The Canadian – Swiss Bond. And how to chase dreams.


24. November 2014 by swissfitchick

It’s Jen’s word today – my Canadian Bestie who I met in the Philippines. She is also the girlfriend of Jon, who wrote the guest post last Friday (the pictures are fixed now!!). It’s a crazy friendship, but I regret nothing. We are meant to be Besties. Here’s our reunition after 6 years in Boston – it was beyond.  And on to you MC Jen.
Jen&Lucie Jen&Lucie
Hello Fit-Swiss-Chickers! I’m Lucie’s Canadian Bestie Jen and I have hacked in and taken over her blog for today… MUAH HA! Oh the power! The things I could write! The real dark secrets about Lucie I could reveal! (L: Don’t go out on a limb, Honey. I have a video of you.*evillaugh*)
(I don’t really know what I’m doing in this photo – I think I’m trying to be an intimidating crab-person.)
Wait – Lucie has no dark secrets. She bears it all here like no other blogger I’ve read. Damn it. Plan thwarted! I suppose I’ll have to go on writing about myself then.
(Unimpressed and over-dramatic. Why am I wearing this outfit? Your guess is as good as mine, sometimes I make weird decisions.)
Truth be told, Lucie asked me to write a guest post while she is away. I feel honoured and slightly intimidated, as this is actually the first blog post I’ve written since 2007 when I wrote about a running adventure in the Philippines with Lucie. This is where we met. We both ended up as the only two volunteers in the same tiny village in the Philippines for 2 months. I think our meeting each other was meant to be. We discovered on that adventure that we were kindred spirits with the same type of strange humour and we knew after that we would always be besties. (L: Do you think people were irritated by our sense of humour? No, right?)
(L: Aaahahaha. Weekend off picture and post Pool time. We look silly happy cause we get to eat real bread. :-))
When I think back to then, I think that trip put us both on a path to dream big, live a life we wanted to live and be who we really are. Travelling definitely changes you. And travelling to a poor country where you see people live with so little really changes you. Especially when those people are happy . I think we realized that living in countries like Canada and Switzerland is like winning the lottery. We have it so unbelievably good living in countries like ours. If you can be happy with so very little, the only thing stopping anyone from living the lives we want is ourselves.
IMG_1077 IMG_1120
So we were changed. We might not have known it then, but looking at it now, I can see we were changed. Lucie went home and embarked on a serious journey to really battling her eating disorder head on. She started this amazing blog to share her story and help others. I went home and embarked on a serious journey to becoming a performing artist. It was something I wanted to do for as long as I could remember, but I was scared to do it for so many years. Scared to let my voice out. Scared of what I could become I think. 
“Just get over yourself and do it,” a little voice suddenly said in my head when I got back to Canada. I think it had a Swiss accent. And this time I listened.
Cut to 7 years later. I am now a performing artist. It is what I do for a career. I act, sing, do improv, musical improv, produce, direct and write shows, and share my art by teaching it to people of all ages. I am working on multiple projects all the time, I work all hours of the day, and I am constantly figuring out multiple ways to make it grow into a lucrative career while I wait for my moment of fame to hit (I dream big). Let me tell you it is not easy sometimes, but I have never known happiness like this and feel so much more like me. My drive to creatively contribute to the world continues to grow stronger and stronger each and every day. It is the only way I know best to share myself with the world. I can’t not perform or ever stop – it feels like I have no choice in the matter. I don’t know what I’d be or do if I wasn’t a performing artist. I love to entertain people – make them think, laugh, cry, experience. I also love to teach people how to find their inner performer and connect to their creative genius. I really am someone who has found their passion and lives it. I’m extremely grateful, I’m extremely lucky. But at the same time, I’m the one that made it happen.
(This is a photo of me at a workshop in New York City. You can’t tell because it looks like a regular room, but I promise it’s IN NEW YORK! I got to perform in New York a couple weeks ago! Dreams coming true people! Not only that, but did you notice how I chose a shot of me beside a door? That is my effort at showing you that there is a DOOR OF AWESOMESS for you to CHOOSE to go through in your LIFE. And I have gone through it. WILL YOU JOIN ME? Okay, enough. I think you get it.)
Wow. I had no idea this post would get so life-coachy. My plan was to stroke my own ego and talk about what my day-to-day life is like as a performer. But I guess the writer in me wants me to go another way. I think it’s because I really believe everyone has something that only they can share with the world in their own unique way. And part of my life mission is to help people see that. And I suppose the message that I need to get across to people is: THIS IS IT. This is your life. YOU are the only one that can make things happen for yourself. So go and f-ing do it! 
Jen out.
PS: If you are curious about my day-to-day adventures as a performer, tell Lucie you loved my post and maybe she’ll invite me back as a guest! (L: AND you should subscribe to her YouTube channel!!
PSS: I feel that since this blog is very health and food oriented, I should share my morning smoothie recipe:
1 1/2 cups of frozen berries
1 heaping spoonful or two of peanut butter
almond, coconut, or regular milk (use as much for desired thickness)
2 tbs chia seeds
2 tbs hemp seeds
1 tbs ground flax
Blendy blendy so it is mixed real well. Drink up. If you love PB&J, you’ll love this.

 (I totally stole this photo off of the internet – shh….)

2 thoughts on “The Canadian – Swiss Bond. And how to chase dreams.

  1. The Padre says:

    Hats Hats And More Hats!! Safe Travels Kid

  2. […] had the big big pleasure to skype with my Canadian Bestie Jennifer from Vancouver past week. Jen and I met while working in the Philippines in 2007 and are Long-Distance-Besties […]

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