Friday Favorites and a Kitchen Playlist


10. October 2014 by swissfitchick

Listen to me. I freaking adore you all. Thank you so much for your all your comments on yesterdays post!! It looks like so many of you start to embrace your bodies just the way they are or also all the changes. I love this so much!!

I made a written plan and To Do list for the weekend.


If I do that, then shit is happening, means, I feel overwhelmed. But this time in a good way. I am going to film/document/life-tick the olympic weightlifting swiss championship competition, more specifically the staff of CrossFit Basel who is competing. My first job as the Media Director / PR-Social Media Chick of the box. Excited. And nervous!

LucieI even took a Crash Course in ‘how to handle my camera’ by my good friend and brilliant photographer Georgios.

GeorgiosI am not sure if my blonde brain got all the theoretical stuff right, but I will give my best, as always. Let’s ignore the fact that I shoot with my cam since 1,5 years and still couldn’t be bothered to read a single line of the instruction manual. I hate instruction manuals. They confuse me.


Other good things happening this week: my first inofficial mini-housewarming party on Tuesday with my Bestie, her husband and my neighbour. Good times.


Wednesday morning CrossFit class at 7. I don’t think the coaches like it all that much, but I LOVE that we are always just a few members in this class. So nice and quiet and I can spread my whole mess in the wardrobe cause it is empty. #win

This Wednesday we were even only the 2 of us and the coach AND I hit a PR with floorpress – 3 reps of 62.5 kilos (137.8lbs).

CrossFit crossfit

And now on to the promised playlist! I don’t know about you, but I have a stereo system in my kitchen and I listen to music all the time when I cook. And yes, I sing and dance all on my own in there – I have no neighbours who can watch me, but even if that was the case, I don’t care. Bring on the spatula mic. Here’s my kitchen and the table I intend to dance on.


Notice: These are kitchen-dance-songs. I don’t listen to this when I work or in the car, but they are perfect to bring on the partymood.

Gramatik is my musical crack. I love pretty much every song of him. Maybe I can marry him? Lucie Jasarevic…, why not. I know House or Electronics are not for everyone, but I love it. This one might not be a typical booty shakin’ song, but it is so perfect to chop veggies to the beat and swivel the wine.

But he has also great shakin stuff, like So Much For Love. Love. I actually listen to this a lot when I run. I may have started to jump around in the forest to this – getting strange looks from people is part of my life, so don’t worry.

The very first song I heard from Rihanna and the one I actually really adore. Put on some shabby baggy jeans, a belly top, red lipstick and let’s rock these epic hot movements she does with her waist and hips.

This is perfect to SCREAM in your peppermill. You can also whip your hair back and forth, it’s compatible.

Good, good old Status Quo!! I actually have to stop cooking when I hear this, jump on the chair and play air-guitar. And headbang. SO SO GOOD.

Let’s stay with the Oldies but Goldies. HAIR. I saw the movie about 10 times and I saw it live at least 2 times. I was SO irritated by the ending when I was younger, but I just love the music – considering I grew up as a Hippie kid, this fits. Also, we can pretend to be Berger and perform on the kitchen table and shout ‘I got my aaaaasssss!!!’. I would also marry him.

This makes me all wanna do these awkward movements with my neck&head like it’s not part of my body. Or with my waist. Yes I can do that. It’s German and means Dream – I LOVE it. Teeter-Totter. And he is a big weirdo. I like weirdos.

Second place of musical crack wins Seeed. I saw them in concert last year and I want to move into their tourbus. ELEVEN Reggae-Dancehall freaks jumping around on the stage.

Now it’s time to play stripdance and do some fake poledance around the fridge ant get those TWERKSย on!ย I don’t give a damn if J-Lo behaves like a bitch at times or has a strange private life – I think she is beautiful, has a remrkable backside and is a brilliant dancer. This song is a great workout to flex those chestbones and hips, believe me.

And last but not least: Two of my Retro-Loves. Snoop might be a weirdo, but yeah. My booty is getting all giddy when I hear this – same goes with his producer, Dr. Dre. I might steel some of the big chains from the CrossFit box to put around my neck and buy some heavy golden rings and a big-booty-ass car to make this authentic. Ah, I need some half-naked muscly men too. Lots of them. Anyone?

Give me your favorite kitchen playlist songs!!

A highlight of this week??



17 thoughts on “Friday Favorites and a Kitchen Playlist

  1. WOW!!! Congrats on your job! It must be so exciting!! I love your song choices and I agree that Rihanna’s first song is one of her bests. My ultimate kitchen song is Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice. Such a great booty song. Ha! Lately I have also been loving Meghan Trainor and her All About That catchy!

  2. Emily Hawkes says:

    Yay, social media PR cjhick!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t have a kitchen playlist – my hubby might put the radio on sometime for some funky tunes. All time favourite throw-myself-about-the-house-gotta-have-it-on-my-workout-playlist song is Watercolour by Pendulum. Gonna get me some headphones and work my way through your playlist now – always open to suggestions ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Go you, Lucie- congrats on the job…sounds perfect for you! Cooking with music should be a necessity- only way to do it :). Lately I’ve been hooked on “All About that Bass” (Meghan Trainor) & the DJ Tiesto remix of John Legend’s “All of Me”–> both instantly put me in such a good mood!

  4. I want to come to your new place!!! And you have to email me about this media gig! This sounds perfect for you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. you’ll rock the social media/PR gig! You got this ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. cottercrunch says:

    girl you know i can relate to the social media PR. doing the same for sizzelfish. We gotta help each other out! move here! hehe and congrats!

  7. Lately I’ve been putting on Pandora so I have an eclectic mix. Next kitchen cook fest, I’m playing these. Then shaking my hips and singing into my cheese knife. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I also want to hear about this new social media gig.

  8. Sara Gail says:

    I love Gramatik! Recently I’ve been hooked on Avicii’s new single The Days and Take U There by Jack U and Kiesza

  9. […] while doing things. Kitchen dances are the best ones. We know that already and I also created 2 kitchen playlists – this time YouTube was my […]

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