WIAW#80 – Dessert first


22. October 2014 by swissfitchick

It’s legit.


I saw this magnet the other day when strolling through downtown and obviously it spoke to me. I hope you agree. If not, you have the choice to replace dessert by either wine, cheese, champagne or another fancy drink. Or pizza. None of them? Who are you? Do you even live?

It’s also the only decent shot you get to see in this post, cause all the others are crabby iphone snaps. Oh snap.

Anyway, thanks to our hostess Jenn we still party today!!

wiaw fall into good habits button

So, dessert first:


This chocolate is meant to be used for baking, but I LOVE it too much to ‘waste’ it and so I eat it like this. Because, chocolate.

It’s fall, so I make breakfasts with pumpkin or apples.

Like apple/oatmeal cake.

Oats, Chia Seeds, Almond Flour, Eggs/Eggwhites, Apples

Oats, Chia Seeds, Almond Flour, Eggs/Eggwhites, Apples

Pumpkin PorrigeThis is pumpkin porridge, topped with apple slices, cacao powder and stevia. Warm and fluffy.

Now THIS one is the most scary breakfast I ever had. Besides the hideous look, which is often proof to be delicious – the chia seeds made it so voluminous, I had to dig out a bigger Tupperware. Honestly, it kind of terrified me how it slowly grew in the cooking pan. Talk about paranoid visualizations of growing oatmeal all over my place.

Oats with chia seeds, eggs and apples.

OatsKhushboo mentioned in one of her posts or comments – I can’t remember – about a dinner with beans and shrimp. I think that was it. Anyway, I wanted it for lunch. So I made this #strangebutgood combo with shrimp, red beans and 2 handfuls of raw veggies which I chopped on Sunday, and a few nuts.

ShrimpMore colorful strange bowls happened in form of chicken breast, eggwhite, sweet potatoes and cucumber.

Chicken I had the same combo the next day, but baked it with an egg on top.

Chicken Seafood Love: More shrimp and scallops.

Salad with raw veggie mix, shrimps and baked kabocha

Salad with raw veggie mix, shrimps and baked kabocha

Grilled scallops on spinach and peppers

Grilled scallops on spinach, endive and peppers

I am obviously busy, so any kind of fancy meals are nowhere to be seen. It’s a carb, it’s a protein and it’s a few veggies thrown together somehow – and the fats in form of spoonfuls of nutbutter or some drizzles of olive oil over my salads.

I am also aware that I havent’ posted a recipe in FOREVER!! And I can not even promise that it will happen soon, but – I will do a Posts-Recap Round when I am on vacation, so you will get my favorite recipes nice and fresh. Deal? Deal.

Speaking of vacation – I would like to have some guest posts up during that time too. So please, anyone who is interested to share a post on here, let me know!!

Main course is the excuse to get to dessert faster. Agreed?

Favorite type of chocolate?



46 thoughts on “WIAW#80 – Dessert first

  1. The Padre says:

    Epic Photos!! I Have Seen The Bumper Sticker ” Life Is Too Short To Drink Cheep Beer “, but the Dessert First is one I will file away in the rolodex. My favorite chocolate came from my brothers home made truffles for X-Mas gifts last year. They melted away under the roof of my mouth and were lightly rolled in crusted carob chips for a little texture. Have a wonderful week and thanx again for the photos. Cheers

  2. AHh that bowl of shrimp & beans looks phenomenal…YUM! I started eating oats again last week after months and I forgot how much chia seeds make oatmeal expand- not that I’m complaining or anything ;)! I must have been Swiss in my last life because Lindt will forever be my number 1 chocolate…nothing compares! And hell yes to that magnet…must remember that approach on my next meal out- I am always so full by the time dessert comes around!

  3. Ema Jones says:

    Awesome lines for foodaholic πŸ˜›

  4. Agreed. When people say they don’t eat dessert it’s like who are you?! That pumpkin breakfast looks epic, I bought a can the other day and need to start experimenting again – I’m a bit cautious as I’ve had some rather dismal pumpkin fails!!

  5. Jessie says:

    Guess what! My one girlfriends in-law brought her chocolate from Switzerland. It made me think of you. Of course the chocolate was delicious.. and i had it before breakfast πŸ™‚

  6. You need to send me those scallops….yesterday. Some baking chocolate actually tastes better than the real deal! I eat chocolate chips when I’m desperate.

  7. I love that saying… and totally subscribe to it. πŸ˜‰

  8. Everything looks delicious, but I love the idea of the breakfast cake. Have a great day, Lucie!!

  9. I would love to know who came up with dessert! Ha! That person was a wise one!

  10. Love that apple oatmeal cake – looks amazing!! And desert first – yes please!!!

  11. I am definitely more a savory than a sweet girl, so yeah, I am going to eat salty things before a sweet passes my lips and I typically fill up on the savory so I don’t need the sweet – ha! More for you!

  12. Carol says:

    Please share the recipe for apple oatmeal cake… looks amazing πŸ˜‹

  13. dessert first is always the best way to go. Also, now I want to try the shrimp and black beans thing!

  14. cottercrunch says:

    you are going to post that cake bread recipe, right? I bought more of that flour you sent, SOOOO GOOD

  15. Shrimp salad is what I need to make next on my list.

    Dude, Lucie, you inspired me to make something different just as I was getting bored!

  16. all your eats have got me drooling!! Especially that cake!!!

  17. I’m honestly not sure I could ever pick a favourite kind of chocolate… I love them all for different reasons. Heck, I don’t even discriminate when it comes to baking chocolate — I’ve been known to chow down on it when no other chocolate was to be found. And I even caught my dad doing the same thing when I was over there this past weekend πŸ˜†

  18. Kay Bueno says:

    Is every type of chocolate an option? πŸ™‚

    I love your use of chia seeds in things. And all your different bowls are so colorful. I want to eat at your place.

  19. Emily Hawkes says:

    I’ve been putting egg in with my oats, it really ups the volume. Perhaps I need to try some chia seeds for some added Omega 3s – yay!!

  20. Everything looks fab! Especially the scallops, I wish I could cook with them more but they are so pricey here in the UK!
    Before I started clean eating I didn’t like chocolate! Now I eat PROPER chocolate I love the rich dark cocoa flavour! My favourite has to be dark chocolate with hazelnuts, Lindt does an amazing one!

  21. I love all the colorful salad and veggie bowls. Those actually make me happy. I don’t need fancy. Just champagne, veggies and cheese. πŸ™‚

  22. omg your kabocha always looks amazing!!!

  23. […] started with the sweet, cause it’s my quote. Cotton Candy for the win. I don’t care if you think I am too old for that. There’s no […]

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