CrossFit and Food in spite of crazy times – WIAW#82


12. November 2014 by swissfitchick

A day ago, I told the girls in my office that sometimes, I carry around socks or underwear with me accidentally. Like, after laundry, they hide in the leg of my trousers without me noticing and all of a sudden fall out at the brim where my feet are. So yes, my undies fell on the floor in the office one day. At the very least they were washed. You might want to tell me that this happens to you as well.


That’s that. Welcome to WIAW.

Big Probs to Jen for hosting!

Big Probs to Jen for hosting!

Yesterday, I had breakfast at home. With the current circumstances I have to admit, that I have to MAKEย myself eat. This is the rarest thing ever – me and my appetite are normally an unseparable merge, but as for now, it left me. I am not worried that it will be back soon. Therefore I try to make time to eat anyway – gotta fuel those guns, sorry.

Lately, I packed my breakfast again like I did back in the days when I went to the gym at 6am to save time. But yesterday I started off some work at home and took my time to cook an omelett and watch the sunrise. It felt like an award. (Not awkward, AWARD)

Veggie Egg/Eggwhite Omelette

Veggie Egg/Eggwhite Omelette

Sun Home

Mental note: Must give yourself more awards. It’s legit.

Alright FINE, it’s an ordinary Wednesday, let’s not get too corny here ok? We leave that part to my sweet blogger friend, Corny Cotter ๐Ÿ˜‰

And since Wednesdays in boring lifes like mine means work, I cycled to the office shortly after 8am. Of course with my new dropdeadgorgeous bike.

Bike Office

Usually, I don’t survive a morning until lunchtime without some shoveling in between. Well maybe I would, but I am too lazy to try.ย Sometimes, the correlation between food and my mood is not hunger, but distraction. I just feel like I can forget the mess in my brain created by my work for a moment, when I shovel in some food.ย Ok, FOODย is not entirely true – I talk about a handful of nuts or a cracker.ย A bite.

NutsI had a lunch date with a group of Ex-Co-Workers yesterday and we went to a little nice bakery-restaurant in the city. In opposition to what I said earlier, I was starving and when my plate arrived I couldn’t help but let escape primal sounds from my lips. It looked so good and it was just as magically delicious.ย PotaoIt is SO rare that I eat vegeterian meals, but I seriously couldn’t complain about this baked potato with quark, salad and a crispy piece of garlic bread.

I went back to the office, got shit done and then cycled back home to fuel up for CrossFit Advanced at 7:30. It is tricky, cause normally by this time I am hungry again, but I don’t want to stuff myself before training. I guess you know that thing when you feel your dinner during your workout. It is no fun, right?

I still have pretty much all of my meals prepped – don’t ask me when it happens, probably at night half-asleep. But there is no better thing in crazy times than coming home to a fridge with prepped food. Oh, and Holy Shit, look at all that BOOZE!! WHERE the hell does this come from? Presents, I guess. I need to work on that decrease.

FridgeChickenI went with chicken and Sweet Potatoes. The chicken was so dry I had to cough and I washed it down with so much water until it almost came out of my nose. That fact makes you go back to the first pic in this post.

Anyway. CrossFit Advanced was taught by Headcoach Ramon and he kicked our butts for 90 freaking minutes, obviously:

Warm up: 5 burpees / 100m row / 20 Double Unders /10 Burpees / 200m row / 40 Double Unders / 15 Burpees / 300m row / 60 Double Unders / 20 Burpees / 400m row / 80 Double Unders
Kettlebell Warm Up (12kg): 10 One-arm Swings / 10 Clean-Squats / 10 Snatches / 10 Windmills
Olympic Lifting Skill Part: Split Jerk (4 sets of 3 reps)
Strength Part: 4×5 Backsquat (40kg, 60kg, 65kg, 70kg) 4×5 Dumbell row on Bench
Team of 2 WOD: 3 rounds of: 30 Deadlifts (70kg) / 20 Handstand PushUps or Kettlebell Push Press


I somehow made it home with my bike, kept on working while munching on something postworkout even though I wasn’t really hungry.

Questbar and an unpictured hardboiled egg was all I could stomach.


My Tuesday!

Have a fabulous day loves!

What do you eat before your workout?ย 

What was today’s breakfast?ย 

Do you tend to lose your appetite when youre stressed? I do. It’s rare, but when it happens, I know shit is near.

23 thoughts on “CrossFit and Food in spite of crazy times – WIAW#82

  1. Danielle says:

    OMG I am laughing my ass off at your first image about classy or giving an F. Lol girl. And the undies falling out of your pants. Hahaha I k what you mean but have never had it happen outside my home, thank you for confirming the awesomeness ๐Ÿ˜€ usually I find a sock in a shirt. Boring lol
    Hope you’re feeling better , seems like you still rocked the Wod!! xoxoxo

  2. Oh boy- nothing says ice more than dry chicken…thank god for hummus & salsa on those days :)! Am so impressed with your meal prep despite your crazy long days!! Like you I tend to lose my appetite when I’m stressed and also I’m much too distracted to think of food. My workouts are usually first thing in the morning so I either rely on dinner from the night before to fuel me through or grab a handful of nuts. Breakfast today started with an egg-white omelet followed by a bowl of overnight oats – my current fave :)!

  3. That seriously happens to me! Also I often wash my clothes with all sort of things in my pockets, totally forgetting to check before and I always laugh or curse myself when I discover all these mushy tissues, papers, etc!
    I love to enjoy my food so when I am stressed I don’t want to scuff in my food in so I do feel my appetite goes away.
    Killer workout!

  4. Do you have a recipe for that omelette it looks yummy! I am a potato fan too, I think we ate similar dinners yesterday ๐Ÿ™‚

    I do lose my appetite when I am stressed. It’s definitely not a good thing!!

  5. ouch – that looks like it hurts! And there are few things worse than dry chicken. And while I’ve never had undies fall out of my pants, apparently once I left a pair in a reusable grocery bag (why, I’m not sure) and my brother grabbed a stack of them to go grocery shopping…opened one to put groceries in, and ya….awkward. At least he saw it and not the cashier – he could have had some awkward explaining to do!

  6. Award for best and most random intro goes to you! ๐Ÿ˜› I’ve never had it happen with underwear, but the sock thing is pretty common. I find them in my pillow cases a lot too when I notice them feeling more lumpy than usual. And I’m the same way with losing my appetite when I’m super stressed. When I get nervous or overwhelmed, I’m munchy as hell. But when I’m super stressed out or terrified about something? I can’t even handle the smell of food.

    • Oh yes, the socks hang out everywhere. I am fine as long as they are in my house, but when I carry them around in the office or on the street it gets a little awkward ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Ouch! Your palm looks like it hurts. So I was thinking,I really and I mean really miss our conversations. I feel like our lives are causing us to distance ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Yep, I need some Lucie back in my life.

    • Oh girl, I miss our conversations too, so much. We need to catch up BIG TIME!! I think we actually need to Skype soon. Last time we skyped was when I went through the horrible breakup and all I did was sobbing through the microphone ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Shelly says:

    Gag, dry chicken is the worst. Kudos to you for getting through that. I think I eat more when I’m stressed because it’s a distraction, but then again I like to eat when I’m not stressed too, so really I just like to eat. Haha ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Kay Bueno says:

    Ugh, when I do a laundry, there are always those pieces of clothing that fall on my way from the dryer to my dresser. And of course, it’s always underwear. Sorry roomies.

    Love your bike, I am addicted to mine. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Emily Hawkes says:

    Ouch – your poor hand!!! Yes, knickers and socks appearing from trouser legs – it happens ๐Ÿ™‚

    Your omelette looks amazeballs (can’t believe I typed that) I can’t get it to brown like that and cook in the middle – looks delicious!!!

  11. Missy says:

    The underwear thing?
    Happened to me.

    At work. Co-workers saw. All men. Even I got embarrassed and it takes a LOT for me.

    Also? I used to change in the office bathroom before the gym (I swim so I put on my bathingsuit) and one morning I found yesterday’s undies tucked into my drawer.
    The cleaning people must have wanted to be discreet and not leave them on my desk. They could have easily thrown them away but I guess they were good samaritans? Or were laughing the whole time.

    But… one thing I will never know is….how did they know they were mine???

    • Oh girl. I LAUGHED out loud about that story. I think it’s really nice of the cleaning stuff to be so discrete. Though it IS a little odd and scary that they figured the undies are yours…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I made myself dinner last night. It was long overdue therefore I grant myself an award. Go relax mon amie.

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