Are You Tough Enough? Skills and Nightmares


28. November 2014 by swissfitchick

Hey Peeps!

I am not back yet. I am in Spain currently, but I want to drop in quickly and give you a quick look into my past weekend, when I worked at the CrossFit competition at our box. The challenge was called ‚Are You Tough Enough?‘ and, oh holy shit. I wouldn’t have been, believe me. I almost shit my pants when I saw the events. From Friday evening through to Sunday afternoon the competitors had to absolve 8 events. EIGHT. With Triple Unders (I was SO irritated when I read this. Like: ‚Wait what. I thought when I can do Double Unders, I am done. And now this. Shoot me.‘), Headstand to Handstand Walks (I felt horrible only by the thought of my embarrassingly sad handstand practice), never-ending Olympic Weightlifting stuff and shit tons of skills at the bar (Toes to Bar, Muscle Ups, anyone?). Check out all the events here. We had athletes from Mallorca, Italy, Germany and all over Switzerland flying in to this challenge – it was freaking awesome.

CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit

Of course. I banged my head at the bar above me. Like, really hard. Surprise. I pretended I was superbusy taking pics while a list of swear words rambled inside of me.....

Of course. I banged my head at the bar above me. Like, really hard. Surprise. I pretended I was superbusy taking pics while a list of swear words rambled inside of me…..

Now imagine, I flew back from Israel on Friday (recap coming) – I got up at 3am by the way – and I had to fly via Istanbul. It was ridiculously scary. You guys. I had no damn idea if I would EVER see Switzerland again. They scanned me, my bag pack and my suitcase (need an image? Me opening the suitcase and everything falls out cause I just squeezed everything in last minute at this ungodly hour of the day. Underwear, BC pill, Deodorant, Sneakers……awyeah. You get it.) for freaking THREE hours and I was lucky I actually made it on my plane. Then, arriving in Istanbul I ran in the middle of a thousand turkish families (and all their plastic bags. Seriously.), to try and catch my plane to Basel, which actually worked out in the end. It felt unreal. Anyway, I arrived at the box at 5pm which was amazing since the event started at 6pm. I even had a ginormous bag with precooked food with me, I was showered, had clean hair and make up on. Don’t ask me, I have NO idea, I think I did this all while being half asleep. Believe me, sometimes not realizing what I am doing works better than having an outlined plan. You should try it.

CrossFit CrossFit

CrossFit CrossFit

I was excited and nervous, and I had nightmares before this weekend, cause I was so keen on doing a good job – don’t I ever. And I knew this competition is going to be a big thing. And it was. Now don’t you lie guys. You wouldn’t have minded to sit in an arena full of half naked muscly bodies, lurking around them while taking shamelessly countless pictures in action. I clearly didn’t mind and I may or may not had to force myself to not let primal sounds escape from deep down my throat or throw myself flat to the chalky floor and ask for an engagement ring or something similar. But seriously, it was a run, there was round after round and in between I shoveled the pics from the cam to my laptop (while shoveling food into my eagerly awaiting mouth – I was SO hungry all weekend), edited them and uploaded them so we had them all ready by Sunday night. You can check more of them out here if you like.

CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit

And the ladies – what inspirations. Especially the girls from my box – I was SO impressed and oh so proud of all of them! Their performances were simply amazing and 5 of 8 made it to the grand final. I am extremely inspired and seriously only more hooked by this sport than ever before.

Plus, I loved the camp-atmosphere at the box. It was such a CHAOS, it felt like home to me 🙂 this is how it was when I grew up. A big crazy family. I think 2/3 of the content of my oversized bag was constantly somewhere borrowed. Headphones, Hairbands, Chewing Gums, Pain Killers, Food, Clothes, Phone Charger, Time Information – I felt like the Service Desk. Or Momma.

CrossFit IMG_5971 IMG_6166 IMG_6336 IMG_6660 IMG_6801 CrossFit

I still don’t know how and when it happened, but I managed to upload all the pics by Sunday night, being on time with the Facebook Liveticker and then getting home and pack my suitcase (everything from Tel Aviv was scattered all over the bedroom floor – so it was more like collecting things and throw them back into the suitcase) and to catch my train to Zurich Airport the next morning at 6:40 to get on my plane to Malaga. Everyone on the train and later on the plane got the pleasure to be in company of my side drool and snoring. Whatevs. I didn’t even wear make up. I looked like the walking Dead.

Anyway, I am recovered. I have a car, I drive around the country, I caught a nice tan, I do my daily CrossFit-like workouts at the beach and weight stuff at the gym, I eat good homemade food and I sit at the beach and read for hours while being stared at by all the people who wonder as to what the hell this blonde does all on her own at the coast at this time of the year.

Recap coming.

CrossFit CrossFit

CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit IMG_6801 IMG_6784 IMG_5982 CrossFit

Now there’s one thing about my work. I guess that there are people who smile down at me and think ‚Oh my Gawwd, she thinks she is actually good. Or cool. With all her Social Media Blog Job Stuff and Illusion to be a good CrossFitter. Oh Lord.‘ Something like this, maybe. It’s just what I feel.

Honestly…… – I don’t give a damn. I love what I do, I give my best as always and I take this job and CrossFit seriously. I don’t do half-assed things and if people think it is embarrassing to be so serious about ‚only a side job’, or a hobby then they are certainly welcome to fuck off and speak to someone else. If necessary, I work off my butt to do a better and a better and a better job and to be a better, a stronger and a more ambitious athlete. I know that I am old, and I know that I am not the most talented athlete, but I am passionate and I have a strong and stubborn mind. Some writing skills too, a few muscles and at least one eye to look through a camera lens and catch sweet images.

And yes, maybe I actually think I AM cool. And really? There is no chance for me to get detached from reality anyway – people who know me, know that I am way too self-critical. I have always been an open-minded, extroverted, active and spontaneous person and if something really speaks to me, I do work very very hard. This year was and still is one of my heaviest and yet I give more effort and power into my projects than I have ever before and I take every shit that life throws at me, possibly with an evil grin. Besides all my smiles, the gift of the gab and my Social-Media-Blog-Selfie-CrossFit-Addiction, there is a lot of insecurity, doubts and emotionally difficult moments. Hell, I don’t know if anything of what I do is good enough, if I am good enough and if what I do and where I go is right. Some days, I feel like I do every possible thing wrong. But there is no such thing like whining or resigning. There is only getting up, grabbing my shit together, working harder, keep on believing in myself and always going with the flow. With some bad and dirty jokes on the side.

Bena CrossFit CrossFit

I miss you people!! Time to get back to real life and the blogger community. 3 days to go!

Love ya,


9 thoughts on “Are You Tough Enough? Skills and Nightmares

  1. These photos are awesome Lucie!! Triple unders???? No. Just no. That’s just MEAN.
    Have a beaut rest of your holiday 🙂 and keep doing what you’re doing because I love reading about it!

  2. Ok I am still trying to get over what is going on in one of your pics, pistols… With kettle bells… What on earth!! The comp looks like so much fun, I really envy your job, it just sounds COOL!!!
    I have judged a few comps and definitely felt the pressure!
    Going to the althete games in Manchester in January (as a spectator!) and can’t wait! Love the atmosphere!
    I think I speak for everyone when I say we look forward to your blogging return! 🙂

  3. I don’t know what any of the cross fit stuff means, although I do know you’re amazing. Don’t worry about the rest, what other people think or even what they can do; just believe in yourself and the rest becomes meaningless. Promise.

  4. for the record, I think you’re pretty fucking cool 😉 Also, I’m you’re making me really want to go to Switzerland. On the promise that you can introduce me to all these Crossfit men. (and so that we can hang out. duh.)

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