PR’s, Friends and Sushi are the solution


20. October 2014 by swissfitchick

Did I tell you that I once was called a slut cause I cycle in my short panties to CrossFit? It kind of made my day. It was a crazy freak woman on an old bike and she was YELLING at me and was really, like REALLY upset about me cycling like that. I had no idea one could get THAT angry cause of clothes of a strange person….it just made me smile.

LucieAnyway. I topped my PR from beginning of last week by 5kg and squatted 1 max rep of 90kg (198,4lbs) on Wednesday in Powerlifting class. Plus, I lifted myself up the bar with 13,25kg (29,2lbs) around my waist. This one is my first try with 12kg.


For me, that’s marvelous.

MiMM-1Besides that, it was a weekend full of work again. I did German-English translations for CrossFit and Tim’s website and read through some Social Media / PR papers for my education on Friday night until my forehead almost crushed on the keyboard.

WorkSaturday I had to be at a business event of my ‘real’ job which I organized in the past few weeks. We were superlucky with the weather. Ignoring the fact that I slept maybe 5 hours and was half-dead when I took off to the venue 90 minutes away from Basel.

I packed the ugliest mugcake that ever graced the planet, seriously. Look at this sad piece of cake. It is green cause I added Matcha Powder. Apart from the ugly factor, it was tasty and I think it is the perfect to-go-breakfast. Mugcake Roadtrip

Arriving at the location by 9:15 am, I helped the guy building up this colorful kidsmonster and prepared everything for the event. All went well and I even drank coffee to survive somehow.

_MG_4899 Coffee

My favorite of the day. Atticus’ cousin.


3pm I was on my way back to Basel and starving. Thank God for a snack in my purse. Finally we have new Questbar flavors at the box! Love this one:

QuestbarRoadtripI passed a village called ‘Effingen’. It made my day. ‘Where do you live?’ – ‘In Effingen.’ – ‘What, you live in Fuckingen?’ – ‘Nope, Effingen. Fucking Effingen.’ Oh yeah, I know, I am SO funny. But seriously, I was chuckling behind the steering wheel. What a stupid name for a village.

Back home, I took a cold shower, repacked my stuff and was back in my car, direction Zurich. I had a dinner date with my friend Anne and I COULD NOT WAIT.

There is SO much going on in my life currently, changes, new things, new people, tons of work, training, spending time alone. As much as I love all the new experiences, it also leads to insecurities and sometimes leaves me overwhelmed and doubtful. It’s times like this when I feel the urge to travel to Zurich. When I lived there with Sandro, it was my place of peace. My weekends there were safe. Secure. Peaceful. Quiet. And then a little boring too, but compared to my action filled life I have right now, it was the contrary. So when I feel this overwhelmed, I tend to want to go back and hide there from all the challenges I face right now and not having to deal or face with everything on my own.

So what I definitely needed was a GOOD friend who knows me really well to talk this all over by a bottle of champagne, Sushi and Chocolate Cake. I was the happiest person on Earth.

FriendsΒ  Apero

Self-Serving on-a-band Sushi

Self-Serving on-a-band Sushi


Lemon and Matcha Mochi, Chocolate Cake

Lemon and Matcha Mochi, Chocolate Cake

FriendsI slept over at her place and took off on Sunday morning early to be home before the traffic hits.

RoadtripI arrived home by 9, changed into my running gear and hit the trail. It was the most glorious weather and fall is in full force – just beautiful.

Post run: Pancakes. Again, one of the ugliest pile of pancakes I ever made – nonetheless they tasted great. Banana, Protein Powder, Chia Seeds, Eggwhites and Matcha Powder. I mixed PB2 Chocolate with Walden-Crab-Blueberry-Syrup to dip.


Rest of Sunday? Blog Work, Social Media Work, Meal Prep, CrossFit and nothing. I am amazed that I actually was able to think straight after this week.

Definitely need a vacation – only 4 weeks left until I am at the beach in TEL AVIV right next to CrossFit Tel Aviv, YEAH!!

Where do you want to go or who do you want to see when you feel overwhelmed?

Last time you had pancakes – what kind did you make?

Sushi – yay or nay? I love it once in a while. Not every week, but definitely every month πŸ™‚




28 thoughts on “PR’s, Friends and Sushi are the solution

  1. I’m offended you didn’t stop in Effingen to buy me a t-shirt. πŸ˜›

    I’m so glad you had time to unwind. Wish I could be there too!!! We must talk soon. xoxo

  2. haha he does look like Atticus! Glad you had the chance to unwind a bit – I’ve been doing the same thing tonight.So very much needed!

  3. Effingen- haha the poor locals of that town!! It’s been far too long since I made pancakes but I recall the last batch being banana nut! I am on an oatmeal kick lately- forgot how much I love it! And of course I love sushi- does’t everyone ;)! I could eat it daily but unfortunately it’s crazily overpriced here in Mumbai…at least for the authentic stuff!

  4. You are seriously demolishing your PRs girl! WOW Tel Aviv sounds amazing!! I am not quite a Sushi fan yet I love fish!! I guess I prefer my fork and knife. Ha!
    That trail picture is gorgeous! I often go to nature for answers…I sweat it speaks to me! πŸ™‚

  5. Cat says:

    Hahaha there’s a town near me in the UK called Effingham and I always thought it sounded like someone was pissed off when they named it! Ahhh love the matcha in all the things – reminding me to dig mine out… and YES to sushi. Though, I can’t tell the difference between expensive and cheap stuff..

  6. […] this post as I was a bit tired, and just couldnt’ be fussed – but then I read about Lucie’s amazing weekend, and it spured me to recollect and consider the amazing weekend I had before I launch myself into a […]

  7. Love all of this! Especially hanging out with good old friends, they’re the best when life’s going a little crazy πŸ™‚

  8. Don’t get me started on pancakes……I’ve eaten so many these past few weeks. But then again, it’s pancakes so win win. What a 360 in terms of what you do now VS what you did then- perfect choice for sushi and cake. cos, cake.

  9. Good for you for going to see your friend Anne and getting some relaxation and recharge time in. I did much of the same this weekend. I had a rough week at the office last week, lots of hours, evening work, and drama. I even went in for another 5 or 6 hours on Saturday. After that though, I mostly hid at home with my cats, my veggies, my book and a warm inviting fire. I also paid a visit to a friend and spent some time talking with family. I mentally decided to take some time off blogging this week to continue the recharge. I’m here if you ever need someone. πŸ™‚

    • I love that you take a break and time for you lady. I think we should have a chat. Cause we are #vanillagorilla sisters, we are the same age and obviously we both are overwhelmed πŸ™‚
      Oh, and we have a love for booze and cheese.
      Enjoy your week off, savor every moment.

  10. Hahaha I can’t imagine telling someone I live in Effingen. That’s awesome. Looks like you had a fun weekend! And congrats on some of those PRs!


  12. cottercrunch says:

    i know a little bit of german, wonder if i could read the cross fit. haha. SUSHI.. MUST get soon. I’m in need

  13. I love sushi – the good stuff and (suprisingly) the cheap ass supermarket stuff too! Ha! But I only tend to have it every now and again as my tummy doesn’t love rice!
    Protein pancakes in the otherhand, a staple in our house, every Sunday morning we eat them with a massive lot of coffee and the Sunday newspapers!

  14. Is it weird that it makes me happy to see you drink coffee? πŸ˜† I swear… addict, right here. And you know what’s sad? I can’t even really remember the last time I had pancakes… I’m going to assume that I very much need to change that?

    • Haha, I know you want me to be a coffeedrinker. I think we could make an agreement and say I drink one cup of coffee with you a day at blend πŸ™‚
      YES girl, you NEED to change that!

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