WIAW – normal days exist


15. October 2014 by swissfitchick

Ok, second try. A day in the life post that is actually normal – or as normal as it can be given the fact that we talk about me.

Big probs to Jen for hosting!

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Monday, oh manic Monday. THIS Monday. Wake up time – disturbing hour of 6:05. 05, cause I hate to wake up to the news. 6:05 means, they play a song. No one would ever expect that they play Kesha at this ungodly hour of the day – but they do. Holy Mother of torture.

Bathroom, meditation, running into the door frame, splashing water into my face, brushing teeth, changing into running gear. Figuring that I put on the shirt the wrong way. Not changing it, cause who the fuck cares, it’s pitch-black night outside. Mental clarity in the early morning is overrated anyway.

25 minutes outdoor HIIT session (30 sec on, 30 sec off Sprints and a small WOD).

Running Sneakers

Getting my sassiness on for the day. Yeah, I googled sassiness. It exists.

Back home, I stretch for 15 minutes and let that sweat disappear before hopping into the shower. Get dressed, put make up on and all that jazz, cycling to work. NOT without packing a huge breakfast:

TVP-omelett with figs and cacao quark.


I make my hours through to lunch with – well – office work. And a few chats here and there with my adorable office colleagues.


Lunch with CrossFit people. Can we just ADMIRE this plate. The beef was perfect and even if I didn’t have a freaking clue what some of those veggies were, they were delicious. Say thank you for that pic – it took 2 seconds too long, given the fact that my stomach was eagerly waiting to be fed.


Back to the grind and working through the afternoon, listening to something that makes me forget Kesha. Seriously, it’s a musical punishment. The cover pic of this one is no sexual innuendo. It is sexual. And the music is brilliant. Mental note: must investigate more time in office and workout playlists.

Around 5 I am starving again – my sign to grab the bike and flee. Early dinner, cause I plan CrossFit at 8pm.

Tuna, peppers, spinach salad, endive

Tuna, peppers, spinach salad, endive

Baked kabocha squash

Baked kabocha squash

Getting changed for CrossFit and checking on my backside. Deciding that I start off benchmark week with squats. SO nervous.

You better believe I cycle in my pink pants and leather jacket. Accompanied by whistles and whoops of strangers. Thank God for headphones and not giving damns.


Hitting a PR with 85kg (187,3lbs) Backsquat. Fuckyeah. Plus the ‘BASELINE’ WOD. Annoying everyone with shooting pics (I am the CFBasel Social Media MANAGER, I need to do that) cycling back home, slurping down my postworkout smoothie and collapsing into bed.

CrossFit CrossFit CrossFitSmoothie


Do you wake up with music? 

What did you have for lunch yesterday? 

Do you have a morning ritual? 



24 thoughts on “WIAW – normal days exist

  1. Argghh it’s been way too long since I’ve had any kind of red meat- that plate of lunch looks like PERFECTION…thanks for the pic haha! My lunch yesterday was brown rice with black bean shrimp & steamed greens which really hit the spot :)! Kesha in the morning sounds like TORTURE- as much as I love listening music, I like to spend the first hour of my morning in peace (and I probably sound like such a granny right now)!

  2. I need to try that fig omelette! Mornings are sacred for me..if I don’t follow my ritual I will tend to be grumpy and people immediately know I will bite that day. Ha! I love turning on the radio and listening to a morning show while by bathromm gets warm for me to take a shower. If puts me in a happy place!
    Leather jacket and pink pants? That is the way to do it! 😉

  3. Your lunch looks insane! And your breakfast for that matter. I want to find some quark to try.
    My lunch yesterday was great – cod, sweet potato and roasted parsnips with broccoli and avocado.
    Made your paleo chocolate banana muffins last night! So yum 🙂

  4. Emily Hawkes says:

    I love the fact that you dont’ ‘give a damn’ about whistles, or indeed taking photos at the box. You own it girl!! xxx

  5. Some of those veggies were little patty pan squash. Yep, they’re a thing, and they were huge in our CSA a few years ago. I must say you are a workout beast and I have no idea how you have time to actually blog and catch up with other bloggers. Superwoman much.

  6. I wake up without an alarm every single day! My body literally just wakes up, or my dog wakes me up haha I do have a morning ritual. Make coffee, walk dog, drink coffee and read blogs/youtubes/social media etc. eat breakfast, gym!

  7. You are a tiny little person among all of those big guys!!! I keep saying I’m going to try the tvp omelette. I need to do it! Have a great day, Lucie!

  8. The other day I wore my pants inside out… and I only realized it by the end of the day 😆 But it’s not my fault that Lulu Wunder Unders look the same both ways… I blame the dangers of getting dressed in the dark. Aaaand I wake up to silence. Everyday. At 5 AM 😯

  9. Shelly says:

    I have to try this tvp omelette. I am a fan of anything that can be made into something sweet tasting, including eggs, squash, etc. Love the leather jacket and hot pink shorts!

  10. Nice bum! I would totally bike like that on purpose. You don’t work that hard to hide it! 😉

  11. figs in a omelet sounds great! was it a sweet omelette?

  12. […] I tell you that I once was called a slut cause I cycle in my short panties to CrossFit? It kind of made my day. It was a crazy freak woman on an old bike and she was YELLING at me and […]

  13. danielle says:

    what a day you have, i love it! late as usual to read your posts but you always make me laugh obnoxiously and disturb people around me which is amazing 😀
    i love having healthy rituals now in the morning, when i wake up i say my gratitude list, then some sort of exercise, then water and breakfast… if i don’t get my eggs and thank you’s before work, i’m a grumpy girl!
    music is always a good idea for me, i love the app Songza… you should check it out. it chooses perfectly for my moods! xoxox

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