – I flew in on Monday and made it surprisingly smooth to my rented apartment at the beach. I thew my suitcase into one of the corners and off I went to get important things done: checking out the beach, finding the CrossFit box and buy food. I found a Health Food store. And the beach was beautiful. And the guys at CrossFit were cute (some of them at least 😉 ). The thought of staying here for all times crossed my mind more than once.

Israel Israel Israel Israel Israel Israel

I spent the days on my own, with runs at the beach, exploring the city, CrossFit training and sunbathing and swimming at the beach. Bliss.

I went out with Michal on Tuesday night which I loved. As much as I love to travel alone and am used to find my way through the world, it is always great to have someone who knows her way, has good tips and is a great friend to talk to. Later that night Michal left me somewhere in the dark streets cause she needed to catch the bus back home and I was a little concerned……

Israel Israel Israel

Nothing to be worried about – I made it home safely. I got used to be stared at all the time everywhere when I travel alone. It seems not very common for blonde women in their mid thirties to travel around lonesome.

Israel Israel Israel Israel

The next morning I jumped on the bus to Jerusalem to spend the day with Michal there. Instead of wondering about the beautiful scenery around me and being excited about what the day will bring, I fell into the deepest sleep coma and probably snored over my empty Tupperware laying on my lap, from which out I ate my eggy-apple-oats I brought along. #noshame. Now we don’t need to be surprised that there was a little disaster happening on the highway – I got ripped out of my dreams rather ungentle when the bus all of a sudden stopped and everyone was yelling around in Hebrew. No problem for me, with my fluent Hebrew…..in all seriousness, all of a sudden the bus was EMPTY and I sat there with the most irritated look, trying to understand as to what the hell is happening – when the driver chased me out, pointing to the crowd and making clear, that we have a flat tire or something and need to wait ON THE HIGHWAY until a new bus arrives. No big deal.


Israel Israel

I totally knew where I was going.....

I totally knew where I was going…..

Jerusalem was amazing. I absolutely LOVED it. Michal is not only funny and a lovable friend, she is also freaking smart and a walking history book. So I had a private super-guide with me all day – it was awesome. What I loved the most – what a surprise – was the shuk (=market. People who watched SATC 40 times like me, know what shuk means. You know, where Carrie meets Aidan. And then forgets her passport. And buys those shoes for 20 dollars. And she wears that ginormous skirt and the J’adore Dior top. Ok, yeah, where was I, f+++ck it?)

Ok, yes, the market. AHAMAZING. I swear, I would turn into a double sized donut if I would live there. SO MUCH GOOD FOOD.


The most delicious thing ever. Pressed tahini in all kinds of flavors. Tahini Cake. With chocolate and so. O.M.G.

The most delicious thing ever. Pressed tahini in all kinds of flavors. Tahini Cake. With chocolate and so. O.M.G.

IMG_5528 IMG_5519 IMG_5524 IMG_5520 Israel

Ah, the food…..let me tell you what: I had a tummy ache all week long cause I couldn’t help but gobble this magically delicious hummus and tahini on warm pita bread. Seriously, guys. If this isn’t #foodgasm or #mouthgasm or #foodporn or whatever all that shit is called, then I don’t know. Believe me, I wanted to BE hummus AND pita bread to be my twin. Ok, that might be a little weird, but you get it. I was hummus/pita pregnant constantly. Worth it.

Israel image

I asked for a bit of side bread to my salad. I got a freaking LOAF.

I asked for a bit of side bread to my salad. I got a freaking LOAF.


CrossFit was fun as well! Now I don’t want to sound snobby, but it seems that the level of CrossFit Basel is pretty damn high. So far, I liked the boxes I visited a lot, but I never felt as challenged and powered out after a class as I do when I am home. Nevertheless they welcomed me so nicely and made me feel to be part of the community, which I loved. We did some snatch insanity stuff which was perfect, cause Snatch is something I really, really need to work on. I took 4 classes that week and of course forced them to take a group picture with me. I think they didn’t mind 🙂



Besides my daily chicken salad with hummus-mountain, I cooked my food at the apartment. It was tiny and dark, but I am not too picky there as long as it is clean. And who needs more than one cooking plate? Ok, there was a huge cockroach under the couch. It freaked me out the first moment I saw it, but then I remembered that I lived with SEVERAL huge cockroaches in one little hut for more than 2 months when I did my social work projects in the Philippines and I didn’t die. So I accepted it and agreed with her/him that as long as he/she wouldn’t move, I would forgo attempted murder.


While lying on the beach I was asked out for dinner and drinks a few times – which I am always a little skeptical about. I mean, I have muscles and all, but you never know….what if they have a GUN?! Anyway, I went for the offer of a drink and it was fun. I mean, after all the Israelis aren’t too ugly to look at. That’s it 🙂

Israel Israel

Israel Israel Israel Israel Israel

Now I am back in Switzerland today. I owe you a recap from Spain, but most of all, I can not wait to catch up on all your lives, reading my favorite blogs again, making stupid comments, and just being back to a normal routine. As much as these 2,5 weeks were exciting, amazing and full of adventures, I look forward to a quieter holiday season with shit tons of spiced wine (maybe I shouldn’t use ‚shit‘ in the same sentence as the word holiday season. Sorry.), christmas markets, normal amounts of work, a structured training routine and a LOT of friend’s get togethers. And hopefully riding the slopes SOON!!!!


Have you ever been to Israel?

Did you already put up your christmas decor?

Where will you travel next?



24 thoughts on “Pita Bread and me in Tel Aviv

  1. Amazing! What a beautiful place!

  2. It looks so beautiful! I’ve never been to Israel, but my mama has (she’s a travel agent) and I know it’s one of her favourite places. Maybe it’ll have to go on the bucket list?

    As for next trip – home for Easter, hopefully!

  3. michal brunschwig says:

    thanks lucie fo your visiti i had such a great time with you!! miss you already!! i really liked your artictel and im waiting to see you soon again b ig big big hug and kiss michal

  4. Israel looks gorgeous! I still need to pick up my courage to travel over there….ugghh that pita bread and hummus must have been amazing! And OMG that food market!!!
    I still haven’t decorated yet and I think I might be the only one..by the looks of it!
    I’d love to go to Egypt..those pyramids really intrigue me! 🙂

  5. This is amazing! I want to go now… Adding it to my (rather long) list.
    I’ve definitely noticed varying levels in my Crossfit boxes, Argentina for example was hugely different to here in London but then they have way less equipment (import restrictions) and it’s much newer over there. I think it’s great to try it all out as it makes us see how blessed we are 🙂

  6. Oh wow, I have always wanted to go to Israel. One day I know I will!! Some of the pics reminded me of when I went to Oman, my fav place in the whole world!
    I would have bought all that dried fruit! And tahini is sooo good, I go through a jar so quickly, but pressed into halva (tahini cake) with honey and pistachios is best… Food heaven!!

    Glad to see you had such a fab time though!

  7. Amy says:

    This recap made me so happy! It brought back so many wonderful memories for me and I am thrilled you had such a fabulous time. Not at all surprised the men asked you out – they are a very forward bunch and you are gorgeous haha The shuk in Jerusalem is incredible. I hope you had a rugelach! My parents are always concerned when we go too. It’s a crazy part of the world.

    • Haha, thank you! It was funny, when I was laying on the beach, every half an hour I had a chat 🙂 it was nice, but I kept the distance.
      What is rugelach? I had hummus with ground beef on top and a soup with some kind of dough tortellinis things in it, it was so so good. I am so jealous of all your food!

      • Amy says:

        Rugelach are the pastries that you probably saw at all of the markets! They have chocolate or cinnamon raisin or raspberry!

  8. I’m selfishly glad to see you back because I’VE MISSED YOU! But holy.snap does it look like you had an amazing time. That shuk — gah! It would be torture for me, though, since allergies would make things all sorts of complicated and I’d have to pass on all the delicious looking food 😕 And my mom is the same exact way about freaking out when she doesn’t hear from me for a while… especially when I travel. That’s what I get for being an only child 😛

    • The shuk was amazing. I wanted to stay there all day!!
      Yeah, Mom – normally she takes it easy, cause she’s used to us crazy kids, but I think Israel was a challenge 🙂

  9. Danielle says:

    Oh my gahhhh Lucie this trip looks freaking fabulous!!!! I love anything with tahini so I would be such a happy gal there, for many other reasons too lol.
    Planning a wine country trip to Chile. Santiago! For end of January can’t freaking wait :))

  10. OMG – such adventures!!! I want to come next time!!! We’ll have an Israeli Sex and the City adventure. You can work on your snatches and I’ll drink martinis.

    • Oh you HAVE to come next time. You would LOVE this country!! So much good food and wine. And yes, that’s the deal – as long as I get some martinis after snatchwork 🙂

  11. I need to try your mother’s infamous butter bread. Also, I’m pretty sure my ideal vacation would be to visit all the local food markets wherever I am and eat my way through. I’m so glad you indulged on the bread and hummus. Too bad I couldn’t have shared that loaf with you.

    Welcome home. I’m happy you had a fabulous trip.

    • Thank you my Dear! It is good to be back.
      If you come to blend next year, I will bake the butter bread for you. It is the best existing food-thing in the world. We can share a whole loaf.

  12. Oh man am I JEALOUS!!! I haven’t been to Israel and your photos are gorgeous. It’s on my list for sure – what a great adventure!

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